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  1. any spots open?? if there is can i get a balloon dragon??
  2. I HAVE A REQUEST Username :PonyGurl Type of Graphic : ( avatar / banner / etc ) sig banner Dimensions / Size of Graphic : siggy size Subject(s) : ( who do you want featured on the graphic )uhhh male and female adult pillow dragons Color(s) : ( if you want to specify )i dunno yellow you can decide what looks best though Text : ( if any ) PonyGurl keyword = constructive!? thanks
  3. lol i would like to be named after a planet
  4. btw just wondering what is a splice?? i might think of getting one
  5. i sooo want one!!! *sits down to wait for next open space*
  6. thanks so much i love it like it is thanks
  7. PonyGurl

    Rubin's Art

    awesome. too bad i miseed the slot oh well * sits down to wait*
  8. hi could i please have one? could there be to horses like saphiredrragon73's but facing each other (rearing) and could they look like this. thankies
  9. Username:PonyGurl Base Number:1 (there is only 1 lol) Patterns:like a sunson dragon Colours:like a sunsong dragon - kinda pinky/purply and yellow Text:none thankies
  10. are the requests open yet?? i really want one!!
  11. Pokemon PLZ! Pokemon (Include specific generation, or I'll just pick one): Pikachu Color scheme: pink, purple, blue
  12. this is my first or second time at trying and i got a shallow or (depends on how you look at it ) here it is My Shallow!!! it doesnt have the best linage oh well.
  13. awesomeness lol i havnt been very good at this ... i was gonna breed these two (i know they have other breeds of dragons in them) my water dragon and my magi dragon but they are both females so that didnt work out. i only havde 1 male on my scroll and hes a winter ... hmmm EDIT: yay i finally got a male pink i is soooo happy
  14. OK thanks!! Also i will try the failbluna project too. (so i'll do both)
  15. woops sorry i meant terrae male hatchling Also : Username: Type of Order (Banner, Stamp, etc): Avatar Color Theme: Rainbow Effects: Sparkles (can u do dat?) Pictures/Sprites: different coloured stripe stage 2 hatchlings Size: ?? Writing: PonyGurl Thank you
  16. Hello could i please join the failshallow project ? my scroll and forum name are the same ( PonyGurl ) !!! i only have a water egg but i was going to try breed a shallow water dragon anyway lol
  17. Username: PonyGurl Type of Order (Banner, Stamp, etc): banner Color Theme: light green, green, cream Effects: ?? Pictures/Sprites: male hatchling Writing: PonyGurl Also can it look like the hellhound banner?
  18. oh ok well as soon as my eggs/hatchlings grow up i will have 8 adults
  19. could i please join?? i dont have any pink eggs yet but i will search for a few
  20. That's probably a good idea. =3 LOLZ i go to ponyclub and there you have to wear a helmet i have fallen off about 17 times.
  21. My fav animals ar horses/ponies and dragons !!!!!!!!! my fav horse breeds are shetlands and clydestales. i own 1 pet horse and like showjumping