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  1. there are 53?? oh man ive got a lot of hunting to do
  2. I had a dream last night when i was walking through the street and all my school mates suddenly popped out of nowhere. They all live so far away and it was odd that they were all there. Even a teacher who had a reputation for being pure evil was there in hawaiian clothes dancing about.
  3. I used to have most of my game names as Drakex250 but then i realised i needed something simpler and just "Drake" was taken most of the time. So i just put a K at the front and its stuck. My real name means Comet in another language. Ill give a cookie to whoever finds out which language.
  4. Right now i just got a song obsession with "Ne-Yo - So Sick" (song) cuz i just had the song in my head at the time i was on youtube and so i searched it and keep replaying it. So i just wandered... Does anyone else just get random inpulse obsessions?
  5. Hmm ive got an hour to kill.... what to do...
  6. can i just ask which internet providers can you use wifi with? Because i keep trying to connect but it always fails.