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  1. Thank you very much! Apologies, I'm not on the forums much recently.
  2. Hullo! Not sure if this is just me or if this has been answered, but I've been looking. Some of my egg sprites have been appearing a lot smaller than my others. So far it hasn't affected the hatchlings, but I just wanted to know if this was a glitch. Here's an example with my Howler. Thanks in advance and sorry if this is silly.
  3. We got a winner right at the start Opalescent Barf and Belch
  4. ((Oh my god i'm so sorry this never popped up in my email.)) Face warming at the endearment, Alex picked up the pace, feet straying slightly more left with the new destination in mind. Harry wasn't too far away, but he was in a slightly inconvenient place. They were going to have to clear a few irritating obstacles if they wanted to get to him within the next few days. Oh how she missed cars. At Wade's query, Alex shrugged, and then slowed, hearing something oddly familiar in his tone. She felt a smirk come to her face and she tried to stop her shoulders from shaking in silent laughter. "Wade... Are you... jealous?" A flash of white caught her eye behind him and her grin widened. His tail was the most expressive part about him. Alex let an audible laugh tumble out of her and she shook her head at him. "You don't have to worry, puppy. He's no competition, I promise. You'll understand when you meet him."
  5. "I'm not!" Alex stamped her foot and crossed her arms, ignoring how childish the action probably looked. She hadn't had much of an opportunity to be a child, and Wade somehow allowed it. It was a blessing in disguise, trying to kill him. She listened in a half-pout as the wolf explained his plan, and by the time he was through, her head was shaking back and forth furiously. "No, no, no, and no. I am not letting you carry me across miles of terrain just because I'd be too slow on foot. I have my pride, you know." Alex growled stubbornly and stabbed a finger in his direction. "But I'm still not letting our pace get any slower. So I'm going to call in a favor. And no, it's not a horse." She dug around in her bag for a moment before pulling out a small, disposable silver cell phone. Nowadays, they were extremely rare to come by, and she only came to possess one due to her background as a world renowned pop star. She had fans in high places. Alex dialed a number from memory and held it up to her ear, speeding up as it rang. When someone finally picked up on the other end, she spoke immediately. "Harry, I'm cashing in that favor. You still in the Range?" There was a moment of silence. "Good. I'm heading over. And I'm bringing a friend. Don't be weird when you meet him." With that, she snapped the phone shut and stuffed it back in her bag, glancing up at Wade. "We need to make a tiny detour." ((I'll PM her now. And don't mind, we're all gonna be a little short. ))
  6. Rae allowed her head to rise and her aggressive posture to drop, seeing as how the girl was moving and clearly well. "I don't know if I'm lost, but I was told to go to the red roof. From the path you're all walking, I'd assume you were headed to the same place." She blinked her crimson eyes at them, curiosity and hope being her two main emotions, now that the threat was gone. If luck was on her side, these strangers would know something about what was going on and she could ask about her... condition. "Are you all pokemon-human hybrids as well?"
  7. ((I dunno. Maybe she abandoned?)) "F-flustered? Me? No, not at all. Why would you say that? Do I seem flustered? Because I'm not." She clenched her fists tightly, trying to retain a semblance of calm she used to have. Her mission was made slightly easier when he removed his arm from her shoulders. Though she could say she liked the warmth and weight, it was also nice to be able to think slightly more clearly. It seemed as she began using her head again, so did Wade. His mention of the trip made her feet ache in anticipation, but she was otherwise fine with the idea. She'd traversed much farther distances. Her only concern was that she would, in fact, slow him down. Alex was used to going at her own pace. She had no clue how he traveled. It hurt her pride, but he was right. She had nowhere near the stamina he did. It was a common fact of monsters. In addition to their powers and deformities, they all gained proficiency in areas of strength, speed, and stamina. "...What do you propose?" She asked cautiously, not liking where this was going.
  8. Rae walked along the road with cautious steps, aware that each new hoofprint made in the dirt was crooked and unsteady, like how she was with her new legs. She lifted her head from them for a moment and caught sight of two humans a Pokemon walking ahead of her. It looked like one of them, a girl, was unconscious in the older man's arms, and Rae immediately stiffened. "You need help? What are you doing with that girl? Is she alright?" Her tone was sharp and accusatory, and her pace slowed to a stop. She stamped a hoof aggressively, ready to charge if she needed to potentially save the girl.
  9. Avatar: 7/10 Love me some mints! Signature: 8/10 Nice organization! (My avatar was supposed to be what it is now.Took a while to change. )
  10. ((Jesus Christ. I'm sorry, dear. I hope you feel better soon.)) Alex's mind froze for a couple of seconds, before going into completely unnecessary overdrive. Wait, that wasn't fair. What the hell was that? That SMILE. Somebody help me that was not okay. Is that legal? Is he allowed to do that? He shouldn't be. Where are the police when you need them? Oh, right, they'll all pretty much dead. But oh my god. And that LAUGH. Just shoot me, it'd be less deadly. I don't know what's going on and- OH NOW HIS ARM IS AROUND ME. GREAT. She'd known she was attracted to the wolf-boy, but not to this extent. Her inner voice was screaming like a teenage fangirl, which was basically what she was at the moment, but it wasn't appreciated. There were so much more important things going on and here Alex was, getting her fuses shorted by a boy. Albeit a very cute, puppy boy, but still. "Ah, uh, um, that's nice. I mean, thank you! Wait, no, I'll be fine! But thank you! He sounds bad. But that's good! Right? Good that he's bad because he can help us, and oh my GOD is it warm out today. Are you warm? Because I'm warm." The ex star laughed nervously and pulled at the neck zipper on her bodysuit, feeling ever smaller under Wade's arm. Why was this happening? Was it because her being a teenager had been cut short by the apocalypse? Was that why she was being tortured this way? Either way, Alex went back to blaming her lack of experience with men. Though there had been no shortage of them, she'd never taken an interest before. So, of course, her timing now was impeccable. During World War Three. Fantastic. ((Okay that was really fun to write. I hope you have fun reading it. For as much as Wade is a tease, Alex is a complete newbie. ))
  11. Avatar: 9/10 I kinda love Noiz. Signature: 9/10 as well. Very prettily designed.
  12. ((No problem at all. Are you ok?)) That right, my a**. You got kicked around pretty well by that monster. "I took care of the rest of them, didn't I? Even if I don't have the strength of however many men make up you, I can take care of myself." She waved one of her pocket needles in front of him. I have every reason to worry about you, pup. Wade was reckless, Alex came to understand. Because of his healing abilities, he took absolutely no caution when it came to his own life. He also tried to use his appearance and overall attitude to be intimidating, but now that she knew him somewhat, Alex found that he was basically trying to brother the entire world. Possibly a subconscious action after what happened to his sisters. "Alaska, huh? I never got to tour there, unfortunately. Went to Canada, but it looks like I just missed you..." She trailed off, taking in the rest of his words. "I'm sorry about your family. I think I understand that pain just a little. "Dragon? Like, actual dragon? Not Komodo Dragon or something? Wings and horns and stuff" Alex gaped at Wade, drawing invisible horns above her head, green eyes wide as saucers.
  13. dull a sword. It's good to eat your leafy greens because...
  14. Avatar: 7/10 Is that a particular character from something? Signature: 7/10 It's very near and I like the color matching.
  15. False! One of my first dragons was a Holiday, I think. TPBM has no idea what the RP section of the forums is like.