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  1. Solet felt warm inside. She was happy to have made this dragon feel at least a little better. The stone on her chest felt warmer too, strangely. It was probably just her imagination. Solet grinned. "You're welcome!" She then realized that she knew very little about the sunrise in front of her. She didn't even know his name! So she asked him. "What's your name?"
  2. ((Joo mind if I join?)) Username: Dragonfreak6132 Character's name: Soletluna Gender: Female Age: Around 10 Appearance: A Sunsong hatchie with a bluish tinge to her scales. Extra info: Carries a small polished black stone with her.
  3. Solet looked through the bushes. "Ah ha! There's a mouse!" She whispered to herself. She slithered over to a bush behind it. Carefully, she leaned back then striked! The mouse couldn't move quick enough, and she caught it. Because mom had said we could help the dragon, this will be for him, she thought. ((It's short...))
  4. They've just been a little inactive. School is probably starting for quite a few of them. I'll go post something right now.
  5. stellalala, your art is ready. I'll PM you the code.
  6. ((I made another character. yay. I might make another human character later.)) Name: Soletluna Gender: Female Age: Egg (will be a hatchling soon) Human/Hero/Dragon: Dragon Appearance (species if dragon): Sunsong Personality: Generally pretty lighthearted and silly, but will randomly become stoic and serious. She does joke around a lot, and could be seen as childish at times. She holds her opinions very close to heart, and will often get angry at those who don't agree with her. She can switch her mood in an instant, it seems. She gets attached to others pretty easily, which could be seen as good or bad. Other: N/A ((Since on yours you didn't put a background on your sheet, I didn't either. I can edit it if you want.))
  7. Noxatra observed the sunrise dragon. "So he has," she said. "Come on, Solet. Let's go get our breakfast." She quickly turned to leave, but Solet launched herself at her mother's front leg. "But mommy, what about the dragon?" she asked. "He'll be fine Solet, let's go." She attempted to pull her leg from Solet's coils, but to no avail. "What about the daydream?" "She'll be fine too Solet, she's an adult. Now can we please go?" "But mommy, you said that we should always help others!" said Solet. "He could have hurt you Soletluna!" "But he didn't, so we should help him. Please?" she begged, drawing out the please. Noxatra sighed. She clearly wasn't going to get anywhere if Solet was acting like this. "Fine, but then we're going. I'm not even sure he needs help though." Solet shook her head. "Nu-huh, he looked really hungry. I think he's starving."
  8. I'm alive, don't sacrifice me to your local volcano yet. Erica8798, your art is ready. I'll PM you the code.
  9. Noxatra soared above the daydream and sunrise's heads. Has Solet really introduced herself? She might as well come down now. Taking a great flap of her feathered wings, she gently soared down to the ground. She walked over to the bush and crouched down. "You can come out now, Solet." When Solet's mother said that, she nearly leaped out of the bush. "I didn't know how much longer I could've been under there! I was starting to get cramped." She streched her wings, her scales catching a fair bit of sunlight. The slight blue tinge in her scales was more evident now. She looked at the sunrise and daydream. The daydream had a more reddish tinge to it's mane and had some freckles on her snout. The sunrise was...? Fainting? Solet turned to her mom. "Mommy, the dragon fainted," she stated.
  10. Roxy just kinda remained there, feeling awkward. Was she the only one here who had a decently normal childhood? It sure seemed like it. Roxy wasn't sure weather she should say something or not. So she just... well, remained there. She looked over at Vita, who didn't look so well. So for the second time that day, she asked him, "Are you alright?" ((This feels like a kinda stupid post. @-@))
  11. Solet cowered under the bush. Who were these dragons? And where was her mom? She looked around. A blueish blur was above them. How did the others not notice her? Solet wasn't sure she wanted to talk to them or not. Her mom has told her to stay under the bush, but she never said not to talk to them. "Um, hello? My name's Soletluna."
  12. Roxy looked over at Benjamin. He must be wondering if she was alright. Was she? Did she need help? Reassurance? But she should at least answer his question. "I'm okay. It's just, that I don't know if my pet cockatiel is okay or not and I'm just really worried." Don't worry about it. I... I think I'l be okay'" she SAT back in her seat, feeling a bit more comfortable now. She really hopes that sunny will be okay. I still think he's lonely... ... She's really getting nowhere emotionally. ((short ._.))
  13. Solet looked around. She thought she heard voices. Maybe they were just the forest animals in the distance. She looked around. "Mommy, did you hear something?" she asked tapping her mother on the shoulder. Her mom looked around the area they were in. "No, Solet. I didn't hear anything." So they continued on, but Solet felt she was being watched by some thing. We are in the forest after all. It's probably just some mouse or something. Something was nagging slightly at the back of her mind, like she should be more careful, but she couldn't place a claw on it. A crack was heard and she could see a flash of color. Blue and red. She never saw any animal like that before! Maybe she would meet a dragon! But before she could do anything, her mother picked her up and placed her under a bush. "Solet, I... I want you to stay here until I tell you it's okay to come out. Do you understand?" Solet opened her mouth to protest " But mom-!" "Soletluna. I need you to listen to me. I want you to stay here until I tell you that you can come out. Please." Her mother looked desperate, lines of worry that she had ever seen before. Solet sighed. "Alright mommy."
  14. They soared down the mountain, keeping close to the brown rock. The complex patterns in the rock seemed to stand out, despite being a very close color to the regular rock. They swirled and branched out, almost looking like trees. Her shadow looked like it was flying in the rock. Wouldn't it be cool if I could do that? The trees were coming on fast. Solet gently landed, although a soft 'plop' was made as her underbelly made contact with the ground. Her mommy landed seconds after she did. "Now follow me, Solet. I don't want you getting lost..." Her mother trailed off as she headed into the woods. She followed close after.
  15. Roxy heard Lana said they were heading in the direction of the coast. So we're going towards the beach. It seemed like some weird movie, they we're going to the beach, a place you usually go to relax, right after breaking into a building. My life is turning into an action movie. About time something exciting happened. I just hope I can go home soon, I probably need to feed Sunny. Oh jeez. I've left Sunny at home all day. He must be so lonely. I hope he's okay. Her panic was quickly rising. She hadn't even thought about Sunny since she left this morning! How could I be a responsible pet owner if I'm like this? I feel like hyperventilating. Am I hyperventilating? I think it's hot in here. Is it hot here? She put a hand to her head. I-I need to calm down. Her thougts had escalted really quickly. I'm just an emotional mess today...
  16. Solet smiled and nuzzled her mother. "It's okay mommy." She looped around and slide the animal skin bag around her neck. The black stone inside made the bag drop against her chest. "What are we having for breakfast today?" Her mother pat her head. "I don't know yet, Solet. Let's go get it." Noxatra smiled at her daughter. "Then we can bring some back for daddy." Solet looked over at her dad, who was still sleeping quite heavily. The sunlight danced on his scales, lighting up the ground near him. She giggled. "Okay mommy." Heading up to the mouth of the cave, she peered over the edge, she saw the many shades of green surrounding the river below. To the east, she could see the vast stretch of sand and rocks heading farther than she could see. "Are we going to the forest mom?" The forest near the river was full of flora and fauna, so there was a lot of food down there. She wondered if there were any other dragons down there. She knew that some dragons needed a lot of food, her daddy told her so. I bet there are a lot of dragons down there. She'd never met any though. The only dragons she's met are her family. But sometimes she sees a dragon flying across the sky above the sand. "Yes, we're going to the forest." Solet was snapped out of her thoughts. She grinned. "Yay!" Maybe today she'd meet a dragon.
  17. I was playing candy box, and sent the little guy out and he died. Not very exciting.
  18. NO. I WAS ALMOST FREE. FREE FROM THE COOKIE. THANKS. Anyways, I really like this game. It's fun.