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    I have 2 cats. One is mostly black with a few white patches on his nose, chest and feet. His name is Timmy and he is the fiesty one. And he is very fat. Chloe is calico with a hint of tabby in her fur. She is normally quiet but she catches most prey and we often find mice in our flowerbeds.
  2. I think that animals are very important, to me anyway, I've adopted some wild animals (example an Amur leopard) becuase of extinction. I do believe that we humans have caused this and we need to respect animals lives. What they do is different to us (ie a cat catching live prey) but we can't call that disgusting. Most animals would probably think of us as weird, and a threat becuase we are killing them and their families. There are only 35 amur leopards left. We are killing them for their fur and destroying their homes. Would you like your family murdered and your home torn down? no. Probably not. So why should we harm them? I know I'm being one sided but this is what I think. We are over-populating their world. Please dont kill me
  3. I used to collect keyrings, but now I collect gem stones