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  1. AP'd my yesterday's batch (21 released eggs, woot!) and grabbed 6 more to release (save the Ice that I decided to keep ^^).
  2. Released my first 7 CB's and already locked with a next batch. :-)
  3. Already grabbed 7 pretty eggs to release to the AP, great idea! EDIT Wanted to also make some Vamps, but after seing a friend's scroll full of dead shells with minimal success I changed my mind. :-P Maybe some next time.
  4. This. Please leave the adults alone, mess with the hatchies all you like, but already bred adults with offspring should remain as they are. I have a bunch od Gold-tipped Snow Angel lines that took me years to create and having all that work thrown out the window with some potion would be devastating.
  5. I like the OP's idea, both Pink and Black Sweetling owners would have a chance to collect both sprites, which is always a good thing. CB's value wouldn't be lost, because they're still CB's after all, so I really don't see how they could be any less special if others could only have higher gens. The only difference is that people who love Black Sweetlings would have a chance to also create pretty projects with them (and vice versa) - I always drop or trade Blacks's young, because alternating lines just don't look all that nice to me, but if I had a chance to keep the colours of the 1st gen's I'd surely try to continue the line. I'm sure that at least some of the Black Sweets wouln't mind having some Pink ones on their scrolls either. ;-) But I do agree with the poster above that differently coloured eggs should be more scarce then the parent's colours - to put it simply, Pinks produce more Pinks and Blacks more Blacks. I don't think this should be extremely rare, but small enough of a chance so folks who want their Sweets to breed true would not be left dissapointed.
  6. I really, really love Spatio's Vamps, they look amazing!
  7. I wouldn't mind more Dinos, Roosters and such, that would be cute. And they still count as rares so it should make all those who for one reason or another desire such a release happy too.
  8. Joined in, bred a bunch of Two-Heads, Pygmies and Drakes, a couple of Hybrids too.
  9. I would love to have an 8th eggslot, mass Fog/Unfog BSA, ability to offer an egg in multiple trades and freezing eggs option. Also easier customized scroll sorting, that would be beyond amazing! And a store perhaps... Releasing new rares is not really my thing, but a hearty YES to new Drakes/Two-Headed/Pygmie dragons and YES to hybrids of minority species (or Hybrids in general). I wouldn't say no to any new releases, but make them easy to catch so everyone can enjoy the release. Edit. Just remembered, for those of us who like to describe their dragons - there was a cute idea back in the Suggestion thread that such dragons would be marked somehow, like having a quill next to their sprite to indicate such dragons have a description. I'd love to see this in action too. Oh, and also fixing the content lacking and a bit buggy encyclopedia so it shows an accurate number of dragons owned and observed would be really sweet. I mean, if you raise a dragon, you must have at least seen the egg/hatchie/adult...I have around 10 adult CB Ochedrakes and 3 frozen hatchies, probably a messy one or two, but when I checked my encyclopedia it said I haven't observed any as so far... guess they crept onto my scroll in secrecy - like ninjas!
  10. Bred all my Avatars, sadly I didn't get all that many of them, but I dropped around 4-5 pretty ones to the AP - good luck catching them!
  11. Grabbed a whole bunch of orange eggs, a wonderful release - thank you to everyone involved! Can't wait to see the adults tomorrow.
  12. I would love more Holiday Pygmies, these would still count as rares, but everyone would still be able to get them. Win-win scenario. I hope we get some soon!
  13. Ooog, I hope the eggs will still be there tomorrow, I only started collecting this evening and I'd love to be able to collect all the pretty sprites. :-)
  14. I voted neutral, the upside down Mints are a cute idea and it would have worked if not for a bizarre distributing system. What bothered me was that not everyone who played the game could get one, especially if they were playing nice - you had to be dishonest if you wanted the special egg, but then again, April's Fools is about playing pranks, so it kind of fits. In the end I'm glad the Mints do not produce any special offspring and that they don't look any different in lineage view, so their eggs should not be especially valuable in trading - if that were the case, the event would have failed completely in my eyes. The way I see it, owning an upside-down Mint is kind of like having a badge, one either has it or not, one's no worse off then before and not really missing out on much, it's not like missing out on getting a CB Prize, now that would have been relevant. The only possible value I see in them is in having them as mates with some breeds with funky breeding quirks, like Coppers, but no matter how awesome their lineages will be (and I have no doubt there will be plenty of them for me to drool over, since I love Mint lines <3), they won't be extremely valuable like Prize lines. I do understand why there's so much negativity in this event, since it's been decided to release an exclusive type of Mint for a portion of a player base which consists primarily of collectors of various kinds. I mean what else could have possibly have happened?
  15. 2nd gen Red Firegem (x Saphire combo) Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  16. Lovely adults, I love the look of both breeds, especially the Gem dragons. Sadly, the release was far from fun, since the real release for the Gems only seemed to last for less then a day and then only got progressively harder to find new eggs (I kept hoping the whole thing was a glitch and that the organizers would fix it ). Still, I'm happy to see they're still showing up during the 5 minute drops so at least they're don't seem to be rares. Guess I'll have to try and catch/trade for them later. Thank you to all the artists, you've all done a wonderful job! To the organizers - please try to make the next release less tedious, I understand there needs to be a little challenge, but making things unnecessarily difficult is really not the right way.
  17. They still show up during 5 minute drops so I doubt they're truly rare, but with three color variants and poor drop rate (I don't know how it was on the first day, since I was sadly a day late, but on the 20th they didn't drop well - still hoping that was a glitch, I'd hate to think it was done deliberately) the demand for them is huge and they're getting snatched very quickly. I think once the new release fever fades they'll become more available. Good luck hunting! I'm also saddened to see awesome people who gift eggs getting viewbombed, people really need to calm down, they're just cute pixel dragons after all. No need to ruin anyone's day over that.
  18. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect finding new release dragons during a new release... I'm fine with facing a challenge and don't mind sitting down and grinding for eggs (though I hardly enjoy it), but not finding any dragons in an empty Volcano biome can hardly be called a challenge - there's plenty of words for it, but a challenge is not one of them. Still, I'm happy at least some people find enough challenge in it and stay optimistic. But I truly do still hope TJ saves this release, because it it weren't for the Bluminas, which fortunately dropped fairly commonly, this release would have been a complete disaster. Definitely one of the most botched ones in recent memory and I've been here a while.
  19. Thanks for the tips, I'll try my luck on the mobile. I think my chrome is working pretty ok, but the laptop I'm using is kind of old and slow + my internet connection is average (plus my reflexes are kind of derpy ) and so I'm not well equipped to hunt at the moment. Heh, I know the drill with the new releases, a clickfest all around, requiring both time and patience (both of which I'm also lacking at the moment ), and I'm sure I'll get them rascals soon(-ish), but I was hoping for a fun challenge (lasting a few hrs max) and some releases deliver on this and some sadly don't. What frustrated me at the time I wrote my previous post is that this happening was more then obvious and they still made the release scarce... I know I should have gotten used by now, but it still irks me when they make releases unnecessarily difficult. Good luck to all still hunting!
  20. Ok, I know I'm late for the party, but these Volcano releases are ridiculously hard to get. I feel kind of bad for being so grumpy, but I seriously don't have a clue why this happens release after release and really hope they stop with this kind of nonsense, because it's sucking out all the fun and excitement out of what would normally be a joyous occasion. Really, with three color variants stuck in a single biome what else could have possibly have happened but the sorry state we have now? I hope they save this release and start releasing the new Volcano eggs a bit more frequently, so they can actually be caught. I mean, I'll get these little rascals eventually, but such a release is neither challenging nor fun, just tedious. Still, awkward release or not, I look forward to seeing all these lovely hatchies as adults and at least the other breed release is fun as these at least can be acquired if one looks hard enough. Thank you to all the artists, I'm sure all the dragons are going to look great! *edited for silly typos*
  21. I hope exactly the opposite, I still need a bunch of them.