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  1. yeah I play that too with some friends the board game is so awesome
  2. I like the books of Raymond E. Feist don't matter wich one, I like them all
  3. stairway to heaven, twilight, and indeed the golden compass liked the story, not the way the filmed it
  4. yeah, that song really gets stuck in your head mysterious ticking noise x] one of the best
  5. Thet are awesome!! i don't know the titles but I love the episode when they are making a song with their names Snape, snape, severus snape, DUMBLEDORE!
  6. my own house totally impossible since my paycheck is alsways just enough to pay my insurance
  7. I once had a dream that my mom made zombies from all my classmates. it was ooo weird and if I wanted to bring them back, i needed to throw water on them O_o don't know how I thought that up
  8. I was a fan of them a long time ago, before the dissapeared to america I don't hate them, but i'm not a fan either but I still like their old songs