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  1. I was never really bothered by Valentines and X-mas dragons having a single gender (with the rare exceptions that I know I need to watch out for), it's always been like this and I accepted it as a part of a game. It doesn't really interfere in lineage making as it's a simple, predictable rule. You know exactly what you're dealing with and simply work with what you're given... in a way it's a relief knowing exactly the gender of dragons you're going to get, without using a BSA... until this topic came up I never ever considered this was something that needed fixing. While I personally wouldn't be bothered by having both genders if TJ (and the spriters) decided it should be so - rising the limit would be a must here of course, because otherwise we'd have to decide between releasing one of our beloved original holidays and one of the new gender, which... just wouldn't be cool to me. I would be also quite worried if spriters felt that with an additional gender and a possible new sprite to represent it they'd need to update the existing one (and I'm sure that's a scenario that could come true) - if that happened, my lineages that I worked hard on for years simply wouldn't be the same anymore. So if this idea was ever implemented, a lot should be taken into account, as this has a huge potential to cause plenty of problems. Basically, I can only see this working if: - TJ decides to add a 2nd gender (duh :P) + it would be nice if the spriters agreed to this as well - raise the limits (minimally 4) - keep the original sprites the same + if deciding for dimorphism, add an additional sprite without changing the original's pose
  2. Love the look of the hatchies and am super excited to see how they turn out as adults. <3
  3. It probably got too many unique views with the hatcheries being so busy and everyone constantly adding more eggs and giving views. I also never worry about eggs that have 4 days or less getting sick, but apparently even they aren't safe during holidays (not that there's a whole lot to be done here other that casting Ward on them and even that only offers protection for 6 hrs). Sorry to hear about your egg, I hope you catch something just as nice!
  4. The dragons I still haven't seen are CB Vampires - do those drop too?
  5. After a few days I went out to catch some Zombie fodder, clicked on what I thought was Alpine biome and finally caught on that there's a brand new Halloween section. So super hyped now, I never imagined I'd have the chance to catch the holiday dragons of the past!
  6. I'd love to have this option, I'm currently trying to somehow sort my dragons into a CB-only group and it's pretty challenging. While I have a lot of named dragons with prefixes that mark their CB status, this is not the case for all my dragons and with a huge scroll like mine (I have a little over 8000 dragons) it's very slow going. So, having this oprion would be neat. Also, having an option to sort dragons by generation (2nd, 3rd gent etc.) would be pretty sweet too, I believe it would come in handy for helping displaying lineages of various generations.
  7. I love both new releases, thanl you to everyone involved!
  8. Love all three adults, lovely addition to the hybrid team!
  9. Just found out about the new release - love the look of the hatchlings, they look great! Off to breed my pairs... Thank you TJ and artists for a lovely, relaxed release!
  10. Adding my thoughts on the 11th DC birthday celebration: - New Trophy + Egg Slots - awesome, been waiting fir this for years! - Raffle - while I'd still vastly prefer to have the shop implemented and not having to rely on luck (which, in my case, s pretty much nonexistent ), new mobthly Prizes are a very welcome addition and will perhaps make the market a bit more ballanced - Ward - was really excited for this one, but now not really all that much. First, its duration is too short, if you ward yor eggs and go to sleep/work/whatever, 6hrs is not really all that much time; 2nd, it can only be used once and this further limits its usefulnes, because eggs take a bit more then 6 hrs to hatch (shocking, I know ) and can get sick on multiple occasions; 3rd, the effect wears off immediately after hatching, but the sickness remains, so now we have an unprotected sick hatchie that may still die. Basically, a good idea for a BSA, but needs some modifying for it to be truly useful. - New Vampires - the sprites are lovely and I like them a lot. The circuimstances of their creation not so much... I understand the reasoning and the need for secrecy in releases such as this, but it's not really nice to have 2 groups of people working on updating the same sprite, especially when knowing only one's work would actually be implemented. A short post on the non-official-artist's thread along the lines of: "If we ever decide to update the Vampire Sprite it will be done by in-Cave artists.", would let people know they can focus on other projects and not bother with creating a sprite that would never have a chance of being implemented, while also keeping an element of surprise. Yes, there would probably be unhappy people then, but one can't make everyone happy. - Groups - another welcome and awesome addition, but needs a couple of more updates to make it easier to use (for example, beibg able to add multiple dragons, having the dragons in 'Select a dragon' section of gropus match the order of dragons on one's scroll - I have no idea why all dragons are mixed there ... there's probably more I could suggest, but I'm waiting to see what Custom sorting brings). - New Dragons - They're ok, not my cup of tea, but the spriters did a fine job and the new dragons look nice. The Power Rangers theme does nothing for me as I never watched the show growing up (not that it wasn't on TV, but it never caught my attention), but DC had many differently themed dragons and variety is what makes the game for me. I hope this type of creativity is also allowed to shine in Dragon Request section. Overall, it was a major release with a ton of added features, thank you to everyone involved!
  11. Lol, they could even use their BSA to summon him! Now I want a Captain Planet type dragon on my scroll... but that'll never happen... right?
  12. It's a lindwurm, there a a couple already in Cave (Blusangs for example and other lindwurms on DC Wiki).
  13. These are some fine looking sprites, the artist truly outdid themselves! They're not really my cup of tea since I never watched Power Rangers growing up and so the theme doesn't do much for me, but I'm more then happy to add them to my collection of dragons. I like the blue ones the best, with yellows and whites at close 2nd. I wonder what kind of dragons they assemble into or perhaps summon - some weirdly awesome mega-zoid-dino-dragon thingy I assume.
  14. I think the new eggs are just tough to hatch this time around.
  15. I was sure it was a glitch, because the pure drop hasn't even lasted a couple of hours before old eggs started mixing in. But since this hasn't been fixed yet, maybe it was intended to be so short - tough luck for anyone late to the party. This is the only downside of this birthday event, everything else has been amazing! But I'm still hoping TJ will adress this and make the new eggs a bit more numerous, that would really make this event perfect.
  16. 3/7 of my new eggs hatched, one hatchie is sick, so are remaining 4 eggs. I'm fogging them for now and hatch them once the sickness passes. I've seen this a couple of times with my Prize eggs that I chucked into a couple of ER's when they reached 4 days in order to hatch them sooner. No biggie, this is just a case of getting too many views too quickly - just fog your sick eggs and they'll be perfectly fine. PS: I used Eggs around the world, Egg drop soul, Allure of ND and Silvi's lair - probably one too many
  17. Finally spotted a cracked egg in a hatchery, 3549 views, 655 unique views, wow these eggs sure are tough!
  18. Anyone's eggs cracking already? Mine have over 1100 views, around 9 hrs to go and nothing so far. Also seeing lots of dead eggs in hatcheries, so be careful.
  19. I would love to have an additional Mithril Trophy for 10000 collected dragons. It doesn't even have to come with any additional eggslots, it could just give extra hatchie space or something if asking for more eggslots is too much - I'd just like to have another number to strive for.
  20. Every 5 mins and at the top of the hour. They just go really fast, so you have to be quick. @ CellyBean Ninja'd
  21. I don't think it was mentioned anywhere (at least not from official sources) whether raffle winners would be able to pick codes or not. It would be neat though.
  22. Grabbed another Pink from the Coast a short while back, the new eggs are heavily mixed with the oldies, but not impossible to catch. Happily egglocked now, good luck to everyone who's still hunting! S2's looking pretty good, can't wait to see the adults! Sadly, I have an exam tomorrow, so no time to mess around with tabs atm. I'm looking forward to custom sorting and further improvments - make no mistake, I'm thrilled to finally have an option to better sort my dragons (had to give up on the custom sorting, because it simply took too much of my time), but there's a couple of things that could improve tabs (like being able to add multiple dragons for a start) and make them even more awesome. @typos
  23. Just checked the biomes and there are new eggs among the regulars, only going really fast - good luck to everyone who's hunting!
  24. White and Yelliw look like lindwurms to me (serpentine bodies, front legs), Blue could be an eastern, Red and Blacks look like western dragons. We'll know more once they grow wings.