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  1. Hey, thanks. I don't think that I will hack my game... I have one that someone did hack before I got it from Amazon...
  2. I have a question. I really hope that it isn't dumb. But, I have been looking at a couple run throughs of Pokemon Pearl and Platinum, and I keep seeing people with these codes to unlock different pokemon in the games... I am not sure what they are for, or how to enter them into my DS. How would I do this? Thanks
  3. What games can this one trade with? I have one game that has all of the Pokemon on it, cant remember exactly which one, but I am interested in getting this one. It looks like fun, and addictive as the others.
  4. Krynite

    Rhea's Art

    Cool, I will have to get photo shop for my computer. I used to be pretty proficient at it.
  5. Krynite

    Rhea's Art

    So, I want to try my hand at spriting, is there a site that I should use in order to do the drawing, or can I just do it by hand and upload it? I couldn't find any spriting programs... Though I do want to get back into art, I have a ton of stuff here to use. I ordered it all when I was in Afghanistan on my second deployment. I figured it would have been as uneventful as my first one, but I was wrong and never had time to do any drawing. Thanks