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  1. ((Oh, gosh. I'm giggling so hard at what little lost dragon said. )) Roxy gave an small chuckle. She was kind of socially awkward too. She often was thought as rude or sullen just because she wasn't yay woo hoo yippie skippy over everything "I'll try not to remember you as a creepy guy from a deli," she said. Wanting to know more about a stranger was still a wierd thing say, to her anyways. But he had introduced himself, so why not do the same? "My name is Roxy Green. I don't go to a university here, but I do have a job, and I sell my art online." He said his occupations, she said her's. Things work like that, right? she asked herself. ((I am so bad at writing long anythings))
  2. As I had said in my post, I wasn't saying you should just be OMG IM GONNA HAVE SEX ALL THE TIME!!1!!!1 I DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT THE FACT I COULD GET SICK AND PREGNANT1!!!!1!!. I apologize if this is not what you meant, it's just what it sounded like. *hides in corner*
  3. I am pro-choice, as I stated in my last post here. But here's something I don't understand. Some people (not sure if stated in this topic.) think that if abortion is used over and over again every time someone gets pregnant, they think they shouldn't. But I mean, if someone has sex a lot, without protection(and yes, I know it can fail.), they probably aren't responsible enough to take care of a baby. I'm not trying to say you should just go out and have sex all the time, but I do think that it was their choice (some of the time.).
  4. Roxy felt herself blush a little. He thought she was pretty? Her friends and family often told her this, but no one else had. But he was watching her too closely for her tastes. "If you wanted to know more about me, you could have asked me. Not many people would stare at a person because they wanted to know more about them." This entire conversation felt awkward. She had gotten up in the middle of a restaurant to say something to a stranger. Why would he want to know more about her? It was kind of an odd thing to say.
  5. So I did another thing with lineages... What am I even doing? I am pretty glad the names were available. (Also, sorry for posting this so soon after my other. It just felt congrat worthy. *hides in corner*)
  6. Just renamed some of my dragons to give me this. All the names were available, which was cool. (In case you don't understand, reversed the letters. *hint hint*)
  7. Roxy had almost finished one half of her sandwich when she noticed the man she had noticed earlier was staring at her. This made her mildly uncomfortable. But she continued to eat. She still noticed he was watching her. What does he want? Roxy wondered. As he was only a few tables away, she decided to do something about this. Getting up, she walked over to his table. "Do you need something?" she asked. She might have come off as a little rude, but he was watching her.
  8. Roxy finished petting Sunny, then went to go and change. She put on a orange striped top, and tan shorts. Roxy quickly brushed her hair and put it into a ponytail. Putting on a pair of sandals, she moved back to the main room of her apartment. Roxy decided to go for a walk in the rain. It wasn't very heavy rain, after all. Picking up an umbrella, she opened the door to her apartment. "Bye Sunny!" she called. The bird chirped in response. As she walked out into the rain, she wondered where to go. She remembered a nice deli she liked to go to. 'What was it called again? New something, I think...' she thought. 'Ah well. I still know where it is.' Roxy set off towards the deli. Once she got there, one of the people under the umbrella tables drew her attention. He didn't look much different from the other people, other than the fact he was wearing baggy clothes. Perhaps that was it. She ordered a ham sandwich and sat down to eat.
  9. ((Goodness, it's been a while. Sorry for not posting)) Roxy put down her book as she finished the last of her cereal, then put the bowl in the sink to wash later. She took Sunny out of his cage and placed him on top, while she checked her art shop to see if anyone bought something. Somebody had indeed bought something, her portrait of a dragon flying at sunset. I'll get that sent out later, she thought to herself. She looked over at the already framed picture she had hung on the wall, to keep out of the way. The dragon wasn't hyperrealistic, but she still thought it was good. Other people did too, apparently. The reds and oranges in the sunset contrasted with the blue and purple of the dragon. The sail-like wings were streched downwards, the sunlight reflecting off the scales. Sunny chirping snapped her out of thinking. "Aw, does Sunny want to be pet?" she said as she stroked the bird's neck.
  10. I've just found this article, and let me tell you. It makes me weep for the future of humanity. 10 Reasons Why Abortion is Evil Dear all 'pro-lifers' on the page, Lemme explain to you a thing. Not everyone is in your religion. Being athiest (I sure hope I spelled that right. My keyboard doesn't count it as a word, though it does count Christian.) I am not Christian. So don't go forcing your opinion on everyone. Also, to that one person in the comments that says abortion isn't tyre woman's choice. Excuse me? Are you honestly saying that men and women I don't know can control my body?Because you are also saying women don't have rights regarding their womb. Um, no.
  11. ((I forgot to mention, Roxy has glasses. Is it okay if I add them in here? If not, that's okay.)) Roxy woke up to the soft tapping of rain. She stretched her arms, then reached for her glasses. As she put them on, she noticed Sunny was awake. She got out of bed and walked over to red cage and reached it to pet the cockatiel. "Hey there Sunny," she said. Roxy gave her bird some seed, then went into her apartment's kitchen. She grabbed the Mini Wheats off the counter, then got a bowl out and poured herself some cereal. Sitting down to eat, Roxy began to read the book she had left on the table. .
  12. If I were to be famous, it would hopefully be for something I love to do. (such as art. I'm also thinking about VA and acting.) I also hope I wouldn't be infamous.
  13. Name: Roxy Green Gender: Female Age: 19 Human/Hero: Hero Appearance: Slightly chubby, though not overweight. Dark brown hair. Brown eyes. She is 6' 4" Personality: Rather odd and energetic around her friends, will be shy around strangers, unless a desire to befriend them appears. Is introverted and likes to spend time by herself after meeting with friends. Biography(at least a paragraph, please): Roxy had a pretty average childhood, nothing exploded, nobody died. Roxy was born in Dallas, Texas. She always had an interest in dragons, as was partly related to them, after all. When the dragon breeds were driven to extinction, she was upset. But she felt there were still some dragons, somehow. When she was 18, she left Texas and moved to Dragones, California. She has a talent in art, and opened an art shop online to make extra money. Other: She has a pet cockatiel named Sunny. ((Is that the type of stuff that goes here?))
  14. I caught these three blacks a while ago. One is third gen, another is CB, and the last is ninth gen.
  15. It looks like they're trying to eat the other dragons. Also, I just looked at a nocturn egg and it was in the box but it parents weren't X D
  16. Also, it's not a dragon but I need some critique still
  17. Did you use a brush tool?Because it's not pixel art if it's not pixels (Not trying to be rude)
  18. I would like some critique on this please. It's going for a pearl/abalone look.
  19. *stolz vamp, magma, and thunder*
  20. I want to have more monay on Exhibited
  21. Somebody... in mai pants. Naturally in my pants.
  22. YAY YOU'RE BACK!!!! *glomptackle* A little late for saying that though... ._. I absolutely Love St.ATG's face in the second panel of the new version of Comic 9.
  23. This is an amazing sprite for a first time! As you can see, I changed the white to a light blue. This makes the colors look smoother. The dark blue (zoom in to see better) dots are where you could add lines and the red lines are where you can remove them.