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Behind on thanking people who've gifted me. I LOVE YOU ALL. Taking IOUs for olive hatchies.Scroll | Net | unTumblr | Avvie: Xythus | Sig: Draikinator ~ kastrex ~ irrelevantindigo |SocktinySunRequestDraikinator_zps59bea0eP99RmiU.png ARyQRFK.png

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    I am collecting OLIVES for the 2017 Holly Contest and am ignoring all other pretties until the contest is over at the end of November.

    Dragons I need:
    -2nd gen marrows from female purple x male marrow to continue this:
    -2nd gen shadow walkers from royal blue:
    -2nd gen heartseekers from water x heartseeker to continue:
    -2nd gen black teas from black tea (male) x cavern lurker (female) -- will be super seeking 2nd gen caverns from male black teas during Halloween!

    Dragons I'm hoarding (count):
    -black teas (450)
    -sunstones (180)
    -anagallis (191)
    -yellow-crowned (119)
    -magelight (89)
    -nexus (18)
    -tarantula hawk (15)
    -sapphires (37)

    Dragons I like and don't mind semi-hoarding/hoarding for usefulness:
    -tri-horn (123)
    -carmine (41)
    -colassi (16)
    -crimson flare (28)
    -tsunami (24)
    -undine (32)
    -speckle-throated (65)
    -falconiform (22)
    -nhiostrife (20)
    -fever (50)
    -fleshcrowne (34)
    -ultraviolet (14)
    -black tip (49)
    -deep seas (71)
    -albinos (48)
    -coastal waverunners/ptedrakes (86)
    -blue-banded (44)
    -reds (112)
    -pinks (60 + 2 old pink)
    -shallow waters (89)

    Ultimate Wishlist:
    -neglecteds (have one, a most lovely gift)

    Anything else I have a lot of is to work on lineages or to pick up blockers for people. :3

    Personal lineage progress:
    -On a Wing and a Prayer breast cancer poem:
    -Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy from Thick as an Ed: DONE
    -Plus all the unstarted ones

    Dragon code wonkiness:
    - Listed here:
    Happy to breed fun codes for you, if you like

    Actually, I've been meaning to do a spreadsheet of the good lineages I have to breed. Once I do that (probably after this semester so sometime January), I'm happy to breed on request.