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Currently looking for: 2nd gen gold x female marrow, 2nd gen silver x yulebuck, 2nd gen gold x any snow angel. As mates for my new holiday pretties! Happy to breed and trade in return :)ARK2-1.gifIf you catch one of my bred Wombatface eggs in AP or via trade/FFA, please name it and give it a good home! Thanks :)

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    **Find me in IRC under the same name, Bessy!
    **Achire has graciously offered to vouch for me as a person you can trust to fulfill an IOU. :D Thanks Achire!


    Gold (1 female)
    Silver (1 male)
    Blue female nebulas
    White hatchlings, any gender
    Water horse hatchlings, any gender

    *Bred items*
    2nd gen gold from male gold x female marrow/tri color snow angel
    2nd gen silver from male marrow x female silver OR female silver x male yulebuck
    2nd-3rd gen white x spriter alt starters
    2nd-3rd gen purebred thuweds
    2nd gen purebred blacks (or black x alt sweetling)
    3rd gen purebred blacks (even only please)
    2nd gen tan ridge egg from purebred tan ridgewings
    Purebred even white stripes (with all white stripes in the lineage)