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  1. Forum name: Hydrargyrum PM link: PM me! List of Valetines I Can Breed: -CB heartseeker, arsani, radiant angel, heartstealing, mutamore -Click here for my list of checkers List of Valentine's I need: -3rd gen heart stealing/golden wyvern bloodswap -Mutamore swaps (especially from shadow walker, must have nice names) -Kind of a long shot, but I can breed a 6th gen Heart seeker/golden wyvern checker, and I would love a swap (lineage) -Other interesting checkers, especially lineages where I can bloodswap! -Good homes! Most of my non-caveborns I will breed for free!
  2. Forum name: Hydrargyrum PM link: PM List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: -CB winter magi x2 -CB wrapping wing x1 -CB solstice x2 -CB mistletoe x2 -CB pacified aegis/CB enraged aegis (will not change forms) Until I find trades for all the aegis I want, I will ONLY trade an aegis for another aegis -I have a lot of checkers, see my full list here If there's 3rd gen or higher checker you're interested in, I might be willing to breed for free, so ask if you see one you really like! List of Christmas Dragons I need: In general, if I can bloodswap for it, I'm probably interested. -Aegis: 2nd gen from the following Terrae/pacified GW/pacified GW/enraged -Mistletoe: twisted/alternating checkers/"misgendered" lineages! I will trade for almost any 3rd gen like this, and I can offer swaps for Silver Lunar Herald, Chrono Xenowyrm, or Striped River (which are also my favorites) -Solstice: 4th gen blue wing/GW checker swap Nhiostrife checker (preferably 3rd gen) I like solstices, so I'm interested in any checker swap I can breed, especially sunsong -Snow Angel 2nd gen from radiant angel/tri-color SA I'm also interested in most tri-color SA checkers with christmas-colored dragons (red, green, gold, maybe white; not the breeds with those names specifically, just any breeds those colors)
  3. Requester's Form Forum name: Hydrargyrum PM link: PM Egg wanted and special wishes: 2nd gen gaia xenowyrm from rosebud and gaia, both parents named please Secret field: No holiday requests The last one I got refused so I'm requesting again
  4. I've got some extra of several of the fortune cookie items, which I'm happy to give away-this is off the top of my head, so it might be an imperfect list, but I think these are my duplicates: goal pole, coin, super star, hero's cap, blue falcon, and varia suit pants. Let me know if I can come to your town to drop them off! Also, I'm still trying to figure out the QR code thing, but I'm having a lot of fun designing clothes, and thought I'd share some of them with you. Back Left sleeve Right sleeve Back Left sleeve Right sleeve
  5. Forum and scroll name: Hydrargyrum PM me Valentines I have: CB Heartseeker, arsani, and radiant angel (both my heartstealers are claimed) List of checkers (see next tab for male valentines) Valentines I want: 2nd gen radiant angel from caligene 2nd gen heartseeker from mageia xenowyrm 2nd gen heartsealers from the following: blue lunar herald, falconiform, and striped river Note: I am happy to gift any of my checkers, no need for a trade!
  6. I just started playing New Leaf recently, and loving it! I've played most of the others, too . Is anyone else collecting the fortune cookie items? I'm really hoping to find some more of the Zelda ones (especially Midna's mask <3)! I have quite a few Mario ones if people want to trade.
  7. Bred a mate I needed for Christmas.... without checking to make sure I had space >.< Hopefully whoever finds it will be kind enough to return it to me. Just... ugh. I knew I was waiting for an egg to hatch, but when they finally came off cooldown, I got so excited I forgot to think.
  8. Is there some form of "lost egg" thread? I accidentally bred while egg-locked, and I'd like to ask for any one who can to keep an eye out for it.
  9. Forum name: Hydrargyrum PM link: PM List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: CB dragons: Mistletoe, Solstice, Wrapping Wing (only one), and Winter Magi Spreadsheet of all my Christmas dragons (mostly checkers with common): Female dragons Male dragons Note: I have tri-colored snow angels List of Christmas Dragons I need: -Yulebuck/BBW, preferably 3rd-4th gen -Swaps, especially for my checkers, but 2nd gen swaps are good, too --I'm especially interested in a swap for a 3rd gen blue-winged solstice/GW (offspring of http://dragcave.net/lineage/W7ujA) -I'm willing to gift pretty much any of my checkers! If you see a pairing you really like, don't worry about finding a trade
  10. I just found a new word! Cupiosexual, which means that one doesn't experience sexual attraction, but desires a sexual relationship. Which sounds a lot like me. I'm still trying to figure out whether or not I experience sexual attraction-it's really hard when there's nothing compare it to. I desire sexual relationships and I experience aesthetic attraction, but I'm not sure if that's sexual attraction or not.
  11. I've just recently realized that I also only experience aesthetic attraction. For me, sexual arousal is not at all linked to sexual attraction (since I don't really experience attraction). I find, for me personally, that arousal is mostly linked to touch (and also sometimes imagining.... scenarios). Because I experience aesthetic attraction and arousal, it took me a really long time to figure out that they weren't really linked, I just assumed that it was sexual attraction. I've definitely made the comparison that looking at attractive people for me is pretty similar to a nice landscape or piece of artwork. Like, I want to keep looking, but I don't feel turned on or a particular interest in getting in bed with that person.
  12. I think I figured out more of why "go gay for someone" bothers me. It's really not about the phrase itself, but more that it's a symptom of a larger problem (bi-erasure). Basically, we have a culture that thinks like this: Everyone's straight. Unless you're gay. Oh yeah, I guess there are a couple other options, but I don't remember what they are. To me, the phrase "go gay" kind of sounds like they think gay is the only other option besides straight. So it's not a terrible phrase, nor is it doing specific harm itself. But it's just one tiny, subtle way that we remind people that straight and gay are the primary options, and bi and pan are just occasional afterthoughts.
  13. I don't think that's the point being made. The reason trans people don't like the term same-sex marriage is because it's labeling their marriage based on their sex assigned at birth-it's preferring their genital arrangement to their feelings. A trans woman in a relationship with a cis woman would be a same-gender relationship, but many would not consider it a same-sex relationship. I think that's the point being made, right? I'm kind of confused by this. You literally, right there, just made a distinction between interracial marriage and same-race marriage. It was crucial to the point you made of how marriage has changed over time, and how we've become at least a little more accepting of people. I'm not trying to say "these are two different kinds of marriage", I'm saying it's important to have labels so we can talk about these things. Even though same-gender marriage is technically legal, we still have people finding loopholes to avoid giving marriage licenses. This is a very real thing that is still happening. And being able to talk about it is important to solving the problems, and labels make it easier to talk about. Saying "it's all just marriage" ignores that these problems are still ongoing.
  14. Maybe same-gender marriage? It seems like most other terms have some kind of problem or other. Same-sex marriage ignores trans people (although I imagine that the legality of straight trans people is often complicated because of their assigned sex, which makes their marriage appear same-sex in certain legal senses). However, gay marriage isn't that much of an improvement, since many bi and pan people feel excluded by that term. They aren't gay, but may be in same-gender relationships. And just calling it "marriage" ignores the fact that it does have unique characteristics from other marriages-particularly that it is only recently legal in all states in the US and the specific ways that people discriminate against those marriages. Yes, it IS just marriage, but people in such marriages face unique oppression than those in opposite-gender marriages. Saying "marriage became legal in the entire US on the 26th" doesn't make sense; it needs a qualifier.
  15. To me, gay or homosexual very strongly implies (if not outright states) no (or very little) attraction to the other gender. If a straight person says they'd "go gay" for someone, does that mean they would lose attraction to 99% of the people they found attractive before? If a person who mostly finds people of the other gender attractive then finds one person of the same gender attractive, I would say that, at least in that moment, they find people of both genders attractive. You don't have to be literally staring at two people of different genders at the same time and finding them both attractive to be bisexual. The idea that one attractive person of the same gender would make you completely forget about being attracted to the other gender is a little ridiculous. Also, I should point out, I don't necessarily think that it's wrong for an individual who is at least occasionally attracted to more than one gender to call themselves gay or straight depending on who they're with or currently attracted to. My problem is more with the cultural assumption that you have to be one or the other, which the common acceptance of the phrase "go gay for someone" kind of implies.
  16. It bothers me a little, too. On the one hand, I think it's totally fine to identify as straight even if you do experience occasional attraction to the same gender. Experiencing attraction to multiple genders does not mean you have to identify as bi or pan, if it's not what feels right to you. However, you wouldn't "go gay". You'd "go bi", or something similar. Even if you met one of your exceptions, it doesn't negate your previous attractions. The way it's phrased... kind of reminds me of how people tell self-identified bi people that they're straight if they're in a relationship with someone of the other gender, or gay if they're the same gender, rather than acknowledging that they're bi all the time. Basically, the assumption that you can still be straight with such an experience is fine, but the notion that you'd make the full leap all the way across the spectrum to gay is ridiculous. It seems like bi-erasure, since it only acknowledges straight and gay as options.
  17. Thanks Sock! The more I think about it, the more comfortable I get with the label, and realize that it does fit me. Now for the more complicated part of figuring out the allosexual part of my orientation . (I'm somewhere between heteroflexible and pansexual, but figuring out where is not very clear).
  18. I'm starting to wonder if gray-asexual might describe me, but I'm not really sure. I don't really go through periods with different attractions levels, it's pretty consistent. Generally, I would say that I find some people aesthetically pleasing... but I've never felt turned on just by looking at or being around attractive people. I do enjoy sex, but it takes some mental energy to get in the mood and I'm generally turned on by touch more than just being attracted to my partner, if that makes sense. Because I do prefer my relationships to include sex, I hadn't thought much about the possibility that I might not be completely allosexual. Does that sound like it might be gray-a? I feel a little weird about asking about this, since I am in a heterosexual relationship and this is kind of ...theoretical for me? I feel like my orientation identity won't have any practical effect on my life, and I don't want to step into spaces that aren't for me, since I would say I have straight privilege.
  19. 1. How about an introduction; what's your forum name? Hydrargyrum; the Latin name for the element mercury. 2. What's your favorite number? 13 3. How many 2nd gen Prizes do you have? None 4. What do you plan on doing with the egg, should you win? Probably influence for a spiral line. Then breed for friends and trading. 5. Name a word that's really fun to say out loud. Defenestrate
  20. I'm pretty sure that the two most common reasons for late term abortions are health of the pregnant person or a previously undetectable birth defect in the fetus. In either of these cases, it is just plain CRUEL to force them to watch an abortion and otherwise try to traumatize them out of an abortion. These are usually very much wanted pregnancies that are devastating to lose-but there's no other viable choice. Other than that, a lot of restrictions in the US (where I live, so I don't know much about other places) make it hard for people in certain areas or people who don't have enough money to get an early abortion-they have to wait to save funds and/or travel, and so end up pushing it later than they really want. If you want fewer late term abortions, make early term abortions easier to access. The people who just decide to get a late term abortion for no concrete reason are vanishingly rare. While I agree that it's not really a great thing, I think any restrictions placed on them will do more harm to the people who need them for health reasons than it will prevent unnecessary ones.
  21. I'm all for using neopronouns in the sense of gender-neutral (like xe/xir, or other alternatives), and I think using nounself pronouns as nicknames is all cool. I'm not really comfortable with the idea of nounself pronouns being treated as regular pronouns, though, and it doesn't entirely make sense to me. When we talk about animals (cats, dragons, etc) we still use the same pronouns-we refer to them by gender. So why would using the same pronouns we would use if you were physically not human be uncomfortable? I absolutely understand how using a pronoun that's not a person's gender makes them uncomfortable, and we shouldn't do that, but why does species have anything to do with it? We generally don't factor species into pronoun use at all (except that "it" is fine for an animal, but not humans). Unless this is not what's being argued? Is neopronoun being used in a broad sense (anything that's not he/she/them) or specifically referring to nounself pronouns?
  22. Ah, I'm very sorry if I came across as meaning I think all trans people transition. I know that there are plenty who don't! I'm just saying that there are ENOUGH trans people who transition that trying to describe trans people only by their gender as assigned at birth in medical contexts doesn't cover everything. (Enough, in this case, simply meaning a non-negligible percentage, not even necessarily a majority)
  23. I see the argument that sex is needed as a different characteristic from gender a lot, particularly in the medical sense.... but I feel like even that doesn't really cover it? While some trans people may still be very similar physically to cis people who were assigned the same gender at birth, many may take hormones. I've heard these can have a very significant effect-not only in hormones in the body (which can definitely affect medical issues) but even with things like bone structure (I've heard that over a decade or so, bones do reform over time). Basically, I think it is very likely that trans people have medical needs that are different from cis people even if they have the same parts. If a medical situation can't be bothered to get more information than "what parts do you have", then I don't think they're providing the necessary care. What parts someone has or was born with is hardly the only crucial information about a person, even in the strictly physical sense. What I see is that even if not all trans people agree (they're a big group of people, of course they don't all agree), the majority say that the idea of "biological sex" hurts them, and it doesn't seem to be a necessary concept to me.
  24. Requester Forum Name: Hydrargyrum What I Want: (prefer named ancestors, especially for 2nd gen) 2nd gen solstices from commons (can swap) 2nd gen wrapping wings from commons (can swap) 2nd gen ribbon dancer from lumina 3rd gen ribbon dancer/green nebula checker (can swap) 4th gen ribbon dancer/golden wyvern checker (can swap) 3rd gen tri-color snow angel/golden wyvern checker (can swap) What I Can Offer: Have CBs from winter magi on, as well as several nice checkers. Full list PM Link: PM Scroll Link http://dragcave.net/user/hydrargyrum
  25. Hmm, interesting and silly question for everyone... my partner and his other partner are planning their wedding. I have heard (and really like) the phrase "girl/boyfriend-in-law" to refer to a spouse's partner... but what would be the reciprocal, to refer to a partner's spouse? I know the technical/general term is metamour, which I like just fine, but I think partner-in-law is really cute, and I want a cute way to refer to my metamour.