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  1. Happy Holidays!!! Can't wait to see what this new dragon looks like!!
  2. I am having this same issue, and I also don't have a list of activities at the top of my screen so I can see which have been completed....any ideas how to fix this? edit: I'm also now getting a black screen when I leave my house...I hit the reset button and the same think happened again
  3. Yay for Halloween!!! Awesome looking eggys!!! Can't wait to see what they are!!
  4. Love the eggys!!! The event looks like it will be a lot of fun too!! Very excited to see what the rest of the days adventures are!! ^^
  5. Wooohoo finally got all 62 eggs!! Thank you everyone who helped with the event!
  6. Kinda sad I didn't get them all.....oh well...also did the timing change? Last year it was every 5 minutes on the dot and this year I was waiting up to 20 minutes for eggs to appear...
  7. got 2 coast ones and 2 gold ones now I just need those warm ones...wonder where they are Edit: Of course Happy Birthday DC!!!
  8. Male turp x Female GW = Egg!
  9. Just got home from work and saw this!!!! Are they dropping in all the biomes or just a specific one?
  10. Put my email in for an invite, can't wait to see if this is real or not
  11. papers, nebulas, chickens, flamingos, and sometimes purples
  12. schneimc

    2011-01-18 - Blackout

    First a law which allows indefinite detainment of any American suspected of terrorism without trial and now this......thank you tj
  13. No email for me, oh well it was only my first christmas event Congrats to the winners, happy new year!!
  14. OMG do love all of the dragon sprites and the wreath and....just everything!!!! ^^
  15. That was amazing!!! My first halloween event and it was the perfect one. Ended up with 39 items and that adorable haunted house badge. Thank you everyone who worked on this!! ^^
  16. Awww no suprise to come home from work to....oh well I'm not sleeping anyways *sets up comfy chair and hot coco*
  17. Oooo I have a pic for this one!! It's an old picture but I love it. http://lmcrugbygrl.deviantart.com/gallery/...set=24#/d2cbjni
  18. Bio Nerd here getting ready to graduate with my biology BS and a newly found love of parasitology thought this was a kinda neat article http://healthland.time.com/2011/09/07/a-ti...te-threatens-th e-blood-supply/
  19. I think right now I am a collector....I want at least one of every dragon but eventually I'll be hoarding a couple of my favorite breeds
  20. this game is epicness at its best. The heavy metal verision is just that much more epic if that possible