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  1. I had a dream that I was living in a trailer with my friend's dead grandma and so I left the trailer and went to school and after school my friend and I and her dead grandma's body went up a hill and she buried the grandma THEN I walked back to my trailer in the rain (creepy) THEN I was sitting in my trailer in the dark with my younger sisters and it was a thunderstorm and then I found ants in the cracks of the floor. It was creepy. Then I woke up. LOL. I'm a weird dream, what can I say.
  2. Who here has a Roblox?
  3. It's the smallest errors people make that bug me. I don't like when we have to let a classmate proofread our papers, and they tell me I misspelled a word I spelled correctly. >
  4. You know what's ironic? July 20th is my birthday. So I went on that night to see if maybe on my birthday I would have some good luck, and it doesn't load, and I lost a few dragons. They are all back now, but it was a bit ironic...
  5. Although I frequently breed my metallics with blacks, I will pledge to not breed blacks for one whole month! Please sign me up!
  6. I agree. Although I haven't made any eggs for the site yet, I am currently starting to put forth eggy contrebutions, and if I did make an egg for the site, I would want credit for it. So I agree.
  7. My goldfish has yet to grow up...And even though I haven't used the BSA yet, I am assuming that it does nothing now, and I have two things to say: a) It is most-likely a joke. I mean, it doesn't have a cooldown period, so then it probably does nothing. It could be something that does something in the future. As stated earlier So as much as I want to say it just does nothing, I want to believe sometime it will do something. Who nows, I guess we will have to wait and see...
  8. I have: RORI Dorkface (code was "R0RI")