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  1. Sorry for double posing, but SpiritWolfe, your art is done. I will PM you the code.
  2. ((IM ALIVE DONT KICK ME PLZ)) Roxy woke to the sound of her alarm clock beeping. She had set it last night so she could wake up early. She reached her arm over her bed to turn it off. She pushed her glasses on to her face, and got up out of bed. Sunny chirped at her from across the room. "Did the alarm wake you up, Sunny?" Roxy said. She shuffled over to the bird cage and opened the door to take Sunny out. Roxy placed Sunny on her bed and let Sunny roam around. Peering over a fold in the covers, Sunny whistled at her. She laughed and whistled back. Roxy let Sunny walk around on her bed for a while more, then placed him back in his cage. She got dressed, putting on a pink shirt and pink plaid pants. The necklace was lying on her bedside stand. She decided to wear it. It still felt warm. Now it was really odd. Maybe it's a trait of the material... That was somewhat weird, she'd never heard of a material like that. Her stomach growled, and she realized she was hungry. Roxy wondered where she should eat breakfast today. Yesterday she had eaten Mini Wheats, but she feels like something different today. That deli I went to yesterday has breakfast items, she mused. They had pretty good food anyways. So, once again, Roxy waved goodbye to Sunny, and left her apartment. She strode down to the elevator and rode it down to the lobby. Roxy set off in the direction of the deli. Once she got there, she saw a golden retriever puppy tied up outside. The puppy was munching away at a bowl of food and water that were set down near it, so she assumed the owner was near. She walked inside and asked for a biscuit, eggs sunny-side up and a glass of milk. After getting her food, she looked around and realized that the man she had met yesterday was here. She waved to him. Benjamin was his name, wasn't it? ((my gOD, THE PARAGRAPHS ARE SO SHORT))
  3. I can do both, let me add you to the list.
  4. II can do that! Let me add you to the list.
  5. Evensong, your requests are done. I'll p.m. you the codes. Of course I can do that! Allow me to add you to the list.
  6. ((i triED SO HARD TO WRITE THIS. WHY DO I PROCRASTINATE.)) Roxy had been watching her favorite show for a while now, when she realized she still hadn't had dinner. She checked the clock. 12:55? Already? The thought upset her. How had she not noticed that five hours had passed by? How does she even do that? Why am I always so bad with time? Roxy got up and went to the kitchen, deciding to make some ramen noodles. While the water was boiling, she picked up the pendant the homeless man had given her. It felt warm to the touch. That's odd, she thought. It wasn't on or near anything hot. Roxy went into her room and looked for a chain to thread the pendant on. Once she had found one, she looped the chain on to the pendant. I hope this wasn't stolen, she thought as she put it on. If it is, I'll return it straight away. The dragon felt warm against her chest. Why is it still warm? Even if it was near something hot, it would've cooled down by now... It was a really confusing night.
  7. Yup. I'll do that for you. Let me add you to the list.
  8. PewDiePie Tobuscus Cry/Cryaotic/Chaotic Monki CutiePieMarzia EpicMealtime HowToBasic Paint CorridorDigital TheFineBros JacksFilms potterpuppetpals ScribbleNetty IAmNotaNumber34665 The last two aren't as well known, but ScribbleNetty has great drawings/animations, and IAmNotaNumber34665 has hilarious MLP edits.
  9. 19.00369% - Geek. TBH I was kinda expecting something higher, but, yay.
  10. HazelDragon360 hasolsaze34p;er4q2w6yto0jkk360 wait. what.
  11. To Do: find your jaunty silver nose snake. ??????????? tertyuivb
  12. Yeah I can totally do that. Lemme add you to the list.
  13. Thanks! Yup. I can. I'll make a list right now. I use Sketchbook Mobile Pro. I dunno if they have it for Apple devices, but it's on the Google Play store.
  14. Nope. But I's love to so your art. I can't right now because I'm watching AGT, but once I can get on my phone again, I'll start. I could draw both, if you'd like.
  15. A wild How I Draw Appeared! Dragonfreak6132 used Badly Explain! It's super effective! Well, now that I'm done using an overused Pokémon reference, here is the actual thing. This isn't really a tutorial, but if you squint really hard, your screen will look blurry. Step one Colors are abducted from a reference to create a pallet. A quick airbrush 'sketch' is drawn in the darkest color. I use simple shapes and lines. Step two The darkest shade is darkened in... the dark spots. Step three I block in the rough shading using all the colors in my pallet. I also begin to add drop shadows, cast from other parts of the thing. Step four I finish shading, and add the eye socket (if it's a dragon) This is also where I add texture. Step five I add in the eye and it's sparkles. Step six Badly drawn background is added in. Sometimes comes before step one. Step seven I delete the pallet layer, and merge drawing and background (tho if s6 came b4 s1, the drawing is one layer already) Step eight I edit it in Aviary. Done! *sparkles, explosions and harmonic singing happens*
  16. Commission/Request Info I don't take any form of payment. There is no form or anything to fill out. Just ask! :3 Current Requests thomasgold19 - Orange and color fish (Sketch in progress. . .) sparkle10184 - Applejack bucking
  17. Hi! I draw ponies and other things, such as dragons. I take requests or commissions, so please, do ask. Everything is drawn on my phone. Please do not use these any where. An O.C. Swimming (I don't have a name for her yet) Pinkie Pie at the Mirror Pool Princess Twilight Sparkle Sad Pinkamena Heron flying over water Fish (Not sure what kind, drew it off a photo I took) Ditzy Do Dragon Flying at Sunset Yulebuck (I definitely don't own this [the dragon]) Princess Celestia (based off this image on tumblr) My Sunsong avvie at full size Two-headed Lindwurm My first digital manga person (fo' realz) A quick sketch of Fluttershy done in about thirty minutes, with one brush and color Solet and Noxatra Grass and lighting test
  18. Just some sprite line I did. Crits/Redlines please?
  19. ((guys... Guys. GAIS. IM NOT DEAD DONT WORRY.)) Roxy finished labeling the box. Her painting had been packaged into the box and on the label was the person's who bought it address. The post office was open at this hour, which was odd for post offices, but who was she to complain? It wasn't that late, only early evening. It wasn't far either. She's going to walk to there and ship the dragon painting out tonight.So, grabbing, a jacket and waving bye to Sunny, she left for the post office. Taking the elevator down (she lived on the fifth floor) she walked out of the lobby and onto the street. As she carried the box down the sidewalk, she noticed a lot of things. A nightclub was flashing lights all over the place. A bit further down, a small resturant that she, from the name, assumed served sushi. She must have passed by dozens of times, when walking to the post office, why had she never noticed it before? I guess I really am flighty, she thought. She had often been told this, but in a teasing tone. Roxy had by now reached the post office. She walked inside, paid the shipping and postal costs, and sent it out. Walking back towards her apartment, she passed by a homeless guy sitting on the edge of the street. Roxy decided to keep away from him. But as she went past, he jumped up and grabbed her arm. She nearly screamed. "What do you want?" she yelled. Roxy was now trying to shake the man off her arm. "H-h-here," the man spluttered. "Take this." He shoved somthing into her hand. "You must find the children!" he shouted. "What do you mean, 'children'?" This man must be an escaped mental patient or something. Roxy opened her hand to see what the man had put there, expecting to see a rock, or even a cockroach. Instead, a pendant of a dragon laid there. It was a gold color, iridescent with purple. It only had wings. The dragon had horns on it's head, and spines down it's tail, that ended in a webbed fin. She looked up to ask the man again what he meant by 'children', but he had gone. He must have run while she was looking at the pendant. --- (really little time skip to Roxy's apartment) Once Roxy had gotten back to her apartment, she stopped to look at the pendant more closely. It shone a bright gold in the light. It's purple eyes sparkled. Just looking at it gave Roxy a sense of hope and luck. It was odd. Maybe it's just the colors that make me feel happy, she thought. That, too, was odd. The pendant was strangely detailed for being so small. Setting the pendant down on the counter, she decided to watch some T.V. ((Why is this so long? I can barely write five sentences usually. ??????????)) ((EDIT: okay, just reread your post, and I think I did the whole 'homeless guy + pendant thing wrong. I'll change it you need me to. I feel like an idiot. *places self in corner.*))