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  1. Im watching Code Geass, Death Note, Tenchi Muyo, and Rurouni Kenshin
  2. Granted, but they're all dubbed in Sumerian and subbed in Mandarin I wish for a cup of coffee
  3. Granted, the person who gives you the foot massage was a former wrestler from WWE. He/she (your choice) puts you in a headlock and snaps your neck. I wish for a week off, to go fishing
  4. Granted, now you've watched every anime in existence 10,000 times and go insane I wish that every person who I come in contact with willingly gives a $100 donation to my wallet
  5. Granted, you are now among the deceased. Thus never growing up. I wish to I had a pet dragon, that was shrunk to the size of a sparrow.
  6. I enjoying the new pygmies, my dark myst just gendered male I took a look at your scroll tomboy and all i have to say is that, since the eggs are ERable now you should try putting them in a ER site, they'll be fine after a while.
  7. Many oriental dragons from mythology are water dragons, Ex: Mizuchi, a river dragon and a water diety, or Ryujin, a water dragon spirit who rules over seas and oceans.