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  1. hi, its been ages since ive even signed into dragoncave.... ^^'' how are yall doing?
  2. I'm sorry, what does no-npink imply? I know that it was probably a mistake, but what did you mean?
  4. Psycho Cat, your art is ready. I'll PM you the code.
  5. I'm sorry I hadn't responded to this earlier. I'll get to that when I get home from school. @Momo Thank you! That means a lot.
  6. I do too. I didn't mean to be so inactive. Stupid procrastination.
  7. Soletluna glanced around again. She still felt watched, maybe it's just a bird? She sighed and turned to her mother. "Mom, Mr. Ross is okay, right?" Noxatra nodded to her daughter. "Yes, I think his fever's going down." She paused. "Your dad is probably wondering where we are. I didn't think we would take this. I hope he's not worried." She looked up at the brown mountain she lived on. If she squinted ,she c.ould see the black dot that was her home, and she thought she could see a even smaller golden dot. *** Aquintritos looked at her sister. "What do you need Sora?" Soraquation glanced at the school of silvery fish still swimming nearby. "You were watching that bleeding moon, weren't you?" Aquintritos nodded slowly. "Yeah, so?" She really hoped that Sora wouldn't say something like 'do you like him' or something. "Do you like him?" And of course she did anyway. She looked her sister right in the eye. "No," she said truthfully. *** Sangueconae watched as the seagull pecked at the fish bones. It would dart it's head at the bones, pull a piece of fish off, then dart it's head back and eat the piece. Sangue watched as the bird continued it's little cycle until the bones were relatively clean. The seagull stared at him for a bit, until it figured out that it was going to get no more food, then flew off. He sighed, then stood up. What should he do for the rest of the day. Looking at the sun, it seemed to be in the middle of the sky. So about half his day was gone already. Sangueconae stared at the blue water that streched all the way to the horizon. Maybe he should explore around a bit. He may have been here for a while, but he still only knew a little about his surroundings. Sangueconae glanced down the beach to his right. There was a river somewhat far away in that direction. Trees of multiple types grew near the part closer to the forest. Large red, blue, and yellow flowers grew on the bushes at the base of the trees. On his left, there were large round blue and purple rocks. He figured he could look at the river later, and headed towards the rocks.
  8. I'm so sorry for not posting. I'll go post now.
  9. Anavi_Ivy, here is the art you requested. I'll PM you the code.
  10. I know. I PM'ed her a few days ago, but I dunno if she read it or not.
  11. Aquintritos giggled to herself. Had the bleeding moon saw her? She had seen him before. I never knew that bleeding moons could swim, he seems really special. Maybe someday she should introduce herself. But not right now, he's probably eating, and I don't want to bother him. Aquintritos was sure she had this conversation with herself before, she was so bad at doing things on time. "Hey Aqua!" A voice snapped her out of her thoughts. It was Soraquation, her sister. She smiled, and turned around. "Sora, you know I don't like being called that." It was a name her sister had called her when she was young because she couldn't pronounce Aquintritos. The stupid name thing stuck, it seems, but when I warn her about something they sure don't. She always had to warn Soraquation. Despite there not being many dangerous animals, Sora seemed to be able to get in trouble with a shell. *** Sangueconae finished his fish and smacked his jaws. Most of the meat was gone, but little bits were still stuck to the bones. A caw from his right startled him. A seagull had landed next to him. He felt pretty nice today, and there wasn't anything left worth saving. He tossed it at the bird. "Here." The seagull had flown off for a second then came back, and started pecking at the bones. Sangue chuckled. What a silly animal. *** Solet thought she had heard a rustle. Looking around, she realized her tail was near a bush. It must've just been me. But something was odd, she felt as though she should be scared, frighted almost. But she shrugged it off, despite what the alarm bells that should have been going off in her head. ((eeeeeeee. solet's part is so shoooooorrrrrrt.))
  12. I made another, another character! How fun is that, huh? (im sorry for that... no im not) Name (A pronunciation may be included if needed): Aquintritos (aw-QUIN-tree-toes) Breed (Only on-site please): Two Fin Bluna Age (Hatchling, Gendered Hatch, Adult):Adult Gender: Female Gene (Y/N): No. Special features (Things like scars, disabilities, etc.): The dark purple on her is a bit more red than regular. Background/Past: Aquintritos was born and raised near where she lives now, near a beach. She had a pretty nice childhood, the water had few predators, so she wasn't in a large amount of danger very often. She is a Two fin Bluna. She lives with her pod, which is made up of her mother, father, sister, and other Bluna. Other: N/A
  13. I suppose I could, but it probably wouldn't look good.
  14. Sure! Let me add you to the list.
  15. ((I'M ALIVE. YAY. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME.)) Roxy looked out the van's window. The beach looked almost like a summer movie set, the only difference was that it wasn't crowded with people. She stepped outside, feeling almost glad to be out of the van. She wasn't sure why, but she was. As she walked, the sand made crunching noises under her feet. Roxy stood next to Seth. "Now what are we going to do? We've avoided the police, and rescued Vita, what's next?" ((IT'S SHORT. IM SORRY.))
  16. ((I'M SO SORRY FOR NOT BEING ALIVE. DON'T EAT ME.)) Sangueconae looked out from his coastal den. The blue water shimmered in the light, gently washing across the white sand of the beach. He knew his breed usually would much rather be near a mountain, but he was still terrified of them. The time he spent on Nocetmons felt recent and he shivered at the thought. He sighed and stood up, he had just woken up and was hungry. He flew over to the shore and looked around. There was no sign of life, other than some bird in the sky and the sparse grass. But he knew there were fish in the water, as he had taught himself to fish. Sangue soared into the air again and dove intimate the water. Irregular bubbles floated around him, and drifted up to the surface. He turned his head searching for fish. A shoal of silvery fish was a slight ways away. He swam slowly over to them, attempting not to scare them, and he caught one. Having it in his mouth, he swam back to the shore to eat his breakfast. "Heh, catching fish is too easy," he said, although with food in his mouth, it was more of just some muffled noises. As soon as he had gotten out of the water, he heard a splash. Looking back, a finned tail fell back into the water. I didn't know there was another dragon near here, he thought. Well, as long as they don't bother me. *** Noxatra gently patted the sunrise dragon. "Shh, please be still. You need to rest." The moonstone turned to Soletluna. "Solet, could you please go get some water?" Solet stared at her mother. "But how am I supposed to carry it?" She didn't have any arms after all. Her mother placed a paw to her face. "Yes, that right. I'm sorry. Here, you can soak this moss in water and bring it back." Solet took the moss in her jaws, and headed to the river, which was pretty close by. She could hear it from the clearing. I hope that Mister Ross is okay. I don't want him to die... That's odd. Why do I like I know him well, when I've only know him for a bit? she thought as she dipped the moss in the water. She shrugged as well as so met him go with no arms could. Solet took the moss back to her mother, who placed it on the dragons forehead.
  17. We should really try to RP more. We should. We really should. So why are we stalling here? I have no idea. But what kind of... thing should we write? Maybe we should use our new character. Yeah, maybe it's Mabelline. ... what.
  18. Hello everyone! Yes, yes. Hello. We're here now. Have your lives gotten better yet? That's really full of yourself. Yeah, well I don't care. *uses sass*
  19. Solet smiled. "Yup! And I don't have the Gene." She tilted her head. "You okay?" She sniffed the air. I've smelled that before... When I knocked a few scales out... Mommy had said I was bleeding... Is he bleeding? "Mister, are you okay? Are you bleeding? Did you cut yourself or something?" Solet quickly slithered over to her mother. She made her concerns as evident as possible. Her mother of course was concerned, and rushed over to Ross. She placed a paw on his forehead. Noxatra knew immediately that he had a fever. She turned to Daydream above them. "Do you know any dragons nearby that can heal?"
  20. SpiritWolfe, your art is ready. I'll PM you the codes.