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  1. I love this thread and seeing all of your beautiful faces! I have been reading through it for an hour, and it is great to see people celebrating both inner and outer beauty. Everyone's supportive reactions gave me the confidence to post.


    Here is a picture of me dressed as a vampire when I threw together a last minute Halloween costume.


    user posted image


    And here is me on a normal day taking a selfie with a nice cup of tea. smile.gif


    user posted image

  2. @nuttymeg3 : That is a bad luck. ohmy.gif Last time my friend lost her 2G, she renamed the parents and the egg was safely returned.

    Ooh that is a good idea, I'll give that a try!


    If it doesn't work I can't be too upset though. It was totally my fault that I didn't check to see if I was locked before I bred.

  3. I just went onto the trading thread and was like blink.gif when I saw all the trading posts about eggs I'd never seen before. I definitely wasn't expecting a release this weekend!


    Anyways, I'm locked currently so I'll grab the crystal ones later but I'm very grateful to everyone who figured out the hourly rotation so I won't grab too many of one color. Also, thanks to TJ and the spriters for this fun release! The hatchie sprites of the "faint markings" ones are lovely. Happy hunting everyone!