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  1. Woohoo! After a couple hours of trying, I finally managed to catch a moon one. I didn't realize there was a new release until just a little while ago, I wish I hadn't picked up so many eggs for my breeding project. I kept wondering why the site was going all glitchy . Now I know.
  2. I used to play a long time ago, and then forgot the password to my old account. I started a new account, played for a little while, took a break, and just recently came back. Mostly for a game I remembered, but kinda got sucked back in. OK, really the only reason I'm posting on here is that I just got a magma shoyru, which made me perhaps a little bit more excited than I should be. http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=hydrargyrum13
  3. I've named them based on the code a few times. Most of the time, it's just kind of a reference. For example, I have a CB terrae named Meishin (Japanese for superstition) because it has 13 in the code. The only one where I used the whole code is Zazdu Thuwed (code is ZaZdU).
  4. I joined not long after valentine's last year, so this halloween was my first DC holiday. Marrows were the first holiday dragons I ever caught, I think Skellorroth was about the first one. I love marrows so much, I hope to get a bunch more next year . (I'm not counting my vampires, since although they were originally a halloween dragon, they bite all year round).
  5. The first vine I ever picked up alted, although I actually think the normal vine looks better. The first black I ever bred alted, but I traded it before it hatched . Luckily, I got a lovely black egg as a request, and it alted! I was so excited. I'm so sad I missed alt sweetlings. They're one of my favorite sprites in the cave.
  6. Got my two. Very pretty eggs . I was amazed how quickly I got them after shadow walker hunting on Halloween. I was having trouble loading pages (it would say it was done, but only showed a blank white page) right as the event started. I wonder if people were having trouble loading the page right when the problem cleared up. Literally the first two eggs I clicked on . And I'm fogging them for the night, because I'm paranoid. *Hides precious eggies behind guardians*
  7. Snow angels: Snow Miser (to be paired with a vine named Heat Miser) Winter Spirit Ribbon dancers: Celestial Poinsettia Saint Nicole Yulebuck: Christmas Nightmare (one still to be named) Yay for extra spaces, which let me get the names I want .
  8. I was hoping for a full gold set, but the gold sphere helped to get sort of the effect I wanted. http://dragcave.net/wreath/hydrargyrum
  9. I was bored waiting for cave to clear (looking for CB daydream, not something rare), and decided to poke around the AP. I found this beauty. Although there were a few things I was really looking for in particular and I'm out of space, I just couldn't bring myself to throw this one back.
  10. First name: CB purple (or a CB mint for the short version, although it's male) Username: 2nd gen female silver I've known for a long time that someone snagged my username, but I only just recently learned how to look up dragons by name . O.o What the? I just checked the CB purple with my first name... it's male. The long version of my first name isn't exactly unisex... (Short version is, so I wasn't surprised about the mint).
  11. I had heard about the no refusals thing, and I thought that applied to all no egg messages. I made several trades for Christmas IOUs, and thought as long as the person is trustworthy I had nothing to worry about. I would be so upset to find out I have to wait another year to try again. Because you only get 2, I wanted specific ones. I can catch off the AP, but the likelihood that I could catch exactly what I wanted, or even something nice enough to trade for them, is pretty low. So yeah, I fully support all holiday dragons producing at least one offspring. Since the breeder only has control over one egg, it doesn't need to be guaranteed to get a multi-clutch, although it would be great for hollies.
  12. I just remembered that I had fairly recently traded a bred black egg (the only black I've yet bred), and hadn't seen the hatchling, so I went to check on it. Yeah. It's an alt. Maybe "stupid" isn't the best descriptor, but I still regret that I traded it. Edit: Just remembered another stupid trade. I bred my first ever metallic silver egg, but it was long and inbred (not because of me), so not really desired. I finally found a trade that I at least considered acceptable, although the account seemed... off. The only adult on the scroll was a magi. I figured, eh, I shouldn't be so paranoid, and this is about the only offer I've gotten, I'll trade anyways. Once the egg hatched, my suspicions were confirmed. It was just a dummy account used to hatch more eggs. It's not that I feel like whoever it was is the worst person ever, I just feel bad that I let them get my rare egg.
  13. Megan Whalen Turner, author of the series of books beginning with The Thief. I saw another vote for her; it made me glee . Also love Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus Trilogy. I see a lot of votes for Terry Pratchett. I read Good Omens, which was co-authored by him and Neil Gaiman, and quite enjoyed it. Perhaps I should read more of his work. Once I finish the Foundations Trilogy. It's not really my cup of tea, so it's been harder than usual to get into it.
  14. I love reading, I'll have to pick just a few of my favorites... The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner (and the rest of the books in that series <3) The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud The Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld I could go on, there are a lot of books I've really enjoyed, and should read again. I'm reading the Foundations Trilogy now, but it hasn't really grabbed me the way some others have. I see a vote for Incarceron, that's another book on my "to read" list; I may have to move it up a spot or two.
  15. by Movits! I can't understand a single word, but it doesn't make it any less awesome. by Caro Emerald. I love almost all of her songs, but this is my favorite.
  16. I have a couple of nice reds I got of the AP. I caught this beauty not too long ago, which makes a wonderful partner for my second gen gold. Back when I first joined the site, I only cared about breed, not lineage, and usually picked up my eggs from the AP. Once I started realizing that the lineage can make a nice dragon so much better, I was going through the dragons I already had, and discovered one of the first reds I had found was 4th even gen PB. Like so.
  17. I just bred my first silver from a shadow walker. It does seem like they do well with holiday pairings. This was probably not even my 5th attempt breeding this dragon, and only about my 2nd with this pairing. Didn't even use fertility, but I kinda think that BSA might be completely useless.
  18. Although I could see how that might be helpful in some circumstances, if it is implemented at all it should be an additional option when teleporting, not automatic. Sometimes people have a dragon that they kind of like, but might want to trade for something better. They offer, and set up a trade link so they don't have to deal with PMs, but they still want the dragon to get views since they might decide to keep it. Definitely need to fix the glitch that prevents a dragon in a trade from showing as sick, but not all dragons in trades should be treated as essentially fogged. If you're that worried about it, just don't add it to any sites/take it out of any it's on. That's what I do for an egg I know I'm going to trade or give away.
  19. Except for really nice patterns, I actually don't like even gens very much. I saw an interesting lineage on the AP (didn't catch it), and it gave me a really neat idea for a lineage project. I'm still working on it, but it's coming along well. I actually like messy lineages, as long as they're fairly short (less than like 6th or 7th gen) and not inbred. I don't know why, but they just seem more interesting sometimes.
  20. There are a lot of really cute ones! Hmm... S1: ember S2: shadow walker Overall, I'd have to go with shadow walker. I actually froze one of the hatchlings, cause they're just too cute. Any I get next year are getting frozen. I actually like the S2 sprite more than the adult. And despite what the description says, marrows are adorable.
  21. I have made several IOUs. I would usually be more than happy to take one as well, but it has never really come up. Urgh, I'm still working on the first IOU I ever made. I promised a bronze tinsel for a CB ice egg. She was the first tinsel I ever got. Since that time, I have acquired 3 silver tinsels, all of which have given me at least one tinsel egg. The bronze has not only never given me a tinsel egg, she hasn't even given a tinsel fail. I don't know what her problem is.
  22. A daydream (unnamed), shallow water (Isshinu), electric (Kaytsak), and a dorkface ember (Ngauruhoe).
  23. Only tried with adults this year, I started killing early to make sure I had all five. Only one turned. :/ At least it was one of the parents of one of my vampires . Also-I got a really neat name for him-Devin Soulstealer, an undead character in a webcomic I read.
  24. Found this red on the AP a long time ago, when I first started. It was my first red, and I didn't care much about lineage then. Not that many repeated dragons (haven't checked the number), but his father is his grandfather is his greatgrandfather. Good grief.
  25. This lovely second-gen Ridgewing I continued the lineage with a CB green nebula, I think it looks so pretty. And this amazing Vine