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  1. I was accepted into a prestigious music summer program in New York. I just finalized my payment today - and I'm paying for it myself, with only minimal help from my parents. This is the kind of stuff you hear about other people going and doing, but somehow it's me.
  2. Look up Godtie on tumblr! They have an excellent Cecil cosplay, and their boyfriend cosplays Carlos. They are definitely my headcanon Cecil.
  3. I listen to Nightvale when I'm driving. I'm still really behind, but I've known of it for awhile and I think it's an excellent body of work! I've gotten my boyfriend into it too, recently.
  4. I played a lot in high school, and I literally just logged back on today to resume playing. 19, second year in college. Glad to see all of you again
  5. Sighh event's over and I don't have them all, but the ones I do have are beautiful. Good job to the spriters, and I can't wait until next year!
  6. This event is so good this year I hope I can get all 42. I'm at about 35 right now, and the event ends at 9 pm PST I think orz...
  7. When I was very very young (like 4) we had ferrets. All I remember about them is running and screaming because I was afraid of them, but the ferrets thought it was a game and would chase me Silly ferrets. I did hear stories of how they would hide sandals, or I would find a chewed-up ancient thing and my parents would say, "Oh, the ferrets got to it." We haven't had ferrets since then, but I would like to get some even though they are illegal in California Edit: Oh yeah, we also have a desert tortoise. Since they are an endangered species, we had to obtain a permit to own him. His nam
  8. These are pretty scary. I remember when I was 13, I was about to go swimming in a hotel pool and my dad told me a story about how some girl died because she sat on a pool drain..... I won't go in to details. To this day, though, the horror of having that happen to me really keeps me away from those things. :T
  9. Haha this. Uhm...how about vine dragons live in a cave....with no sunlight.... :Y
  10. Haha the first egg I got looked like a GoN egg, so I freaked out and spam-clicked it. Glad I got all my eggs! -huggles eggs-
  11. Yay! These are all great Good job, artists!
  12. More eggs! Shiny! I thought this was a GoN...haha Fish theme seems to be big this year
  13. I'm in love with this egg, guys. I have 12 already and it's by far my favorite~
  14. Haha neopets? They are very colorful and such...
  15. Want D8 I love jellyfish The artists this year outdid themselves Q_Q So beautiful...
  16. Haha this. I laughed so hard. x) Maybe they all go on holiday or something.
  17. I have always been extremely afraid of hypodermic needles (See Trypanophobia). Whenever I go to the doctor I make my mom promise I won't get a shot, and currently I am overdue for 3 vaccinations because I refuse to get them. However, the procedure to me is highly painful - despite people telling me it isn't; in my case they're wrong. Currently my fear of needles has transformed into a debilitating fear of all medical procedures. My boyfriend had his wisdom teeth removed Monday, and I had to use a nebulizer (sp?) Wednesday for a chronic cough. These together caused an extreme mental breakd
  18. Easter!! I'm so excited to get this year's eggs. (: I hope the cave comes back soon.
  19. Poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc... I just can't stand it. People need to have pride in the language they speak (which, in my friends' and my case, would be English) - the least they could do is learn to use it correctly. The biggest one there, though, is using a comma interchangeably with a semi-colon or colon. Just don't Q_Q
  20. I think that's a good idea. I feel that marriage, for us, would add a lot of stability to our relationship, because currently we go to different High Schools and we are only able to see each other 2, maybe 3 times each week. I'm amazed that we have lasted this long though minimal face-to-face talking This. Is why we are waiting.
  21. My dad once gave me an entire list of the strange things he's eaten. This includes (as much as I remember): Deer, Rabbit, Duck Blood Soup, Bear, Alligator and Squirrel. He said it all tasted like Chicken.
  22. I think weddings are so beautiful The only wedding I've been to that I remember, though, was an Indian wedding this past summer. Although Indian weddings are LONG, they are so beautiful! The bride had the loveliest dress and makeup I have ever seen, and the whole thing was just amazing. Eventually, I do want to get married. However, I am definitely too young; in California I don't think 16-year-olds can even think about getting married. I have been with my boyfriend for almost three years now, and I figure we'll be together a long time; therefore I would like to marry young.
  23. I love this show...so much Q_Q /tears of happiness/