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  1. No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! the red-haired girl thought as she scrambled among the thickets. They were after her, and she knew her chances of escaping them were slim. It's not fair! she wanted to wail, but instead she kept running and running. The ground seemed to be rising against her as roots popped out of nowhere to seemingly trip her, and low branches tried to block her path. Insects and other pests swarmed around her, but the girl kept on sprinting. Her bare feet ached every time they hit the cruel, jagged ground. Once she stumbled to her feet, and a cheer of triumph sounded from behi
  2. If no one else is going to post, I will...
  3. It has been a while since I won. May I please be readied to the list?
  4. I think they can... If they can't I'm sorry. I'm pretty new to this too.
  5. Can someone tell me the whole order again, please? I think it was: Hazard, Bubbles, Cryptic, Fire-ice, Me, then Micki. Of course, I had to be skipped a few times because of my character's unconsciousness... So now we're back to Bubbles?
  6. Who's turn is it, since we're basically skipping my first character because she's... out of it? And, because of that... I'm pretty much making another character Username: SaphiraSapphire Character Name: Arya Age: 16 Sex: Female Personality: Arya speaks with something resembling a higher class accent. She is very delicate and ladylike, yet she can hold her on against most threats. Arya is very hot-tempered, loud, and prone to talking hyperactively while jumping around which doesn't make a very good match with her accent. She is a very quick girl, and when she truly is "
  7. Aw... I'm sorry about your driving lesson, WonderBubbles Who's turn is it? and is a fox considered an omnivore or a carnivore?
  8. 1.Yes, but its been a while. 2.A recurve with a 25 lb. draw 3. No. 4. Nah, I don't practice or shoot enough. I hope to practice more though
  9. Hey if someone's unconscious like how Rona' been, how long should she be drifting in and out of unconscious? I know its up to me, but what would be a recommended time frame?
  10. DOes anyone know how long the drops will be going on?
  11. I wonder if these dragons will turn out like those stone dragons that usually guard Chinese/Asian temples and homes. The blue one makes me think that.
  12. And you can call me Saphi, since someone already took Saph . I love red pandas! I almost smacked my friend when she called it a raccoon that played with red hair-dye.
  13. Rona blinked her eyes open after a few minutes. She hadn't been unconscious for long. As Rona lay there on the forest floor, she realized that everywhere hurt. Her body ached and she found she couldn't move without being overtaken by a tidal wave of pain. Well if I can feel the pain, it means I haven't broken my spine or neck... Rona thought glumly. The pain almost seemed like it was vibrating as it washed over all of her sensations until all she heard was the rush of blood in her veins and her ragged breathing. I'm alive. I should be grateful. Rona thought, yet she found herself wishing that
  14. Rona watched a young boy run over to a weeping girl at the edge of the trees. She herself was carefully concealed within the dark, large branches of an oak tree. Seeing, but unseen. A soft wind ruffled the branch above her as she knelt on an especially large branch that was about twenty-feet off the ground. It felt a little like home. However, here, it didn't feel natural. Here was a creature that was supposed to be in the sky, kneeling and clinging to a mere branch in order to keep from falling and letting gravity take its course. Sighing, Rona backed up a little and cut the sole of her expos
  15. I play the piano and guitar mainly. I've played the piano since I was five which was six-seven years ago. I am on the borderline of hate and love when it comes to piano. Kind of tilting more to the hate side. The only reason I keep playing is because it's an easier instrument than a guitar when you're writing songs. Guitar, my most favorite instrument in the world. I just started like a few months ago and I love it even though my fingertips are in complete agony. One of the most amazing instruments ever. Ukelele, I love it and I want to learn how to play it. Singing. I'm conside
  16. Laptop if possible, but if I have to do it the oldstyle way I would pick a mechanical pencil. (Preferably a shaky).
  17. Quick question, what story is the Matchstick story based on?
  18. This is amazing! Thank you, just thank you!
  19. I've recently deveoped a love for Ancient Egypt because of Cleopatra Selene. I love the books about her.
  20. Rona lingered among the shadows of the trees. She had vanished a long time ago and now had suddenly chosen to reappear. What had happened in the time she had gone? What had changed? Rona still remembered Stripe who had practically raised her when she was nothing more than a mere fledgling, but everyone else was a dull memory. When you were flying above the trees on the wing with other birds, what else could you think about but the elation of feeling the wind coursing past your wings and the knowledge that you were totally and truly free? However, like always, Rona had returned to the ground. M
  21. Username: SaphiraSapphire Character Name: Rona Age: 17 Sex: Female Personality: Rona is quiet, but she is a wonderful listener. She hoards her secrets protectively. Rona doesn't say much, but she will act strongly in what she believes in. She lives with the clan and loves it because her greatest fear is being truly and completely alone. If you ask her, she'll tell you that the children are annoying and the adults even more irritable, but you can sense an underlying affection for both. When Rona speaks, she tends to be sharp-tongued and hot-headed, but in the end she truly c