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Looking for a mate for this little lady  My Wishlist Deviant Art IOU friendly - For info on breeding requests see profile. DoubleGoldstar5.png

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    Willing to trade small Art requests for CB Metallics/Coppers, Neglecteds and low gen Prizes. PM for details.


    Yes, I do take breeding requests for my dragons, however, there are some rules and exceptions that I'd like you to keep in mind, before requesting an egg from me:

    A. I don't take requests on my Metals. They are too unreliable breedingwise and I don't want to drown myself in open requests. If I manage to breed a Metallic for gifting you will most likely find it in the Departure Announcement Board as a Free-For-All.

    B. Please only request offspring from my dragons if you plan on keeping the resulting egg. No abandoning, trading, killing, vamping, neglecting. Re-gifting or freezing are fine if you inform me about your plans up front.

    C. Lastly: please stay polite. My dragons are fickle little beasts and it may take me a while to tickle an egg out of them. And I really don't react well to people who try to get pushy.
    And while I ask for nothing in return for my eggs, if you can't be bothered with at least a short 'thank you', whatever egg you received from me will be the first an last one.


    My Dragon Clan Names:

    Stellaris => Standard Surname for any dragon that I pick up from the AP to stay on my scroll. Might combine it with parental names if I happen to like them

    Stellaris Prime => the Prime suffix is given to CBs or to any dragon that I can trace back to at least one CB pairing on my scroll


    My CB Holidays:
    (for lineaged Holidays see my scroll)

    CB Wintermagi x2
    CB Wrapping Wing x2
    CB Solstice x2
    CB Mistletoe x2

    CB Rosebud x2
    CB Heartseeker x2
    CB Sweetling (reg) x2 - Valentine 2015, 1 spoken for by Esmeia
    CB Arsanii x2
    CB Radiant Angel x2
    CB Heartstealer x2

    CB Shadowwalker x6 (3 male - 3 female)
    CB Cavern Lurker x6 (3 male - 3 female)
    CB Grave x 6 (3 male - 3 female)
    CB Desipis x 6 (3 male - 3 female)


    People I met here and that I consider special:

    drabrugon (thanks so much for my first gold - and for being such a sweet person)
    thiefofhearts (my personal christmas elf - girl you're so sweet!)