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  1. No, I don't agree with this. It is the responsibility of the owner to get informed about the breed he/she is getting, enable it the training and socialization from an early age and treat it with love and kindness - do that and every dog will be a sweet, happy and well adjusted animal.
  2. A Song of Ice and Fire is a wonderful series - I recommended it to all of my family and friends and all who read it fell in love with it too. I've read the fifth part as soon as it came out - won't talk much about it, because I dont want to spoil anyone, but the fact that I'm eagerly awaiting the next book speaks for itself (hopefully we wont have to wait for it as long as we did for this one ). The HBO series is also a great adaptation of the novels - don't think they could have done it much better. <3 @toxicneon Wow, that song truly is amazing - adding it to my playlist straight away! Thanks for the rec!
  3. I'd love to see the the Dragonlance Cronicles Trilogy adapted into 3 separate movies (by someone who actually knows how to make decent films of course).
  4. I most warmly recommend Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind from Hayao Miyazaki - none of the mangas I've read were ever as good as this one. The plot is excellent - it's an adventure in every meaning of the word, set in a futuristic semi-postapocaliptic world, the characters are deep and intriguing and with 'only' 7 volumes, it won't take you ages to get through. Check it out - you wont be sorry (I sure wasn't).
  5. A while back I've picked up this beauty from the AP (lineage) and I'm trying to continue the lineage - any chance someone here could help me out and breed a Hellfire from a female Silver and a male Hellfire? I'm also willing to trade for it, of course. ^^ I'm not sure if I should be asking this here, but... I was also wondering what a fair price for a 2nd or 3rd gen Silver from M Hellfire/F Silver lineage is (I do have a few 2 breed perfect staircase Tinsels, but I'm not sure if that would be enough)?
  6. Very pretty adults - don't know why, but every time I look at the Greenwing's sprite, I'm reminded of the Forest Spirit (Nightwalker form) from Princess Mononoke. One more reason to love it.
  7. Nah, I'm sure you're not the only one. ^^ While I don't dislike her, I don't really like her all that much either (she's just sort of a 'meh' character to me). But I admit, her character arc is interesting, especially since not many of the Doctor's companions are time travellers and I'm curious about what happens next. The New-Who companions I like most are Donna Noble, Wilfred Mott, Capitain Jack, Martha Jones (even after she started pining after the Doctor ), Rory and Canton Delaware (I know he's not a real companion, but he's on my list anyway). Of the Classic-Who companions I liked the Bigadier and Jo best (although this is far from final, since most of the Classic Who I've watched is from Three's Era). My favourite Doctor is Ten, but I've grown very fond of Matt Smith's Doctor as well. Three is great too. ^^ Favourite episodes? Dalek, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Blink, Utopia/The Sound of Drums, Midnight, The Doctor's Wife... and many more.
  8. Tried it once on 4 low time common eggs - one died, the rest stayed unaffected. I don't think I'll be using it again, not when I can use 'incubate' and make my eggs hatch sooner, without any risks. But that little tip about using 'earthquake' in neglected experiments is very useful - there might be hope for this BSA yet.
  9. I really love the new hatching sequence - it looks great! And now off to catch some of the gorgeous new eggs - thanks TJ!
  10. I've updated my project post and put links to my 2.gens - so far the dragons have been cooperating quite nicely. ^^ I've also added two new projects (a Thunder M x Red F with a quote from Dalek and a Pillow x Pillow with a quote from The Abominable Snowmen - a homage to Troughton's coat ) - I've checked the spreadsheet and none of the breeds or quotes seem to be taken, but I'll change it if I'm wrong.
  11. I'm a little late, but if the list is still open, I would love to be added as well - it's just to pretty to resist (and the quote is just great)!
  12. Oooh, I'd love to to be on the list for that one too - I totally agree with dreamgirl5, that quote is EPIC (& it's my favorite Dr. Who quote).
  13. I just updated my personal post and added 2 new projects - I checked the spreadsheet and none of the breed combinations or quotes I wish to use seem to be taken, so if it's all right I'd like to call dibs on them. And check out this little Dr. Who impostor (see the hatchie's code) - here ^^
  14. Discworld, I adore Discworld! Seiously, every single book from that series is pure gold - I've started with The Colour of Magic and liked it, but didn't really see just how truly amazing these books were untill I read more of them, when it became clear that even though all those stories stand on their own, they are at the same time a part of a larger whole. That (among many, many other things) is what I love about these books - the more you read, the more invested you get in the characters and the wonderful world around them. If I had to pick favorites, I'd probably pick Sam Vimes as my favorite character and Night Watch as my fav story, folloved closely by Interesting Times and I don't know, the other 30+ books.
  15. Thank you, I'm very happy to be here! I have a couple ideas for future projects, but am still gathering enough CB's to make them happen.
  16. Stargazer's Personal Project Post Completed lineages: Breeds: Flamingo (M) x Gray (F) - lineage, Episode: The Face of Evil List open - Belisar, sparkdragon Breeds: Sunrise (M) x Daydream (F) - lineage, Episode: The Dalek Invasion of Earth List open: ... Breeds: PB Pillow - lineage, Episode: The Abominable Snowmen List open: ... Breeds: PB Purple - lineage, Episode: The Time Warrior List open: ... Breed: M Pink x F Moonstone - lineage, Episode: An Unearthly Child List open:sparkdragon, shikyowolf17, Felischia Breeds: White (M) x Red (F) - lineage, Episode: Colony In Space List open: Firerubynat Breed: M Spitfire x F Skywing - lineage, Episode: Vincent and the Doctor List open: dragongrrl, Wiz Breeds: M Coastal Waverunner x F BBW - lineage, Episode: The Twin Dilemma List open: Belisar, Wiz Breed: PB Royal Blue - lineage, Episode: The Doctor's Wife List open: PhoenixStarr Breed: M Autumn x F Harvest - lineage, Episode: The Girl In The Fireplace List open: ... Breed: M Neotropical x F Waterhorse - lineage, Episode: Rememberance of the Daleks List open: sparkdragon (Waterhorse) Breed: M Moonstone x F Skywing - lineage, Episode: The End Of Time List open: jerusha (Skywing), Felischia Breeds: M Hellfire x F BBW - lineage, Episode: The Five Doctors List closed: shikyowolf17 Breeds: M Thunder x F Red - lineage, Episode: Dalek List open: Wiz, Zareni, Saloiq, Firerubynat Breeds: M Albino x F Sunstone - lineage, Episode: Utopia List open: jerusha, Zareni, Felischia Breeds: M Seasonal x F Nocturne (different Seasonal each gen) - lineage, Episode: Tomb of the Cybermen List open: Felischia (Summer) Breeds: PB White - lineage, Episode: Enlightenment List open: Felischia, jerusha, Zareni Breeds: PB Lumina - lineage, Episode: The End of Time List open: Sarill, Raistlin24 Breeds: Electric x Sunsong - lineage, Episode: The Sound of Drums List open: Wiz, Raistlin24, spirited_soul (sunsong) Breeds: Green Nebula x Neotropical - lineage, Episode: Genesis of the Daleks List open: Zareni, jerusha, PhoenixStarr Breeds: Purple Nebula x Hellfire - lineage, Episode: Logopolis List open: Fire-Ice, Wiz, dragongrrl, Felischia, Zareni Breeds: Tsunami Wyvern x Flamingo Wyvern - lineage, Episode: The Deadly Assasin List open: Fire-Ice, Wiz, dragongrrl, Felischia, Zareni Breed: Nocturne x all Seasonals (5th gen, starting with Summer) - lineage, Episode: The Rings of Akathen List open: Raistlin24 (nocturne) Breed: Ember x Royal Crimson - lineage, Episode: The Web of Fear List open: Work in Progress: Pairing: M Red-finned Tidal x F Pyralspite Quote: Across the entire Universe. Never stopping, never faltering, never fading. People and planets and stars will become dust. And the dust will become atoms and the atoms will become... nothing. And the wave length will continue, breaking through the rift at the heart of the Medusa Cascade into every dimension, every parallel, every single corner of creation. This is my ultimate victory, Doctor! The destruction of reality itself! Episode: Journey's End SPECIAL My little Dr. Who wannabe (see his code) - here A BIG thank you to all awesome people who have given me so many wonderful Who Dragons!