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  1. Re: dimorphism: you could put two of the greatest artist in the world's pieces next to each other and you'd still have a favorite. Doesn't mean they aren't both awesome! I pick favorites too but if both look great overall it's just more to love.
  2. You should totally give him a Thuwed name. He's the real thing in my opinion.
  3. I just remembered Baikalas are a thing and am sad we can't breed them with Sawtooths. :c Red accents on green is so classic. @miaou for what it's worth I'm thinking Magnesiums with Bautas and 2 Headed Lindwyrms!
  4. I hope I'm not the only one who keeps reading Magnesiums as Meganiums. I'm looking forward to the new Pokémon Snap, can you tell? @Syiren hnghhh I hope that pairing looks as good in reality as it does in my brain.
  5. Someone with an S2 male confirmed the males look different! They're a lovely mossy color.
  6. @TJ09 mind giving one of your Sawtooths a masculine makeover? They're all ladies!
  7. I guess TJ forgot to ensure at least one of both gender. I don't remember that happening before, haha. I remember the Sawtooths! Hope to see a male soon because I like that mossy color even better. Love the gator tails and red accents. Flying gharialagons, watch out! The Magnesiums have lovely color and shading, although I'm sad we don't see more of that gorgeous flame color. I'm also not a big fan of all the same sprite different color breeds we've been getting. They are handsome, though. They make me think a little of King Ghidorah from Godzilla.
  8. I am very much in favor of Prizes being more accessible. That being said, I think this slides right off the accessible cliff into "commonplace," which isn't what I want to see either. It also completely negates the raffle being, well, a raffle. I'd rather see: - Prizes being more abundantly distributed - "4th and 5th place" prizes of CB Golds and Silvers--doesn't help the Prize situation itself, no, but still a nice thing to do for those who keep not winning. - Prizes being available for a very high price in the market, ensuring that with time and patience, anyone ca
  9. Look, eggs are always going to go to whoever has the fastest comprehension (and click speed, and internet speed); it doesn't matter if that comprehension is based on text or picture recognition. "Text based is more fair" isn't true, it's still a matter of "who comprehends fastest," it just gives everyone a tedious loophole to jump through. As someone who's played this game for ten years and STILL has to double check the wiki to remember which egg description is which, I'd really appreciate this. I've pitched having egg descriptions in the encyclopedia before as a middle ground, but
  10. I think it's good to let people let off steam, and I think discussions have been much more civil than before. I also think letting people voice their feelings had some real positives; spriters who once admitted they never even thought to consider lineages when making updates now specifically state they've worked with lineages in mind and tried to keep things very similar in overall placement / feel / etc. There will always be people who don't like updates at all, but myself and I think a lot of other people can appreciate how much more faithful sprite updates tend to be now then they were in t
  11. I'm pretty neutral. I remember when we did get advance notice and it was usually just a double dose of upset feelings--people were unhappy when it was announced and unhappy all over again when it actually happened. I didn't see any lessening of upset between the way it was done now. If it is done probably best to do it relatively close to when the updates will occur (like a week) so there isn't a double dose of outrage.
  12. https://dragcave.net/teleport/7e642b997b26b4b99596eedaa004ab23
  13. Stupid human brains and their love for false memories! Well, it's a very lovely swirly, and I like looking at it. ❤️ Beautiful Haku in your sig, too ❤️
  14. You know, I THOUGHT it might be the moons, because the more I looked at it the more I thought "why wouldn't the earth be blue and the moon silver, then?" But DC's moons are blue and gold, as you said, and the big one is green? I'm confused 😂 It's lovely regardless!
  15. So many gorgeous eggs this year! Even the more "simple" ones were full of charm. I also love the banner--the gold is so shiny and cats and mints are always welcome to see! My favorites of this year's batch are the Sisu and My Hero Academia eggs, as well as that lovely blue crystal one. The shimmer effect on Sisu is so lovely and All Might fills me with eternal joy, haha. And the gem with its shine is beautiful. ❤️ Further shoutouts to our friend kiwi bird and catbus, awesome retro TV, that AMAZING jawbreaker, the FF7 one, Absol, a Hades reference (<3), a
  16. Yesterday after I got all this year's eggs, eggs from the first year that I'd already gotten started showing up. I know for sure I'd already gotten them because I took a screenshot of the eggs beforehand and the ones showing for me to grab were already there! I'd guess most people who thought they missed a few somehow when they thought they hadn't were just experiencing the same thing. That might be the cause of the error code repeat eggs, too. As of today the repeat eggs have stopped appearing for me.
  17. Is the purple swirl egg a reference to something? It feels so, SO familiar, like a video game collectible I'm sure I've gathered a hundred of before, but for the life of me I can't place it @___@
  18. I... I'm probably wrong, but with the horns and color scheme... Loki...?
  19. Yaaas, I was really hoping there'd be a Hades ref! Shows how little I use that particular trinket, though, I admit I didn't recognize it at first <xD;;; Hermes trinket ftw!
  20. YAY All Might! We got an MHA egg last year too, super cute. Hope we see Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen ones too. And maybe Hades...!
  21. I still think people are ignoring how bad the backlash is going to be if the sprites have a special lineage view without being more reliably accessible. Yes, it's just the same sprite but flipped--but on the whole Blue Wing Solstices are even less visually distinct and people were LIVID that the Rosy Wings weren't going to be available going forward. Special mints available at a rate of roughly .5 a year isn't going to go over much better. On a much less significant but still mentionable note; while I realize some people have built lineages around flipped mints,
  22. I'm against this. Right now they're a good level of "special, but not exactly game changing." Right now people don't overly mind that there's only a once a year 50/50 random chance to get them because other than being cute scroll decor they have no other use. You make them look different in lineages, that tune is going to change very quickly. If this WAS to be done, you'd have to have upside mints be a rare available all year thing (5% of all Mints caught/bred/bought?). But if the underlying system for distribution doesn't change, then no for the reasons above.
  23. Ah, guess the Volcano ones aren't the ones I was thinking of after all! I'm thinking of a dimorphic colored breed. Both are nice, neither is a new favorite. I do like the crests and the description on the Hydros though.
  24. Pretty sure I saw the Coast ones in DR! The artist credit matches the person who made them there, which further confirms it for me.