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  1. One thing that is awesome about L&L is that everyone here works as a group. A week ago, during the 7 day frenzy, we were able to pool our efforts together and managed to secure a gendered pair of eggs from each day for each participant!

  2. I want one!

    Username: SaphiraSapphire

    What you want me to draw: Female and Male Hellfires

    Position: Hmm... Can the female have her head tilted away from the male, while the male is trying to get her attention.

    Emotion: Female=Bossy and Snobby; Male = Submissive

    Medium: Digital

    Extra: Could I have a siggie version as well please?

    Ref: N/A


    Thank you!

  3. I remember having a lucid dream... once. I actually don't dream often. Well, technically, everybody gets dreams so I guess I don't really remember my dreams. Maybe every three months I'll remember one. I have a feeling that most of my dreams are just memories repeating, because I'll always wake up each morning and have this memory from a year earlier stuck in my head. Anyways, my only lucid dream occurred when I was a small child.


    I was in the dream, and walked past an alley. A couple of guys had a knife and was standing over a dead body. I dialed the police, but for some reason the police number was not 911, and was ridiculously long so I gave up halfway through because the criminals were catching up. I loved animals, and I remember running into a zoo and then I woke up.

  4. TA DA!

    Forum name: SaphiraSapphire

    Scroll name and link: Flamefeather

    FINAL total of Flood Control dragons: 21


    Grouping: The flood is at the bottom of my scroll.


    I'd like to see water dragons in the next round.

  5. Could I please have a summary of what happened?


    I read back a little and what I found was that there was a wedding between two Assassin leaders, Aelia and Casio. And that Ceto and Stark were in Russia, and that Ceto was pregnant with Aero's baby... Oh, and that there was a traitor. Is there anything else important that I would need to know?


    Oh, and what city are most of them?

  6. Username: SaphiraSapphire

    Name: Odessa Nychta

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Birthplace: Greece

    Side: Assassin

    Position: Assassin

    Assassin Rank: 10

    Appearance:With black hair and green eyes

    Clothing: From one of my favorite characters...

    Weapons: Standard hidden blade, Throwing knives, Steel-bladed fan, Stilleto

    Personality: Odessa is hot-headed and sharp-tongued. She is overly impulsive, and will not take any disrespect to herself. She is quick to prove herself, and quick to show off her abilities. She is arrogant, yet affable to those few who she trusts. She keeps her promises, no matter how hard it is. Odessa hates owing others, and avoids it at all costs. She has learned to harden her heart against killing, and is only willing to confess her insecurities in the company of a person who she knows would never betray her. Odessa is cunning. She is not afraid to win by cheating. Odessa will never balk from a task, and she is often willing to do things that others would consider immoral and wrong. Despite this, she is a devout Christian and does her best to follow the path of God even with her queer occupation.

    History: As a young girl Odessa grew up in what she believes is the most beautiful country in the world, Greece. Her mother sold her to a Madam, and after a few years in the craft, she escaped to the heart of the HRE. From there, she began to build her connections and was able to join the Assassins when she assisted an Assassin in fending off a Germanic guard.

    Abilities: Free-running. She has never fallen while running, not even during combat. When she first came to the Order, Odessa decided she wanted to learn how to escape quickly and devoted her studies to free-running.


    1. She has a short temper and is often mercurial and prone to mood swings.

    2. Long-distance aim. She is incapable of using any kind of bow, crossbow, and can only use throwing knives within a minimal distance.

    3. Is not good with heavy weapons, such as swords, maces, or axes.

    4. Is too arrogant and sure of herself.

    5. Cannot swim, and fears any body of water that is taller than she is.


    1. Odessa is talented at wielding a few chosen weapons. She is deadly with her bladed fan and is good with knives in CQC.

    2. She proudly flaunts her ability to "run the roofs". In other words, she is fast when it comes to free-running and leaping across rooftops. So far, she has never met someone who could match her skill of running and navigating through the roofs.

    Likes: Manipulation, cats, heights, rooftops, running, men, blades, God

    Dislikes: Water of any kind, people with more power than her, idea that someone could be better than her, weak women, defeat