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  1. So all that searching for nothing? o.o *dies* All I needed was to be patient. Wow. I fail. Thanks for letting me know though.
  2. Okay, this may have been asked and I apologize if many of you have already seen this posted and are tired of answering it (I swear I went through the first several pages and I didn't see anyone have it...) Where the heck do I FIND the eggs? I saw one on the first page, clicked it, but I have gone through all 300+ of my dragons descriptions/account settings/pages on the DC site and I cannot find ANY more eggs. Just the one I got on the homepage. Where am I supposed to be looking? I am so confused! D:
  3. Totally. Carrot cave last year was fun and hilarious, this one...well, it has ALL of us on the edge because we don't know if it's real or not. I don't like long-drawn out pranks.
  4. I remember you from last night :3 At least I know I'm not the only one still waiting an eon.
  5. I requested an invite over 19 hours ago and haven't received anything on my email. I requested another one 6 hours ago, still nothing. How long am I supposed to wait for my invite?
  6. Still have yet to receive my invite after TJ opened up the box of secrets....anyone gotten one yet?
  7. That would be nice. ^^ I've only been able to snag a few dinos in my time on DC, however if new dinos come out I wonder how "rare" they will be to get. Everyone's going to want them.
  8. I wonder if TJ is having a good laugh about this... lol. We all want invites but in reality there are none to go around.
  9. has anyone truly received "codes" at all?
  10. I thought online dating might be something that would work for me, but although I had several men interested enough in me to meet face to face, I always declined. I've never been in a relationship and guess I'm just kind of nervous. Every time it gets serious, I find horrendous flaws in the person and I end up breaking it off. Must be something wrong with me, lol. I have since left the online dating scene and am pursuing real life friendships. Relationships, however, still elude me and will doubtless continue to do so.
  11. But I think this should be 1000 characters, not shorter like what other users have suggested previously. I hit between 750-998 characters on all of my dragon descriptions, so I use a LOT of space. I'd want this to be an into to my own personal dragon world.
  12. Guess I'll go ahead and bump this up after over a year of inactivity. I support this fully. We need this implemented.
  13. Woo! Congrats to all of the new global mods!