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Thank-you Sif and Verridith for letting me use your creations in my sig! :)

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    Somewhere over the rainbow...
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    ***People I owe in IOU: 0 (Yay!) ***

    ~When making a deal with me, I will allow 48 hours for response. Please do the same for me, as I am busy with life and sometimes unable to respond immediately. Otherwise, I try to respond ASAP! Thank-you! <3~

    ~I breed on request! Feel free to pm me with a pairing request on my scroll! My super rare CB metals and some of my prize dragons are off limits, but as long as you ask nicely, I'll be happy to breed anything else on my scroll! :) ~

    **Semi-active? I get on sometimes. I'm mainly breeding my Golden Wyverns for my PB EG Golden Victory Garden lineage. Currently working on the 6th gen. <3 01/24/2015**

    Currently working on: Building my red army!


    Wish List:
    -CB Golden Wyverns (Have 130! - need MORE!!!)
    -CB Blusangs (they are so lovely!)
    -CB Tsunamis
    -CB Nebulas
    -2G Soulpeaces
    -2G Prize Dragons (Shimmers and Tinsels)
    -BSA hatchies (especially reds -- these are the only ones I'm okay with getting messy gens with xD)
    -I love common CB hatchies! <3