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  1. Roxy followed Lana and Rain down the hallway. She stopped once they had reached Benjamin and Seth, and looked around, hoping no one was coming. She didn't see anyone, but she heard the sound of footsteps, and was pulled imto a closet. In the dim light, she could see that Lana and Seth were in the closet too. Rain and Benjamin were absent. "What about Benjamin and Rain?" She didn't want them to get hurt. She pressed her ear to the door to see if she could hear something.
  2. She watched the guard pull out a gun and point it at Rain. Dang it Rain, why'd you have to 'hide' there? A bookshelf probably wasn't going to hide someone, especially if they were on top of it and had dragon wings. Roxy slowly began to move towards the guards. She'd have to get at least one of them, then Lana could get the other. So she continued to crouch behind boxes while attempting to move a silently as possible. She saw Lana kick one down and grab the weapon in his hands. The other guard was still there though, and he probably had some sort of weapon concealed on his person. Dammit Lana, you had to do that. So Roxy shuffled over as quickly as she could. She didn't want Lana to get injured, or even killed. Her eyes shimmered a slight turquoise as she did so. But before she could've done anthing, Rain shot one of the guards and Lana stabbed the other in throat. I should've been quicker. Roxy felt kinda bad for not being able to help. "Are you two okay?" she asked.
  3. .:. The Gene .:. This is the main thread. To submit character forms, go to the OOC thread here. Plot The dragons have always been rather solid in genes and abillities. But a new gene of dragon is arising. The Satigusts. They're stronger, quicker. The gene is spreading quickly, faster than a fire. But they require more food, water, and care than average. Dragons are breaking out in fights over the best areas to live, over water, feeding grounds. The mutation of genes is passed from parent to child. It's a dominant trait, caused by RR, so 3/4 of the time a Satigust dragon breeds with one without the gene, the child would be a Satigust. The average dragon has rr. The way the world is going cannot last forever. A war could break out at almost any moment with the tension rising. Dragons, both those with and without the gene, have reported seeing angels and demons. They say they whisper in their ears, telling them to do things. Dragons have gone insane from them. No one knows what they are, or what they're telling dragons, none of the dragons want to tell. Will you investigate the rumors of demons and angels, or join the fight? Or will you not fight at all and attempt to make peace and find a solution? Other Info This takes place in DC-Verse. The dragons have no rulers or cities. Rules All site rules apply No God/Power-playing please No Mary Sues/Gary Stues please Don't be rude to others. Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. No chat-speak in-character (though in OOC is fine) Please try to separate your IC and OOC text. The ratio of Satigust to regular should be about 3:1, however, this is not solid. No holidays/Cheese/Papers/Trees/Humans. Recap I will list big events here, so don't expect 'character x reads a book' here or similar.
  4. She waited for Lana go through, then went through herself. She slid slowly at first, then scooted until she could fall through. She bent her legs as she landed, so that her legs wouldn't get hurt. The noise it made was a lot louder than she wanted it to be. It hopefully wasn't too loud, she really didn't want to meet anyone. Looking around, the room wasn't spacious, but wasn't narrow either. It was actually hard to see much, but the small amount of light from where ever let her be able to see the walls, floor, Lana and Rain, and a couple boxes. She hoped her glasses didn't reflect any light, it'd give away their position. Lana's eyes were glowing green, which probably won't help them not be discovered. Roxy was clenching her hands. When did I do that? She hadn't even noticed until now. Her palms felt sweaty, and her nails were digging into her skin. She unclenched them. Her nose tingled and scratched it. Roxy couldn't smell anything, the air smelled as normal as you could probably get in a building. She is in a medical building, weird as it may be, it's probably a really sterile environment. She listened carefully, she couldn't hear anything other than her own breathing. The silence and darkness attempted to calm her, but she knew better than to get comfortable, she needs to stay alert. But then she heard the sound of a doorknob twisting and she panicked. Roxy just kind of slunk away from the center of the room and crouched down behind a box. She could see Rain on a bookshelf, and Lana under a desk.
  5. Roxy waited for Rain to go though the vent, glanced at Lana once, then crawled in herself. It wasn'T too narrow, though it wasn't comfortable. After all, air ducts aren't meant for humans. She carefully moved though them, trying not to squish Rain, while also trying not to make a lot of noise. ((THIS IS EVEN SHORTER WHY))
  6. Roxy stared at Rain. "You should probably be a bit quieter, I hope they didn't hear that. But anyways, you didn't miss much. Actually, you didn't miss anything." She nodded at Lana. "Now what are we gonna do?" Roxy couldn't see much. Looking back down the side of the building, she didn't see anyone. Hopefully, no one will come out after that whole 'Rain-turned-into-a-dragon-then-passed-out' thing. ((Short, I know))
  7. "Yeah, I'm coming. Just a sec." To be honest, Roxy wasn't sure if she could climb up the wall. But she approached it, and grabbed onto the wall. Just one step at a time, just focus. She felt terribly nervous, and the sinking feeling intensified. Grabbing at another part in the wall, she held on firmly, and slowly moved her foot. She tried not to look down, but when her foot slipped a little, sge couldn't help but- "Oh geez." She wasn't even that far off the ground, why was she scared? Looking back up, she saw she still had a ways to go. You can do this, just try. She gave a small laugh. She felt much better, and slowly made it to the top, gently placing her feet on the roof.
  8. ((Dang it, stupid internet wouldn't work, and now I had to type this again, 'cause I missed a bit! *is angry* Uh, also, I, uh... Let's say that Roxy went with Lana and Rain. Okay? plz.)) Roxy watched as Lana climbed the wall with ease. She was shocked. Despite her personality, she didn't seen like she could do that. Roxy was pretty sure that she couldn't. Even though she tried really hard, she never could climb those rock walls at carnivals and events, and she highly doubts she could even get a foot up this wall, even though it was quite rocky. ((text... Y U SO SHORT?))
  9. She felt a small jolt as the van came to a stop. They had arrived at the lab. Roxy got out of the van with the others and moved along as they did. She wasn't sure what to expect at the place, and to be honest, wasn't sure if she was ready for a fight. Roxy had almost always thought she'd be able to handle a fight, even though she's never been in one. But if these people had guns, she probably wouldn't be able to do much. She saw Rain had a gun, and felt a little better, but not by much. Her stomach was feeling as though it was sinking. She hated that feeling, but at the same time it made her feel light, as though she could fly. Ever since she was young, she's always wanted to fly. Thinking about it made her feel better. Her body felt light, as though she was floating. It must be my imagination, she thought. She has a very strong imagination, but could rarely get it down though writing or drawing. It was odd, she could often imagine herself as though an animal. What's up with that? How do I get from thinking about being scared to imagination? Roxy then reminded herself about why she was here, and the sinking feeling returned.
  10. Roxy looked up at Lana after she said her name. "No, I'm not usually this quiet. I guess it's just a lot to take in," she said. Normally she'd be talking like crazy. It's not like her to be so silent. Why am I then? "So, uh, what do you like to do?" Roxy internally cringed at her horrible attempt to start a conversation. This is crazy, she thought. ((It's so short. (-n-)(\ I HAVE MADE A NEW EMOTE. The facehoof.))
  11. ((Pretend Roxy got in the van too [i need to check this thread more] can we do that guys.can we. plz. Roxy's in the back lik omg dont leaf me behind. omg plz.)) Benjamin read the directions to the lab on his phone. Seth nodded in response and drove off. She was curious as to who Vita was, but she assumed that he was a person they were friends with. Up front she could hear Lana saying something to Seth. It was odd, she couldn't quite hear what she was saying even though Lana was only a little ways away. But she did hear her say something about Benjamin and Rain. She didn't try to listen any closer, it wasn't her conversation. Roxy leaned her head against the van's side. So she has dragon's blood? Maybe that's why she liked dragons so much...
  12. Of course you can! Angels of the Inferno, your art is ready. I'll PM you the code.
  13. why do I double post s muchhhh. whyyyyyyy. Animals4501, your art is ready. I'll PM you the code.
  14. I can do the thing. Let me add you to the list.
  15. Double posting again, sorry. dustpuppy, your art is done. I'll PM you the code.
  16. Roxy sat in silence as someone sat down in the booth across from Lana and her, even though he had winked at her. He introduced himself as Seth. But she was awfully confused when a man that looked as though he was homeless asked Seth to come with him somewhere. Looking closer, she realized that it was the same man who had given her the pendant in that weird fiasco last night. Is he one of us too? It seems weird that so many people who are, are close in location... Maybe it is some weird prank. When Seth came back, he indeed had a necklace too. So he is one of us... whatever we are. She watched as Rain ((I assume you meant Rain.)) leaned against the wall, while eyeing Seth warily. "Lana will explain." She herself was anxious for an explanation. This will either tell her for sure if it's some TV show or if it's real.
  17. ((Sorry for not posting earlier, I had a really busy day yesterday)) Before she could've sat down, Rain got up and went outside with Benjamin. So Roxy sat down in the booth and looked at Lana. She had her head in her arms. "Are you okay?" she asked. "But... what are we?" She was confused. So the guy at she met yesterday knows people who are similar to her psychically, and also had necklaces that glowed? Is this some elaborate prank? Am I on one of those obscure TV shows? she thought. But... even if it is, what's the harm?
  18. "Lana and Rain?" Roxy wasn't exactly sure who they were, but she assumed they were the two girls he was standing close to a bit ago. She looked over back to there. One of them was talking to a person she assumed was a musician, who had a group of other musicians behind him. The other girl was eating a plate of eggs. Since the other was busy having a conversation with the musician, she decided to go talk to the girl eating eggs. She felt kind of awkward approaching the booth, but it seemed to be a bit easier when she had actually gotten there. She did realize her necklace was being very sparkly, but choose to ignore it. However, when she had actually opened her mouth to speak, she realized how weird the conversation could be. What was she going to say? 'Hi my name is Roxy and the guy named Benjamin over there told me I had dragon's blood, and you do too. What should I do about it?' That would be weird. "Oh, uh, hi. My name is Roxy. Do you believe in dragons?
  19. Ridges? What is with him and odd questions? But the thing is, she did have ridges. She'd never pointed it out, and her parents never mentioned it, but they must've known. A baby can't bathe itself after all. "Um, yeah, I do have ridges." she said. She looked at him questioningly. ((This is my last post for tonight/today))
  20. Roxy was not expecting Benjamin to pull her over. So when he grabbed her arm, even though it was gently, she nearly lost her balance. He asked her about the necklace. "My necklace? I, uh, the pendant was given to me by a homeless man." Roxy paused, realizing how awkward that sounded. "Why, is it yours?" She shifted the dragon pendant and nearly burned her fingers. "Ow!" Looking down, she noticed the pendant was glowing. She moved the chain as to not burn her chest. "Do you know anything about this?"
  21. She was glad he remembered her. How awkward would it be if he didn't? She moved over closer to him. "I'm fine, thanks. But it has only been a day. " Roxy said. Her necklace was becoming really warm now. What was up with it and heat? It wasn't burning hot, but it was becoming uncomfortable. Roxy really hoped it didn't look like age she was dying or something. ((ITS SO SHORT. WHAT HAPPENED?))
  22. I got that egg that can't decide on it's color! I'm so happy.