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  1. I'm glad you like it I'd be happy to breed you a sibling sometime, just remind me what gen and color you need. I'm finally getting close to the full 12 generations; the first 10th gen is about to grow up!
  2. I'm loving all the low-time eggs in the AP, but now I've got myself hatchie-locked . While hunting for CB commons, I found this adorable whiptail and this pretty moonstone who was already a hatchling when I grabbed her.
  3. This. This so much. Why is your idea of responsibility to bring a child into the world that the woman may not be able to properly provide for or would be unable to develop the appropriate connection with? Having a baby doesn't magically make a woman into a good mother-if she is, in your mind, irresponsible enough to get pregnant when she doesn't want to be, why would you trust her with a completely dependent human life? Getting an abortion is admitting you (general you) made a mistake, and that you know you can't properly care for a baby. Having a child you know you can't care for is far more irresponsible.
  4. A fetus is not sentient, we know this for a fact. It can become sentient, but the potential to be and being are two different things. I don't believe that a fetus is equivalent to a person, therefore I very, very strongly believe that a woman should not be forced to give up her right to control what happens to her own body just because of a clump of cells that's not human yet, and she doesn't sacrifice that right just because she did something you don't agree with. I also think you missed a point I made earlier-there ARE people who say they wish they had been aborted. Not everyone is happier alive. Once again, just because you're glad you're alive doesn't mean everyone feels the same way. I'm very glad I'm alive, but I really wouldn't be terribly sad if I had been aborted-I wouldn't be anything.
  5. Alive and a person are two very different things, though. Are you vegetarian? Would you take antibiotics? Would you squish a spider or bug in your home? Hell, even vegetables are alive. Just as alive as people. My point is that it's not life that really matters, it's sentience. A fetus is not sentient. If you believe a soul is granted at conception, that's different, but shouldn't be made law, because not everyone believes that. Also, I'll wait for others to pull up the statistics that have been mentioned on this board before, but many children left in the foster system attempt suicide and there are quite a few people who wish they had been aborted. Life isn't always the choice the child would make. I'm not saying every child born to a mother considering abortion is better off dead, but they're also not all better off alive. I don't disagree with what you're saying. However, just like you can't know how you would feel until it happens, you can NEVER know how someone else feels. No two people have the same reaction to the same set of circumstances. Just because you feel one way doesn't mean that that's how everyone feels, therefore you can't make a universal decision for people. Wanted to add, since you were worried about angry replies, that I hope I'm not coming off as angry, as I certainly don't intend to. I just enjoy debating my points!
  6. The thing about legislation is that it's not just about what you would do. I understand that you don't know how you would act in such a situation-no one really does until it happens-but just because you would make one decision, does that mean that someone else shouldn't be able to make the other decision? I suppose I should ask-are you just personally against abortion (wouldn't get one yourself) or do you think they should be banned?
  7. If the reason you're against abortion is because you consider a fetus a person, then the circumstances of how the fetus was formed shouldn't matter. If a woman is raped it doesn't make her fetus less of a baby than if she had consensual sex. When you say that "well, you had sex, now you have to deal with the consequences" it's more -shaming than about the child. Also, I agree with an opinion that's been voiced in this thread before-abortion IS taking responsibility. It's admitting that you can't give the child the life it deserves. Anti-abortion legislation isn't justified just because people think women shouldn't have sex for any reason other than reproduction. We can't legislate morals.
  8. But the argument isn't at all about whether or not to do something illegal, it's about CHANGING THE LAW. Things that are illegal can be made legal and vice versa. Nothing is set completely in stone. Everyone is arguing about whether abortion should be legal or not, not whether people should ignore the law to get one when it is illegal. The argument is absolutely not moot, you've just completely missed the point of it. Also, why shouldn't people "*" about their rights? Why should people just suffer silently because the law/government/majority says they don't matter as much? Should we really just accept injustice because that's what the law says now?
  9. Can you draw a line separating black from white in this image? If there's no line to be drawn, does that mean that you can't tell white apart from black? Just because something's a spectrum, doesn't mean we can't tell the endpoints apart. We can say "this is clearly white" and "this is clearly black" even if there's no specific line dividing the two. By your argument, all age based laws are entirely pointless. Is there a defining moment on someone's 21st birthday where they suddenly gain the ability to handle alcohol better than they could last night? If not, does that mean no one should ever be allowed to drink, because there's no magic moment where a clear line should be drawn? By that logic, a 5 year old and a 50 year old should be treated exactly the same, because the transition is imperceptibly slow, but I certainly wouldn't trust a 5 year old behind the wheel of a car nor do I think they should be able to purchase alcohol.
  10. You’re just drawing the line at conception. An unfertilized egg is capable of becoming human, and it’s possible that a fetus won’t become a person even without abortion, so the distinction isn’t as absolute as you imply it is. An unfertilized human egg is also not going to become a cat. I don’t think we need to be able to pick out the exact moment when abortion is no longer OK in order to have some abortions be OK. Just because there’s a lot of shades of gray doesn’t mean there isn’t black and white at the beginning and end. I don’t think it’s fair to say “well, we can’t draw an exact line of when a fetus becomes a baby, but conception is a clear line, so let’s just call it there”. I like the analogy of day and night: just because we can’t name a precise moment when day becomes night, that doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of distinguishing the two. We don’t need to say that the moment it starts getting a little bit darker is night time “just to be on the safe side”. And just because scientists agree it’s alive, that doesn’t really mean much. Bacteria are alive. So are the plants and animals we eat. Alive =/= a person. To be murder, it must be a person. Just because it’s capable of becoming a person, doesn’t necessarily mean it is one yet.
  11. Don't worry about the smell, valentine, I would never poison you! Don't you trust me? Gone! Who got my little toxic baby?
  12. Please be my valentine? Gone! Hopefully I get a response this time Thank you Ninetails!
  13. My heart burns for you, valentine! Gone!
  14. Rose are red, violets are blue Two colors are boring, here's a rainbow for you! Gone!
  15. I'm looking for someone who is interested in a high-gen checker Valentine. I want to make sure this daydream's sister goes to someone who loves higher gens and wants to build a mate for her. I've got a few other dragons I'd be happy to breed as well: 2 CB heart seekers (will be paired with CB GWs), 3rd gen rosebud from moonstone, and a 3rd gen rosebud from shadow walker. Please PM if interested!
  16. I've got 2 of all the breeds, but I'm going to be releasing a couple to get lineages I like better. This will be my 2nd Valentines event, so heart seekers are my only CBs so far (although CB rosebuds were released right around the time I joined; I didn't realize it was my only chance to get them, and thought they looked too pink and flowery then). Unless I get special requests, I'll probably pair both of my heart seekers with gold wyverns; it's such a lovely combination . If anyone is looking for a pretty 09 Valentine, I'm looking for a home for this daydream's sister. I want to find an owner who is interested in building a pretty mate for her. I'm hoping to find a 3rd gen sweetling from a black checker (preferably no alts), but I worry that it's unique enough of a lineage that it won't be really easy to track down. If you can breed a lineage like this (or know someone who can) or you'd be interested in the 5th gen Valentine from daydreams, don't hesitate to send me a PM!
  17. Using your own example: there's a lake with potentially thin ice (you don't know the thickness). A woman has gone out onto the surface, and is scared or otherwise unable to come back on her own. Would you gamble on thin ice to go out and rescue her? Or is it her fault for getting herself into that situation in the first place, and she should just suck it up and deal with it? (What if she was pushed?) The problem with treating a fetus as a potential human life just because "we don't know" is that you're completely ignoring the mother. Is her safety/mental well-being/economic situation worth less than the life of something that might (or, more importantly, might not) be a person? If you honestly believe it's a person, then that's where the true argument is, and I'm not saying that you shouldn't believe that. But saying it's a human, and should be given the same rights as a human, is absolutely not erring on the side of caution. I believe that until it can be proven that a fetus has some form of "soul", the mother's rights are more important than the life of the fetus. Would you gamble human rights for something that might not be a human life?
  18. You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it! The fancy nebula is also one of mine, I'm glad it also went to a good home!
  19. Colbert's response to Mourdock's comment; I hope they do follow his advice. (Warning for some slightly graphic speech.) Apology to those not in the US, as I don't know any video link other than the one on his website. http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-r...-s-rape-comment
  20. After several months of trying to breed the mother, I finally finished my epic lineage project! And they gave me an egg on the first attempt! Isn't it so pretty?
  21. It's actually a perfectly ordinary lumina. Luminas are obsessed with being clean, so when they get something slimy on them, they pick all their scales off (for example, when bred with waterhorses or turpentines). In 24 hours, she'll be back to normal.
  22. First of all, there are several people who, on this very chat, have literally said "I wish my mother had been brave enough to abort me" so life is not always preferable to non-existence. True, it's impossible to tell which will happen in the future of an unborn child, but I don't think always erring on the side of life is the right solution. Just like a life once taken cannot be given back, it's also true that a life once given cannot be taken away. (Wishing you were aborted is completely different from wishing yourself dead.) A fetus doesn't want life nor can it fear death, because it cannot understand those concepts. A child can, so comparing abortion to euthanizing children is ridiculous. Second, you act like abortion being better than life is one of the primary reasons people get abortions. I really don't think it is. I believe in choice because I believe that a fully grown, conscious woman has more of a right to health and happiness than a fetus does to life or potential happiness. While I do believe that making the child suffer by being born to a mother who doesn't want it is cruel to the child, it's also cruel to the mother.
  23. Yay! One of my babies! I'm glad you like it. That's only half the lineage; if you would like, I'd be happy to try to breed a sibling to this lovely lady for you as a mate.