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  1. Not with a full error message - it'll mention maintenance. This looked like the cave broke for a bit.
  2. Aaaand the Cave is down, it seems.
  3. And that's the last my my scroll goals for these breeds done~ Black Truffles look fairly neat. Probably won't work with them if they're actually rares, but at least I won't have to hunt them.
  4. Dang it, should have checked this site yesterday rather than today! Ah well. Interesting release nonetheless! Excited to see the adults.
  5. ExAMy I can't tell if the egg is distraught over an exam or was formerly known as Amy.
  6. Thanks! Best of luck with the Undine lineage, and I'll definitely bloodswap with you once mine's properly built up.
  7. I am super pleased to be able to actively work on this checker idea without needing to pester veterans with Cave-biome Hellfires. I know most people will be saving up for CB rares, but I look forward to someday seeing fun Copper checkers that were never possible before.
  8. That's my guess, yeah. I'm hopeful that Market will be functionally identical to Cave once TJ sorts this out, but we'll see.
  9. Apologies for the awkward title - I couldn't figure out a better way to put it. I bred a Copper from my Market-Biome Hellfire, and it has a fogged sprite instead of any of the colors.
  10. Nothing super big, but I picked up some breeding pairs for my new planned lineage very quickly - and with a bonus purple Floret while looking! Always glad for a quick hunt.
  11. Wow, I honestly never expected to see this pairing ever produce anything. This is genuinely shocking.
  12. Finally! I'd been waiting for ages for one of these pairs to produce another Pink after my first one was auto-abandoned. At last, I can begin this lineage.
  13. A join date badge seems simpler and less likely to annoy people during holidays/releases. Maybe a small bundle of shards that don't count towards your weekly limit that you can claim at any time during your join date week too, but I'd be worried about people periodically complaining that it's too small for an anniversary present.
  14. I'm of this opinion - I like my current playstyle, and have no interest in changing it. As it is the marketplace is fair to pretty much everyone, and nobody has to actively keep it in mind since it'll accumulate up to the maximum number of shards without needing to worry about it. It'd be a pain to have to check the page near the end of the week to see which quotas I have to fulfill so I don't feel like I've missed out, and make the game as a whole more stressful for me.
  15. I think filters would be an excellent idea; I was going to suggest that I couldn't think of a single possible utility for keeping track of your fogging activity, but then I remembered that catching stuff in the biomes isn't tracked. It'd be nice to be able to limit mine to just influence/breeding logs.
  16. Gotta say, I like all of these adults. I might collect a bunch of Razorcrests, since I have a soft spot for wyverns~
  17. 9 months seems fair for a CB Gold; you're still meant to predominately catch them in the biomes. Spend that 9 months of saving dedicating your free time to hunting down that elusive Gold, and maybe you might get lucky. Maybe you won't - this feature is now here to alleviate the aggravation of ages of fruitless hunting. Perhaps you're a different sort of player; maybe you don't strictly need a CB Gold, either because you've reached your goals through trades/hunting, or you don't care much about lineages. Now you get a neat little semi-annual freebie as a reward for continued playing, if you're
  18. I kinda like the idea of adding a shard category to the Raffle if we add Prize dragons to the Marketplace. Not that I'd mind winning shards without the ability to buy Prizes, but it'd fit in more if winning the lowest tier prize from the raffle still gets you a fair bit of progress towards your own CB Prize. On that note, I'd really like having the ability to work towards a CB Prize, just in general. Biome-specific dragons would also be nice, but yes please to buying CB Prizes. Even if it takes two years of effort it'd still be delightful to be able to actively work towards getting one rather
  19. The hatchlings are super cute! I'm eager to see what our little forest badgers will look like as adults; I like the little whiskers.
  20. I do hope that biome-based variants might one day make themselves available on the marketplace, but in the meantime I am thrilled that I can potentially get female Hellfires to continue that Hellfire x Green Copper lineage I wanted. ^_^ Also, love the new sprite updates. Reds weren't too bad before, but the seasonals definitely weren't to my liking before now. Looking forward to playing around with the pretty new sprites in the near future~
  21. Ooooh, they're so pretty! I can't wait to play around with them.
  22. I just noticed this Aegis' code: https://dragcave.net/lineage/OLzy1 - Oh Lazy one.