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Sorry I am not active on the forums much any more.

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    *list is closed for now*

    - Using Jewel as your identifying avatar will make me very angry. I do not mind recolors in sigs as long as they are run by me first - no jewel clones either.

    - 2nd gen eggs will be tradable - both shimmer and kin

    - Current acceptable mates include Moonstone, Lumina, Balloon, she will breed reasonably well from these

    trying for Silver, purple Nebula, green Copper - she does hate them so far so if you want one from them the wait may be long.

    list stands at this as of 3/Feb/15

    * good fast breeders *
    Lumina mate - 0
    Moonstone mate - 1
    Balloon mate - 1

    * very slow or untried......which slows breeding for all *
    Silver mate - 0
    Purple Neb mate - 1
    Green Copper mate - 2
    Undine mate - 1

    I breed Tinsels and Shimmers for newbies with none - Pm me

    You get the first egg that breeds proper, messy or clean.
    I do start at the lowest ones first.

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