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  1. Best Way to Contact: PM Your Job? (Keeper or Freelance Volunteer): Freelance Volunteer Do you promise not to kill, neglect, or freeze your given egg?: I do This is a very nice idea!
  2. I am back! Many thanks to Kaini for sitting my scroll.
  3. ((Thanks Python! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was at dance camp.)) Zara met the large dog's gaze and spoke clearly and confidently. "I am here because I wish to join your pack. I heard about it from a loner I briefly traveled with, so I came to see i you are accepting new members. I'm Celia." Zara waited for the wolfhounds reply.
  4. Scroll Name: nuttymeg3 Forum Name: nuttymeg3 What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sitted: all How Long will you be gone: from Sunday-Saturday Long Term or Short Term: short What Sitter's list do you want to be on: anyone who is available :3 Thank you so much!!
  5. I joined DC when both were still pretty common. I took a break for a few months, and when I came back they were gone. Although I respect the spriters' decision to have them removed from the cave, I would like to bring them back at least one day a year. That way, people can complete their scrolls.
  6. Can I pwease have Pinky Pie?
  7. Name(What I should call you): nutty Spliced or Original: Original Colors: light pink Designs: eyes, a pig nose, ears, and a curly tail So basically a pig eggy Can others use this egg: No, please I don't mind waiting. Take as long as you need.
  8. OMG! My little ponies! I can't wait to see them, Rhea.
  9. ((@Angelkay Can Skyla come and find Zara? She is waiting right outside of Junkpack camp because she wants to join. ))
  10. Gaaah! I have only managed to catch orange ones so far. :/ This was a really great surprise! I am off to hunt.
  11. Zara nodded quickly to both Frost and Hans before turning and leaving the alley. Zara was a tad nervous about her mission. Walking into a camp full of possibly enemy dogs might not work out for Zara. She had to stay alert and try to be convincing. Zara stopped to roll in every animal carcass and trash pile she could find. Then, she splashed around in a puddle to remove the filth from her neat tan and white coat. Convinced that her distinctive Shadowpack scent was thoroughly masked, Zara continued towards Junkpack camp. ((I am super tired, so it is bed time for me. I will be out tomorrow, so I will continue this tomorrow evening.)) Zara decided that she had no time to lose by waiting by the fountain to be discovered. Instead she padded straight toward the camp. When she reached the rotting wooden fence that encompassed the junkyard, Zara made sure to make some noise so she would be heard. She then settled down to wait for her future packmates to find her.
  12. Zara was a bit surprised at the offer Frost had made to Hans, but took it in her stride. "I understand, Frost. Boss will never know of anything I do. The Junkpack dogs will not be harmed, unless you require it." She paused for a moment. "And Frost, my loyalty shall always lie with you."
  13. ((Thanks guys!)) Zara was done pacing around camp. She was a beta, and it was time she did something useful. Zara padded out of camp and onto the city streets. After much sniffing, she managed to pick up a scent trail from Frost that seemed fairly fresh. She followed it for a while before reaching a dark alleyway where Frost and Hans stood. Zara dipped her head politely before addressing the alpha. "Frost, I think it is time I pretend to join Junkpack. Now, more than ever, we need someone on the inside. What are your thoughts?"
  14. ((Alright. He will never detect my existence. Zara shall be a ninja Can I tell Frost I'm leaving?))
  15. I thought Part 2 was really good. They definitely covered everything important. I especially liked how they portrayed Snape in his memories. My only complaint is how unsatisfying the end was. Voldemort just died. No one celebrated. Nothing. I just wish they added a bit more drama to the conclusion. Other than that it was one of the better movies in the series.
  16. ((Packgoater, Is it time for me to infiltrate Junkpack yet? ))
  17. I can twitch my irises. It is kind of creepy, but pretty cool. I can also mimic horse sounds really well.
  18. Thanks! He is adorable. Could you possibly give me the codes for him so I can put him in my siggy? Nevermind *is shot*
  19. May I please request a little bunny, Rhea? If you could make him light brown and a cream color with a little heart floating next to him that would be great. Btw, I love your art! You are very talented.
  20. This is actually super not creative. My real name is Meghan. All my friends call me a "nutty" person 'cause I will do any crazy dare thrown my way. I have 2 siblings. That equals nuttymeg3. tada!
  21. Zara threw Kayleth a withering look before responding. "Do you really think Junkpack could ever come here? We would destroy them in two shakes of a mouse tail,"Zara said confidently. She still had questions about the dog's loyalty, but she decided to keep them to herself for now. Zara continued pacing for a few silent moments. "Don't you feel like we should be doing something?" she asked abruptly. "Let's go for a hunt," Zara said assertively. She was Beta after all. ((Wait. What position are you in Shadowpack, Aryxon? I have forgotten. ))
  22. Zara turned and gave Kayleth one of her rare smiles. She had actually come to somewhat like the dog, something that never happened. Too bad that she couldn't trust the dog's loyalty at all. "Sorry, no. I believe she may be out with Boss." Zara paused and then continued. "I saw your kill earlier. I just have one question for you. Why did you disguise the scent? You and that flea-bitten mutt both stink of cat." Zara watched Kayleth for any reaction to her question.
  23. Zara paced furiously around camp. She hated standing idle while others did the the work. It was all part of the plan though. It had been a shock when Frost's mate returned. She had thought him dead for many years. He would certainly be a deadly asset when fighting Junkpack. Zara continued pacing, waiting for the others to return.
  24. Thanks a bunch! It is now in my signature.