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saltywench.png2u4kily.gif2r3xu2w.gifn2hph0.gif2ronpk9.gifclocks.gifshoko.pngVv8t9v4.pngI breed for free. If you are in need send a polite request, and promise to name the baby. Details are in my profile. I breed alt Sweetlings.

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    I happily breed Sweetling alts off season for Dinos, (esp blue), Papers, Cheese and Chickens. Momma wants a flock of Chickens. My Sweetlings are busy on Valentines, sorry.

    In need of a CB Gold/Silver to complete my collection. Would love an egg from a PB lineage as well.

    I'll breed anything on my scroll for someone in need, IOU appreciated but not necessary, unless it's particularly tricky.

    My dragons are very promiscuous, they'll bang anybody available.

    I have a double handful of CB Magmas if anyone is working on PB lineage projects.

    A low gen Holly is being searched for.

    Looking for off season eggs that will give me a non holiday mate for lineages:
    Despis / Magma
    Shadow walker / Frostbite
    Shadow walker PB lineage to add to my own
    Grave / Magma
    Caligene /Monarch
    Cavern Lurker / Spirit Ward

    If you don't name the dragon I give you I won't breed or trade again. Yes, I check. There's nothing more awful to a breeder than to look at a list of children and see a code glaring at them.