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  1. Not very original, but Peach from Mario Bros.

    Why must she always get captured? You'd think after awhile she'd learn. And in the wii version, she's always two feet from you in that stupid air balloon and won't jump out. And her voice...

  2. I've never seen a ghost, or anything like zat. I have seen random shadows, but those can be anything. I think the scaiest things that have happened to me have been random moving things and voices.

    My friend's closet door went from being latched to swinging open nice and slow until it hit the wall behind it. I was laying right next to it; it scared the crap out of me.

    While sleeping over at my friend's, we had snuck a bunch of food up there to eat while we were supposed to be sleeping. It was about one in the morning and we heard her mom outside the door talking to her little sister and we spazzed out. We hid everything under the bed and lied down and pretended we had been sleeping. Her mom never came in, but her older sister who had had a friend sleeping over that night too opened the door a few minutes later and asked if we had heard their mom. We said yeah, and they said they had checked and that she and their little sister were both in their separate rooms sleeping. That was so creepy. o.o

  3. I love DA; I'm addicted to that place. It's to me what Facebook is to others. I see all kinds of sexual art on there though. Half of it doesn't have a maturity warning either. o.e xd.png

  4. This isn't a book, but the movie "The Uninvited" had a splendid twist to it. It was one of those classic twists, but I loved it all the same. Almost like the twist in the "Sixth Sense". biggrin.gif

    And I'm not even sure what HBP is. blink.gif