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  1. I can breed my CB valentines from this list, just PM me. Please pick one and name a partner breed. For example: "I'd like Adanze Cupid X white/purple/whatever" For new players, i can hold onto some eggs. You'll get the teleport link when they've hatched.
  2. 2G Floral Crown from Silver Traded, thanks!
  3. Hi all, I'm pretty much searching for genderswaps. I went through my dragons yesterday and came across some adult males that should have turned female. I didn't understand lineages that well, i guess. Can someone breed me the same lineage or know the breeder of my adult males so i can ask for a sibling? It is about these beauties: 4g checker Moonstone X Ice 4g checker Moonstone X Silver I will influenced them female this time, promise
  4. I'm trying to get to an egg's 'actions' page for about 15 minutes now, if i'm finally there, it takes ages to get to the abandoning page. Anyone having the same problem? Solved, thanks TJ!
  5. Since Halloween is around the corner, i'm still in need of a couple mates for my dragons. It would be great if i can checker or mirror the lineage. Can someone help me with these? A golden wyvern lady for him Thanks Lastalda and Iside. Now i have a two, in case of rejection. A flamingo lady for him Thanks alliana1 An ember lady for him Thanks Tawanda001 A pygmy lady for himThanks alliana1 A magma man for her A nice lady for him A mirror girl for him Lets hope that the new mates will like each other. I can breed in return. Or pm to work something out.
  6. I don't know if this thread is meant for this, but i have a 5th gen autistic baby. This is probably the last egg that will be born from my part of the lineage, because one of my gifted eggs was bitten... The little greeny Just offer a random AP egg so i know where it goes. Please influence it as a girl so you can continue the line.
  7. Happy Birthday!! Awesome work Mysfytt!
  8. I have send -Symbols- another PM because the egg hatched. So i hope it will be claimed before it grows up.
  9. I offered an silver egg to -Symbols- Gift Report: Deagle -> -Symbols-: Silver Metallic: TfRvu Note: I got this egg from Lyricmaniac, but i've been offered 2 silvers at once. So i'm giving 1 forward.
  10. Gift Report: celtic7irish -> Deagle: Silver Metallic received: Eggy Gift Report: Lyricmaniac -> Deagle: Silver Metallic received: Eggy Gift Report: Lyricmaniac -> Deagle: Gold Metallic received: Eggy
  11. Forum ID: Deagle Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: Pm Proof that I read the rules: Holding Hands Can i ask for lineages? Like: I'd love lines 2nd - 4th gen with common mates. So i can pay it forward more easily.
  12. Can someone breed me this lineage? Then i can influence it male to mate my new catched Val'09.
  13. Mine grew up before the giftee could take them
  14. I have 2 eggs fogged for as long as needed. I will wait untill the hatchlings have 1 day left before i gift outside this thread. Maybe there are newcomers who didn't called for help yet.
  15. Frankenstorm Helper Form: I'm willing to gift eggs to storm victims! Forum name: Deagle How many egg/hatchlings I'm willing to gift: 2 I'm willing to keep the eggs until they are close to running out of time (Yes/No): Yes I'm willing to gift someone a 2nd egg/hatchling of the new Halloween dragon (Yes/No): Yes I live in the Netherlands so i won't be affected by the storm.
  16. Deagle

    "Best Wishes"

    I just got this baby as a gift from Lantean_Pegasus. Forum Name: Deagle Name of my lineage: Whishing Blue Eyes Tagline: What does this mean? Species of Dragons Used: Blusang Lindwurm X Tsunami Wyvern Concept: What does this mean?
  17. I’m announcing As Sweet as Damian and As Sweet as Diana’s offspring! Dragon’s name (or code)/lineage link: Lineage Generation: 4th gen
  18. Thanks!! Saves us lots of time; thinking how long until bsa works, or looking for a breeding dragon
  19. Gift report: Deagle -> Saori_Nightstar : Silver Metallic: lineage
  20. I’m announcing As Sweet as Daniel and As Sweet as Dana’s offspring! Dragon’s name (or code)/lineage link: As Sweet as Diana Generation: 3th gen
  21. I'm in!! I'll keep my progress here if that's ok with you. I will keep posting the total number of BWW every now and then.
  22. I have Asperger (and ADHD, ADD) so: I'm in I would like to join. Forum account:Deagle Scroll name/link: http://dragcave.net/user/Deagle Lineage: Eric AutisticDreamer (1st Gen) & ASD Angel PatientSpirit (1st Gen)