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  1. ((I was away for a while and had limited internet access. I read through the last few pages, but I am a bit confused. Where should Zara be right now? Where does she fit in?))
  2. It is perfect! Thank you so much. Edit: Forgive me for sounding stupid, but how do I put it in my siggy? Is there any codes you can give me?
  3. Banner PLZ! Size: ummm... Pretty small Dragons (If a DC Banner): stones/geodes Color scheme: Lavender(like the color on the geodes) and grey Text: The Stoneguard Lineage Other details: nope Thank you!
  4. ((Awww Packgoater, don't be sick. :'C Feel better soon! *Offers soup and blankets*))
  5. Nope. It is cute, but I'll stick with Prince Zuko.
  6. Zara walked closer to Frost and said something softy. "I was not planning on letting this dog walk away in one piece, but if you want her to join the pack... I'm sure you have your reasons Frost." Zara had expected to get some information out of "Kayleth", perhaps use torture if necessary. She had seemed confused, easily persuaded. Zara paused in her thoughts to look at her very angry alpha. "As you know this dog is a Junpack beta. She says her name is Kayleth, but I doubt thats true." Zara turned to "Kayleth" to see what her reaction was to Frost's offer.
  7. Zara walked in front of the other dog. She led her back to camp on a difficult route with lots of twists and turns, so "Kayleth" could not find it again. When they reached Shadowpack camp, all the dogs stared at her. When they recognized the Junkpack smell many looked ready to attack. Zara gave them all a look and called out "Frost, we have a visitor!"
  8. Zara saw her chance and jumped on it. "Would you like me to go back to my camp to get you some healing herbs?" Zara asked the dog. She knew the dog was trapped. If she refused to accept help, Zara would know that she was faking being in pain. If she accepted and then ran away, Zara would track her down. This was becoming very interesting.
  9. "Well, first of all, I was wondering why you were hiding under a bench at this time of night. Secondly, I was wondering about your smell. What pack are you in?" Zara asked innocently. "Oh, and are you okay?" she asked referring to how the dog had just accidentally bitten her own paw.
  10. Zara doubted that Kayleth was the dogs real name, but then again she hadn't really expected an honest answer. Zara knew that if she had been able to recognize the other dog's pack smell, the other dog had recognized hers. Zara decided that her best option was to play dumb and see how the situation unfolded. "Do to you?" Zara asked pretending she was shocked. "I just wanted to talk to you, Kayleth."
  11. Zara watched as the Junkpack dog reared up on her hind legs in an attempt to intimidate her. Zara laughed internally. She had been bred to fight. Se had ripped out the throats of countless dogs without a second thought. This dog would surely be no different. I didn't come her to fight Zara thought to herself. I came here to recruit and persuade. Maybe she could learn something from this dog. Zara took a few steps closer and sat down, still keeping alert. "What's your name?" she asked to the Junkpack dog. ((@Scott-the-Wolf Maybe Shadowpack? We could use some more Shadowpack characters.))
  12. Zara trotted swiftly through the night. The scents of the crisp autumn night flooded her nostrils. Dry leaves crunched softly under her paws. Zara was out looking for new recruits to add to Shadowpack. With the revenge plan beginning, the pack could always use more loyal members. Then, Zara heard a soft sound coming from underneath a bench. All her senses alert, Zara whipped her mutilated face towards the bench. She inhaled deeply and smelled Junkpack......
  13. Zara walked over to the broken window where Frost was standing and met the alpha's unflinching gaze with her own emotionless stare. True, Zara's experiences with humans had not been good, but she was sure that she could handle the City and the people in it. "The next night of no moon is tonight I believe." Zara barked. I will wait by the fountain tonight, and see if someone comes looking for new members. I have a pretty good idea of their territory from my spying. I will need a way to disguise my scent though..." Now Zara was talking more to herself than Frost. Zara looked up at her leader waiting or a sign that signaled her dismissal.
  14. Zara dipped her head in acknowledgement. "I shall leave for Junkpack at once," she said to Frost. Zara was a bit nervous at the prospect of her mission, but she tried not to let it show. "Where and when should we meet to trade information?" Zara queried.
  15. Zara nodded. This was basically what she had expected. All of the waiting and planning would bore her though. Zara just wanted to do what she had been bred to do, to rip into the throats of her enemies and get revenge for her pack. "What would you like me to do to aid this plan, Frost?" Zara questioned.
  16. By the time Zara was back from hunting she was in a foul mood. There was a minimal amount of prey, and her hunting party had been annoying. Even though she had pretended not to, Zara had heard the snide comments they made about her mangled face. If only they had been through what Zara had been through they would not be laughing. Reaching Frost, Zara dropped a plump raccoon she had managed to catch in front of the alpha. She then sat and asked her leader a very important question. "What are your plans for revenge against the Junkpack?"
  17. When Zara had convinced enough people to join her hunting party, they set off out of camp. Well, convinced wasn't really the right word for it. It seemed that most dogs in Shadowpack were still afraid that she would take them out of camp and slit their throats. She had to intimidate most of her hunting party into coming with her. Oh well, at least her reputation kept people from bothering her about her maimed face. If there was one thing Zara didn't want to relive it was her time as a fighting dog. All the blood, the fear, and what humans called money... Then, Zara heard a rustle in the bushes. "A raccoon," she whispered. She and the other dogs set out to catch it for Frost.
  18. Username:nuttymeg3 How often can you be online? A lot. It depends on the day Which classes do you want to take? Spriting From Sketches I have never sprited before, but I think its about time I learned. I am very excited :3
  19. Zara gauged Frost's response carefully. She seemed to be pleased, but it was hard to distinguish any emotion in her cold eyes. Zara suddenly felt the need to get out of camp, to run and run and run. "I was thinking about gathering up a hunting patrol," Zara stated. "Is that okay with you?" She dug her nails into the ground as she waited impatiently for a reply.
  20. Zara began to share her information quickly to appease Frost. "I wasn't there when our pack was driven out by those fleabags, but I don't believe that much has changed. They are living in a junkyard across from an old office building. The alpha male is a Doberman Pinscher. He has not yet taken another mate. It also appears that they have been recruiting new pack members." She paused to carefully watch Frost's reaction to this statement. "They are all frightfully skinny though. It appears that food is scarce for our mangy enemies in the Bonelands," Zara finished mockingly.
  21. Zara met Frost's unflinching gaze with her own defiant stare. She hated when people talked down to her, even if it was the alpha. She especially disliked threats. Zara was pretty sure we could handle Frost in a fight. Even if she couldn't, she was up for a good brawl. "What in the bunny whiskers are you doing?" Zara thought to herself "Your getting ready to challenge your alpha! Cut it out!" Zara held her tongue, something she rarely ever did, and instead asked Frost politely if she would like to hear the information she had gathered on her expedition. She tried to convince herself that Frost was being merciful. After all, Zara had made an atrocious blunder, and Frost wasn't even punishing her. Zara wasn't so sure though. She hated the uncertainty she was feeling right now. It made her feel weak, and if there was one thing Zara wasn't, it was weak.
  22. ((Pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ))
  23. ((Whoops! Sorry about that. I will edit that part out of my post. Also, thanks for the warning Shiny Hazard Sign. This is my first time role-playing, and I probably would have had no idea if you hadn't told me.))
  24. Zara stepped forward to do Frost's bidding. Although she hated following orders, she felt a certain connection with Frost. They had similar evil personalities and got along well for the most part. After she was finished dragging the unlucky dog's carcass out of camp, Zara returned to Frost. "Frost," she called softly. She received no answer but continued anyway. Zara barked quickly,"I did manage to catch a glimpse of their camp. But...I think the alpha might have spotted me." Zara stood tense, waiting to see how Frost would react. One could never tell with her.
  25. I see that no one is playing as Shadowpack members yet. (Unless I missed something) I hope that this is acceptable Name: Zara Age: 3 Breed: Pit Bull Rank: Beta (Shadowpack) Appearance: White with brown patches. She is missing her left ear and eye from a horrible fight. She is 20 inches tall and around 70 lbs. Gender Female Personality: She is aggressive and looks for any accuse to fight. Many dogs in the vicious Shadowpack look up to her fearlessness and lack of mercy. It seems that Zara has no soft-side, although she fiercely loyal to the few dogs she likes. Mate:n/a Pups:n/a History:Zara was a champion fighting dog until she lost her left ear and eye in a terrible fight. Her ruthless owner abandoned her at the side of the ride because of her injuries. Shadowpack members found her and took her in because they thought her battle skills might be useful. Zara's experiences as a fighting dog have hardened her heart. She is quick to anger, stubborn, and can be cruel. Introduction Paragraph: Zara laid in the shadows of the old office complex and licked the blood from her nails. "That's the last time that worthless skinbag will dare to insult ME," she growled softly. She had just made short work of killing a sassy omega that decided to point out her missing eye and ear. Oh well. It was best not to dwell on things so menial. There were better things to think about including her pack's impending revenge. Zara stood up and padded away from the office building, not caring who saw her. Her paws barely made a sound on the moonlit sidewalk.