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  1. Alrighty! The gold I was given grew up, and I successfully bred him with my old Aria. So the Gold and the Aria need name suggestions. Also, who do I give https://dragcave.net/view/iA7hZ to?
  2. Got claimed. Guess I'll get the next one?
  3. I can contribute my CB gold male from Nov 13, 2008 https://dragcave.net/view/pr4j and my cb f Aria from Jul 13, 2008 https://dragcave.net/view/Q82m to this!
  4. Kinda hoping for a skele/bone dragon. :3 Like the person above, the only Halloween dragons I have are the Vampires. Really hoping I can get my hands on most the ones I missed this year.
  5. I hope you know I was referring to THIS month not October, since this is September release discussion. Obviously there's DC's Halloween event then. (which I've missed every one..) Despite me missing every single one though(I hope to try and get at least 1 of each i missed as 2G), I still think there should be plenty of time to get ready for the Halloween breeding and event, with the release of a new batch of dragons at at the end of this month. Just kinda hoping for something not like Lunars again(though I love these dragons), as they might interfere with holiday. x.x Was there a release last year in the end September?
  6. Kinda hoping for a release at/near the end of the month. :3
  7. Sometimes when breeding with Xenowyrms, the type of xeno you get from the pair may change into a different type of xeno depending on the biome you get the bred-with dragon from. Also some users just like having nice even CB collections of dragons. Also also, some may be worried something similar to the Pyralsprites may happen again. A different color from a certain biome becoming very rare/super hard to catch in the future. - and may be needed for something like Xeno breeding. This is my take anyways..
  8. WHOA a mass drop! I was able to get some bronzes finally! YAY~
  9. Still only got the one Bronze. They so hard to catch!
  10. Finally managed to get one bronze lunar.
  11. Oooh another color out? Haven't seen any in biomes. :/
  12. Wow now it's really hard to get these.
  13. finally was able to get some! But accidentally click a common during one of the lags. Will ap asap when off cooldown. >.<
  14. I missed this. :/ Was out seeing relatives, and there was no wifi there.
  15. Dask

    2015-07-26 - July Release

    Is it just me or are they a different color from last night/this morning?
  16. I'm still hoping for a release. And for all the nay-sayers. Well not everyone can be ready for every release. It's all about the planning. Even saying that, even I won't be able to fill my eggslots as I'm almost egglocked. So? I still want new dragons. ..We also have such a backlog of Completeds as well..
  17. Ooooo hyped for a release this month/in a couple days! :3
  18. Xenowyrm type: Mageia Gender: Female - Mate: Magi Biome: Coast Elemental affinity: Magi Mana: ?? - Result: Thalassas (Why this happen!? ..Got mad an AP'd it)
  19. Xenowyrm type: Mageia Gender: Female - Mate: Magi Biome: Cave Elemental affinity: Magi Mana: ? - Result: Mageia
  20. Dask

    2015-06-27 - June Release

    omg the adults are gorgeous! Gunna need more of Thalassas and Astrapi. ;3
  21. Dask

    2015-06-27 - June Release

    Yaaay. I now have at least one from each biome. Some of my first set has hatched! I wonder if they'll have breeding restrictions with breeds. I hope not... I hope to get a Desert/Volcano lineage one with Magis, a Coastal with reg pink lineage, Jungle with Summer Seasonal, and etc depending how the adults look.
  22. Dask

    2015-06-27 - June Release

    Okay in total I've grabbed: Desert: 1 Volcano: 2 Coast: 1 Alpine: 2 Still missing Forest and Jungle but I'll prob' get them later hopefully. I'm pretty locked for awhile. Anyways LOOK TJ's eggs are almost fully cracked open. Wonder if we'll see the hatchies tonight or in a few hours.
  23. Dask

    2015-06-27 - June Release

    They're going too fast... I got a Volcano but it appears to be common/the ones that are always last to go.
  24. And there they are. New eggs!