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  1. ksnagauabd Kelly says no alligator guards a unicorn at Benny's den sdjfggh
  2. khsvaiaswo Kill her stove vainly as I attack some weird otter. yrfduthfiy
  3. nuttymeg3

    Lady Gaga

    I think that Lady GaGa is amazing. She is not afraid to put herself out there and be different. I respect her for that. Also, she writes and sings really good dance tunes.
  4. My dog has Colitis which causes him to have bloody diarrhea. When I was walking with him one day he decided to go to the bathroom all over my crabby neighbors lawn. Me, being the responsible dog owner I am, tried to pick it up. It didn't work. Then my crabby neighbor came outside and started yelling at me. That's how I ended up covering my sleeve with bloody stool, while attempting to pick up liquid diarrhea off of a lawn. Delightful.
  5. No dragon for my username. I do have a dragon for my real name. I am apparently a female CB Magi with 1 child.
  6. nuttymeg3

    2011-04-27 - Downtime

    Unfortunately, I lost a Pillow egg. Oh well! At least the site is up and running again. Thanks for the update TJ.
  7. YES! Finally done.....I think the last one was from Anonymous
  8. Thanks! If you go back a few pages you will find the code for it. It was made by Ready.
  9. I thought Seiss's egg looked like a goldfish, but I'm not 100% sure.
  10. @Klinneah: It is supposed to end tomorrow at 8:00 EST.
  11. I love Silvanon's unicorn egg! Thanks to everyone for the gorgeous eggs.
  12. Vampire Weekend. After I listen to them I am singing for hours ;] Love their songs Run and California English.