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    I do not take requests for 2nd gen shimmers because I don't know when or if I can fill them.

    Lotus is a stingy butt and known for long droughts (Notice that she produced not one shimmer in 2015). And I am known for long absences. I don't feel it's fair to take requests from someone and not be able to repay them, or have it be so long that I forget.


    [Lotus] aka - First Person Singular ("I") Stone
    Times Bred: I've lost count. x_x
    Last Bred: eh...

    Lotus Shimmers:
    4/9/2014 - Gifted
    5/5/2014 - Gifted
    7/21/2014 - Glomped

    (ZERO from 7/2014 until 4/2016. Drought: 1 year, 9 months, 4 days)

    4/25/2016 - Kept for myself
    5/6/2016 - Accidentally grew up before glomp >.<

    Fails: So... many.. fails...
    Refusals/no interest/no egg: a lot...

    Shimmerkin: A lot. I'll totally take requests for these and trade for lineage swaps or mates for my 2nd and 3rd gen holidays.

    Name: Lotus is taken and I froze when trying to think of a name. First Person Singular ("I") is what came up because I'd been binge-reading Terry Pratchett's "Long Earth" series. I've tried a hundred different variations to work Lotus in, but none of them feel... right. So she'll stay "I" for now.


    I try very hard to respond to all PM's. If I haven't responded, then it's because I fell off the face of the earth, not because I'm ignoring you. Don't hyperventilate, please. You'll just pass out. :)