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    Hello! I haven't been on DC in a long time and I'm just getting back into it. Looking forward to it! I'm active on Flight Rising (Hexephra #188421) and Dappervolk (Hexephra #333).


    My current goal is to get at least one of every existing sprite! I also like collecting Blusangs and Sunsongs, as well as CB rares. After that I'd like to replace messy lineages with cleaner ones, preferably CBs.

    ==Lineage Projects==

    1. The Double Rainbow Reacharound lineage. See this document for progress: http://tiny.cc/kjzlsw
    2. An even gen, purebred black lineage, hopefully alternating alt and non-alt for each generation (1st gen not alt, 2nd gen alt, 3rd gen not, etc.)
    3. A purebred, even gen Golden Wyvern lineage


    I used to dabble in the concepts section of the forum. Due to other commitments I may not return to this for a while.

    My concepts: Fairy
    Concepts I've sketched for: Hydraulis Amphiptere, Anicara, Cobra, Ermine, Fennec, Macaw
    Concepts I've spritelined for: Hydraulis Amphiptere, Anicara, Assassino, Cobra, Ermine, Fairy, Fennec, Feathertip