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  1. I caught one, but gifted it to my friend since she was having a bad day I'd like to get one of my own eventually, but it's not a priority goal. Cheese is delicious :3
  2. Finally went and made a google doc spreadsheet so I can keep track, though I doubt I'll be winning this contest https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DBdZFLk...f2bnlZmOwo/edit
  3. Awesome badge! I added Should we be editing our original posts with our new BBW acquisitions? I picked up another egg from the AP this morning and plan to grab a few more tomorrow when my current eggs hatch
  4. Woo BBWs! Dunno how many I'll get, but I'd love to participate! I already hatched this guy I snagged from the AP a few weeks ago: view/15mn1[/url] -use lineage links please-
  5. I'm amused that after I posted in here about the flushed quadrant one, people started sending it to me. I have about six of them now Thanks guys! <3
  6. I've been sending the silly ones to people randomly, though I sent one this morning to my only IRL friend who plays DC. I've enjoyed checking my random ones throughout the day
  7. I've been sending out the arrow to the knee one and the potato one Keep hoping I'll get a flushed quadrant one, but I doubt it haha. I'd rather have a palemate though
  8. The egg is gorgeous!! Hopefully will be able to pick up a second later today Haven't gotten any cards yet but I sent one to my friend, who probably isn't awake yet haha. Such a cute event :3
  9. Haven't gotten any eggs out of normal pairings, including my Gold x Black stripe so I'm a little meh on the subject :/ But I'm all for clearing out the AP so I'm cool with lower success rates
  10. I grab most of my eggs from the AP, but I'm not really fussy. I cave hunt on occasion, and breed my eggs whenever. Inbreeding is annoying, but if it's far enough back and minor, I don't really mind.
  11. I picked up one of my Electric dragons from the AP. The parents were named Spark Wave and Fury Sparks, so I named her Fury Wave!