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  1. Ooh! I can't wait to see how it works out with the cave blockers. I'm also very excited about Halloween *squeals* Thanks TJ!
  2. E.T.....In mah pants Australia....In mah pants I was just playing this game with my friends today!
  3. My hair is naturally a coppery dark blonde color. I did have it half purple last year, but I think I'm done dying it. I really like my natural color.
  4. I have a good one that I've tried before. Add food dye to soap dispensers. When people wash their hands they will be stained for days. >8D I did this at school once, and it was interesting to see who actually washed their hands.
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  6. Book Number: 9 Number Of Pages: 291 Book Title: Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes Author: Lisa Greenwald Summary: 3 best friends are stuck inside their apartment building during a blizzard on Valentine's Day. They make homemade fortune cookies, and pass them out in order to try to get to know people. Book Number: 10 Number Of Pages: 390 Book Title: Beauty Queens Author: Libba Bray Summary: A group of teenage beauty pageant contestants are stranded on a desert island. They have to learn to survive and get along without, *gasp* mascara! Rating: (optional) 4 Book Number: 11 Number Of Pages: 227 Book Title: Nothing Author: Janne Teller Summary: A group of 7th graders in France attempt to persaude a peer that life has meaning by making a pile of meaning. Each kid has to sacrifice beloved object. It starts out normal at first, but the sacrifices start to get morbid Book Number: 12 Number Of Pages: 360 Book Title: The Scorch Trials Author: James Dashner Summary: It is the sequel to The Maze. A group of kids have to cross an apocyliptic wasteland to receive a cure for a disease they have been infected with. Book Number: 13 Number Of Pages: 335 Book Title: Paranormalcy Author: Kierstan White Summary: Evie is a human who is part of an organization that tracks paranormal creatures. When she meets an unidentified paranormal, and people start getting killed, Evie realizes that she might not be as human as she thought. Rating: (optional) 5
  7. Catlover74 died because she choked on cake while climbing up stairs, and then she fell. The cake really is a lie!
  8. Granted, but computers exploded along with the rest of the world I wish that the world would never explode.
  9. Granted, but then the world exploded. I wish for a never-ending supply of cake that won't make me fat
  10. Book Number: 7 Number Of Pages: 144 Book Title: Lady Gaga Critical Mass Fashion Author: Lizzy Goodman Summary: A book that summarizes Lady Gaga's life, influences, and fashion choices. It has a lot of good pictures! Book Number: 8 Number Of Pages: 417 Book Title: Extras Author: Scott Westerfeld Summary: Aya Fuse lives in a world based on reputation economy. The more famous you are, the more privileges you have. Aya goes in search of a wild story to tell that will make her famous. Unfortunately, it also puts her in danger.
  11. Book Number: 6 Number Of Pages: 281 Book Title: The Ghost and the Goth Author: Stacey Kade Summary: Alona Dare was really popular (and mean) until she was hit by a bus and killed. She is stuck on earth as a ghost because of her unexpected and violent death. The only person that can interact with her is a Goth boy named Will who has always seen ghosts. Rating:5/5
  12. A: 7/10 cute! S: 4/10 eh... N: 10/10 I really like your name for some reason
  13. Book Number:4 Number Of Pages: 148 Book Title: The Worst Things in Life Are Also Free Author: Jim Benton Summery: Jamie Kelly and her friends embark on their quest to earn $300 before the summer is over, so they can go to an amusement park. As always there are hilarious twists and turns. Book Number: 5 Number Of Pages: 336 Book Title: Claire de Lune Author: Christine Johnson Summery: Claire finds out hat she is a werewolf on her 16th birthday, The rest of the world despises werewolves out of fear. Claire has to deal with a lot more than her fur when she falls in love with the top werewolf hunter's son.
  14. Yes!! I <3 The whole over/underpopulated thing. Thanks TJ!
  15. Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: 306 Book Title: Need Author: Carrie Jones Summery: Zara, the main character,moves to Maine after her stepfather dies. She discovers that she is being stalked by a creepy pixie king, and that the people in her new town are not all human. Rating:5/5
  16. Need: a 2nd gen red dorsal with a black marrow mother and red dorsal father to be a mate for this http://dragcave.net/lineage/OdIr Please PM me if you have one or can offer me an IOU! Thanks!
  17. Book Number:2 Number Of Pages:354 Book Title:Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) Author: Sarah Mlynowski Summery: This book is about a girl who lies to her father so she can move in with her friend. After that her life starts to become complicated with family and boyfriend troubles, new responsibilities, etc.
  18. Sign me up please! Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 440 Book Title: I am Number Four Author: Pittacus Lore Summary: A group of aliens has come to Earth after their planet, Lorien, was destroyed. They have special powers and can only be killed in order. The aliens that destroyed their planet are on Earth hunting them down. The main character is next on the line to be killed. Rating: 4/5 Review: It was a pretty good book. There was a lot of action and suspense that kept it interesting. My only problem was that the main character had far to many near death experiences which he rebounded from.