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  1. Oh the two head looks so derpy - its adorable I love it.
  2. I reset my progress on day 6 to see what other direction the story woud take - now every time i hit spacebar it comes up with the 'are you sure you want to rest' panel. EDIT: getting out of the page and back in seems to have fixed it
  3. I just realised what the code to my Mimics code is lGetu Funny because its supposed to be a Halloween critter - 'gonna get you' said in a croaky whisper from some scary movie goes through my head first time ever I am trying neglected so egg locked bar ONE - was determined to get one but was late to the party and the text came up - so - I get you. Do you have any funny code because of what they say, their history or both? Rude words don't really count by the way.
  4. I missed the actual sprite 'switching' event so am unsure what went on but my guess is he somehow but the wrong one in, though I am not sure how. I'd love to edit them - but there is no reliability on sprite fixes being updated by TJ - he might LIKE that style - he must since he released them. They are three years old by the way.
  5. Ok - Clearing up the Black Truffle issues Firstly - was a very old concept so yeah the sprite isn't my best work to date (hating the deep muscle lines in the neck and chest now 0-o). Neither is the text the best - TJ has every right to change the text if he doesn't like it, and set the rarity. So though it was part of my concept - it wasn't a given. Luck was he did keep both the text and the rarity status. When made we didn't have all that many rare dragons at the time. As to the concept - yes they secrete oil - but it isn't great gooey copious amounts that drip from every pore in its body and stick to everything like Terpentines do. Someone mentioned rainbow boa snake skin - and in reality it is probably the closest to the actual concept. They rub the oil from a gland on their jawline (like a cat does) over their scales in a thin layer which dries into a waxy substance, protecting the scales from dirt and scratches and enhancing their normal iridescence - so yeah Luminas would find a kindred spirit. It is this super smoothness that makes them feel slick and oily - not a coating of thick goo. Once completely dried to wax the oil looses its pungency and therefore value as a perfume base. Only fresh liquid oil from the glands is good for this - and being near a lot of teeth - yeah it is safer for some low life poacher to kill it first and take what they can get - similar to what elephant and rhino poachers do today.Yes it uses more oil during breeding - and it gains that characteristic sweet musky earthy scent that people chase. So it is more valuable for perfume use at this time of year and why its so valuable. It does not 'wash off'. As to who the dragon deems has a 'pure heart and selfless spirit' - your own thoughts and inclinations betray you in your comments - if you think it's selfish for a dragon to hold back what is its own property, you are probably a greedy person at heart and would shoot it if you met one and steal all you can lay your hands on because you deserve it. The oil and wax it dries into has other uses than just perfume (its polishing properties for instance would turn a basic leather armour into something only the wealthy nobles could afford, wood too treated with the oil would shine like metal), and yes can be sold or the products it makes sold making a poor man's life a little easier, and if you approach the dragon and actually ASK instead of TAKE - it is more likely to GIVE than to chew your butt off. Being a reasoning sentient Being, politeness goes a long way - as does fair trade or free gifts. Dragons love gifts. Perhaps they should have been a super rare holiday dragon - since no one complained about the chocolates and their scent or rarity. Either way - love em or hate em - they have been discovered in the backwaters of Galsreim after centuries of hiding from the greed of humanity, so they may be more prolific than we know.
  6. Oh cool - first try and I get a mint egg
  7. how do you get to the Dragons Dilema - I see no event thing on my page
  8. ohhhhh - I just plonked it in ice mostly but did a fair bit of fire as well - team Random Anarchy for the win
  9. what is this team fire and team ice i am seeing?
  10. I hate daylight saving - its 12 now..... its also midday on the 14th coz Australia lives in the future and all that
  11. Heartstealings>? I have triplets I think from the same clutch - I think its neat getting them. I know I certainly have at least one set of twins. Anyway - managed to catch and hatch all of the CB I was missing, and got the required two of each so very happy - did better than Xmas and hallows.
  12. I thought all the eggs vanished too soon given how long the Halloween ones lasted, seems they went into limbo and went inclaimed.
  13. You are already at the limit (2) for this breed of dragon. This limit includes eggs, hatchlings, and adult dragons. I dont have ANY CB holly - so why is this message coming up when i click the holiday eggs
  14. You are already at the limit (2) for this breed of dragon. This limit includes eggs, hatchlings, and adult dragons. I dont have ANY CB holly - so why is this message coming up when i click the holiday eggs cpme sup when I click on a ribbon as well - and again i dont have CBs of those older ones.
  15. 7 hours till they grow up - cant wait to see
  16. Sorry for the double post - lagging 0-o
  17. I hope Teej does the special holiday area for CBs with the Xmas and Vals too - I really want a CB Rose, I missed out by joining just as they came out and didn't realise there was an event going on and have kicked myself ever since.
  18. She actually looks pretty good I think - bit unconventional but meh.
  19. Finding the Halloween biome has no eggs in it all the time...so hoping later on i can get those I wasnt here for CB Got some nice bred ones though so content for now.
  20. too many people lurking the volcano, havent seen a single gem yet