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mistshadow.pngDLsb2.pngJoining Felisfire? Please put account #9372 as the referral. Thanks!The killed eggs are me derping/vampire on my scroll. I won't do anything requiring no killed eggs until they disappear.

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    Note: My cat's birthday is the same day as mine. Thus, "my" birthday is actually my cat's.


    Wishlist (hatchie or egg wanted unless otherwise specified):

    -CB Gold or Silver
    -CB Golden Wyverns
    -CB Male Pink Hatchie
    -CB Trios
    -CB Male Vine Hatchie
    -CB Summer
    -4th gen or lower Tinsel
    -Male Neb
    -Any and all red hatchies are always welcome, and they will be named!
    -2nd gen PB Female White Stripe
    -CB Tan Ridgewings