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  1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - George Harrison
  2. Elvis Presley's Suspicious Minds.. I don't know why this song is always on my mind. I heard it while visiting my dad's house once, it never got unstuck from my head.. Arrgh. LOL
  3. Nice.. tnx TJ.. I can pester others more quickly now.. LOL
  4. Avatar: 4/10 Name: 3/10 Siggy: 6/10 Pokemon is kinda old, and lame... And angels, black hearted angels for that matter, is too over rated.. LOL... Mean Mode
  5. fabiodens

    Dragon games!

    Warcraft is cool.. specially the frost wyrms that breathes ice... >.< But no one can beat the Dragons in the original RPG... Dungeons and Dragons Anyone??
  6. There's another Version of Pokemon?? WTF...
  7. fabiodens

    Most Annoying

    I totally agree with you.... Totally.Agree.
  8. fabiodens

    Most Annoying

    I really despise Pikachu from the Pokemon franchise... I also hate the new Dante in the rebooted DevilMayCry game... arrggh..
  9. I have my ears pierced back in 2008.. when I was 16.. But i got tired of it,, so from 5 piercing, i am now down to 2.. LOL..
  10. I am allergic to seafoods, cats, dogs, aspirin, chickens and eggs.