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  1. Rad, thanks a lot @olympe ! Daylight Savings is such a pain lol
  2. Does anyone know how daylight savings setting clocks forward effects egg times? I'm doing some experimenting for NDs and I dunno if it'll throw my time off or not. A search was less than helpful, haha.
  3. Hunting for Valentine CBs I missed after a long absence and boom! Nayru! https://dragcave.net/lineage/Nayru
  4. Pretty new to the current trading scene, and I was wondering what this lil beauty here is worth? http://dragcave.net/lineage/CpITR It's a gold, but also a bred one (from a lineage I've been working on, but not from the pair I needed a gold from ), and I dunno if that's worth much anymore.
  5. Oh my sweet goodness look at how many famous dragons are in this lineage... And it's even-gen! Thanks so much, Shroomlet!
  6. I have an obscene amount of MOTHER-related names you think would be taken already considering how old the series is, but nope! Some others too. MOTHER Stuff: Smashing Song of Praise Anthem of Destruction Moonside Swing Welcome to Your Sanctuary Sixteen Melodies She Was Like a Sunflower Natural Killer Cyborg Pulling of the Needles The Jolly Flying Man Absolutely Safe Capsule Other stuff: D4V3 1S TH1S YOU Savlonic Culdesac (what can be taken from this is that I'm a giant nerd)
  7. I have over 80 Silvers currently, so I won't link them all, but just give my scroll a peep if you need silver stuff. Golds too, I have about 10 of them. Golds are at the front, Silvers at the back. I also have a zombie adult and hatchling, but I can't grab links as of right now. They're at the veeery back, though. Also I have a lot of Vines and Blacks! Alts too. Other things: Heartseeker: Adult Hatchling Pumpkin: Adult Hatchling Yulebuck: Adult Hatchling Holiday '10: Adult Hatchling Rosebud: Adult Sweetling: Adult Hatchling VDay '09: Adult Hatchling Holiday '09: Adult Hatchling Black Marrow: Adult 1 Adult 2 Adult 3 Hatchling Chicken: Adult Paper: Adult 1 Adult 2 Hatchling Cheese: Adult Green Dino: Adult Blue Dino: Adult Avatar (Destruction): Adult Avatar (Creation): Adult 1 Adult 2 Adult 3 Hatchling Avatar (Change): Adult 1 Adult 2 Hatchling Frills: Adult 1 Adult 2 Adult 3 Hatchling BPs: Adult 1 Adult 2 Adult 3 Hatchling None of the newer holidays, sadly, I missed a lot of them :c Hope these guys help, though.
  8. You Were Myth-Taken I love puns.
  9. Stainless Moon. Pretty name! OuO
  10. Heliumfin, since my brain parsed it to 'Heliumuffin' and I giggled way too hard. 6n9 I can read I swear.
  11. Beautiful Silver Oblivian OuO
  12. I now have a frozen female Pygmy named 'Itteh Bitteh Dragun Commiteh' :9
  13. haha, Drache and Drago are the great (great?) grandbaby of my first split! My first four were the following: -Elric (female Mint) -Strangler Vine (male Vine) -Summit (female Stone) -Lady Kathryn (female (duh) purple)