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  1. The way I see it, our brain knows what our body is supposed to look like. It knows that we have 2 arms, 2 legs, a head, etc. When people lose a limb in an accident, they often still feel sensations in the missing appendage, because even though they KNOW it's gone, the brain still thinks that it should be there, because the internal map hasn't changed. Gender is nothing more than the brain's map of what the "plumbing" should be. I also like to think of it as the sex you would be in the matrix . Gender says nothing about masculine or feminine; that's gender roles. And I don't think that saying gender exists means that it's limited, just like saying gay and straight exists doesn't limit orientation to those 2 exclusive options. And I agree with Shienvien-I think you might be agender (you said yourself you don't consider yourself cis or trans). As someone who does consider myself female, I definitely believe gender exists. I'm not feminine, so you can't really argue that it's just my gender role, and it's more than just the fact that I have the parts; it's deeper than that. I can't explain why it feels right, it just does.
  2. Woah. As a cis-gendered female, I should be in exactly the category you're talking about. But even I realize that in most cases, "WBW" as you call them face WAY less oppression than any trans* person. The current gender roles oppress anyone who doesn't fit into the stereotypes. Saying that only "WBW" (which I really don't particularly like this term, since it sort of implies that only cis-women are real women, and are "better" than trans-women) matter in the fight for equality is ridiculous. Is a man who dreams of nothing more than being a father, but is ridiculed as being a wimp or not good enough for a real job not important? LISTEN to the other people posting. Yes, maybe there are some trans* people who agree with you, but that doesn't mean that you're automatically right. There are also women who think that women belong in the kitchen. There will always be some people in the oppressed group who still believe oppression is OK; just because they're the ones you're fighting for doesn't mean they're always right. Gender is very real. I am very definitely a woman. But I don't want it to define my life choices. Feminism isn't about abolishing gender, it's about not being defined by it.
  3. Going off a minor point of TikindiDragon's post, I hate what's happened to the word feminist. I guess it happens to any large group, that they're known more for the loud, hateful minority than the intelligent, rational majority, but I still hate it. I know that there are "feminists" who are actually trans-phobic misandrists, but it seems like it's becoming more and more common that people think that the majority of feminists are like this. I've heard of many people saying that their friends don't want to be called feminists or don't think they are feminists because they think that it would mean they hate men or that they would be put down by others who assume they hate men. I'm not sure how I feel about the words feminine and masculine. Obviously, they're not going away anytime soon. But I think that to some extent, they do imply "this is normal for girls" and "this is normal for boys". I get that some see it as simply a set of traits that need a way to be described, and that they have no relevance to gender. However, I think they do relate to gender, and if our society were truly equal, we would have other ways of describing those traits. As long as we have an idea of "this is feminine" and "this is masculine", there will be different expectations of men and women, and possibly discrimination for anyone who doesn't fit into these stereotypes (or possibly even discrimination for fitting into these stereotypes too well).
  4. I think the big difference is in how gender is defined. To me, gender is sort of your mental sex, and is NOT femininity vs masculinity (which I would define as gender roles). Gender roles are completely defined by society, but I think gender itself exists absolutely, and the two terms should not be used interchangeably; they are two different concepts. I think it's really hard for a cis person to understand what it's like to be trans, because when everything just feels right it's impossible to imagine how it could feel wrong. It's easy to wrongly think that (as a cis person) our bodies feel correct because it's our body, and not for the actual reason that our body and our mind just happened to be wired the same. I think that saying that a trans* person is just someone who doesn't like their gender role (as assigned by their physical sex) is ridiculous. Although I could never fully understand what a trans* person feels like, I can to some extent imagine that having a body that's different from what my mind said it should be would feel very wrong, whether or not society had any different expectations of me based on this wrong body.
  5. I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I think all pro-lifers/pro-birthers are that irrational; I'm sure many of them are intelligent people who just don't know all the facts yet. But the politicians who are pushing this BS are the ones I'm talking about. After some of the they've said, I think it's pretty obvious that they will never see reason.
  6. ... Those would be very logical arguments, except you're arguing with people who believe things like that women's bodies can shut down the reproductive process in the case of "legitimate" rape and that rape kits can clean a woman out before she gets pregnant . Real logic and concrete facts have no place with these people; they just deny whatever facts are inconvenient to their cause. I think they really believe that if they outlaw abortions, then suddenly every pregnant woman will realize how much she really loves her unborn baby, and they'll magically earn enough money to be financially secure, and everyone will just be such a happy family. They deny that women seriously injure (or even kill) themselves trying to get illegal abortions or that planned parenthood does anything besides abortions, and no amount of facts can dig them out of their "all women are mentally equipped to be good mothers" fairy tale.
  7. ... why shouldn't they? Will the world implode if they do? What if those things make them happy? Just because YOU think something is "wrong" or "weird" doesn't mean it is. People should do what makes them happy, and to think that people have to fit into defined gender roles is stupid and outdated. I can barely believe that some people actually still think teaching gender roles is in any way, shape, or form a good idea. It's one of the most idiotic things I've ever heard. People are people, and shouldn't be expected to conform to such outdated stereotypes. Ugh. It's bad enough with all the societal pressure there already is, but to say "this is how things are supposed to be" is ridiculous.
  8. Just finished my 7th gen quote lineage http://dragcave.net/lineage/Adkpk
  9. My inbred lineage is up to 11th gen now! Just bred this egg.
  10. Classical: not sure. Probably water Periodic table: umm... *glances at username* (Latin name for mercury/why it's abbreviated to Hg on the table). You could say I'm a pretty big fan
  11. Woohoo! I just painted my first pet! Even if this thread is a bit dead, I couldn't resist bragging somewhere http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Nebula108 Isn't he lovely Edit: feel free to add me, if you want! I don't bite, I promise! Jade might insult you, though...
  12. Hunting for CB grays for a lineage I'm planning, found this shimmer-kin instead
  13. They look gorgeous with male GWs: lineage. (I'll get around to naming her eventually ). Although, when I started playing around in paint to look at a checker, I think they need a bit of orange to really make the perfect lineage. Now the question is how to adapt a checker to 3 or 4 breeds . Of the others posted, I really love the pairing with a female ember.
  14. Unfortunately, they seem to all be living in fantasy land. A magical place where once you force a woman to give birth, she will become a perfect and loving mother, realize how special it is to have a child, no one ever loses their livelihood because of an unwanted pregnancy, and women only seek abortions because they're legal. Also where women's bodies can protect themselves from rape.
  15. I bred my first ever 2nd gen silver yesterday Of course, it was from my new CB silver who's less than a month old. My other CB silver, who's approaching his first birthday, has yet to be so helpful .