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  1. Beautiful adults, congrats to the artist on a beautiful release. Thank to everyone involved for the organization of a truly enjoyable Valentine event, the flower gathering and card sending was very fun.
  2. Have: 2nd gen Heartstealer from Holly - https://dragcave.net/lineage/tQxR4 Want: 2nd gen Heartstealer from Chrono, unrelated to this and this Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! And also have: 2nd gen Heartstealer from red Gemshard Want 2nd gen Heartstealer from green or blue Gemshard - https://dragcave.net/lineage/xNvvW Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. No thanks, I'd rather see any potential rares (which I dislike cuz' frankly they're a pain in the butt to get - uncommons and commons for the win!) get released in Cave or pehaps as extras in a store. But in general I feel we have enough prizes with the monthly raffle and all - getting all six CB variants of prize dragons is neigh impossible (might as well win a lottery) so I see no point of introducing any more. Perhaps if current prizes were more available, I'd be moreopen to this idea, but currently I feel that we have enough of them.
  4. Yeah, sadly I think it is. I just stated which ideas I liked. This is why I don't see any way this situation can be salvaged, it's like opening a can of worms... not pretty.
  5. While I don't like the way things are being handled now, I like the idea of creating yet another Prize Dragon situation by having alt Sweetlings breed true by a constantly dwindling alt owner populace even less - this will only lead to more chaos as everyone and their dog will be trying to get their hands on an alt of their own or try to find a mate for them. That is why I agree with TJ that this is not a good way to handle this (it took years to finally get to a point we are now and have new Prize dragons trickling among the playerbase every month and they can still cost a small fortune). Among the pitched ideas I liked the reintroduction of CB Sweetlings as part of a Single Awareness Day best as the idea is very cute. Or any other way to introduce CB Sweetlings among the playerbase or a BSA that could influence eggs/hatchies (definitely not adult dragons, even without offspring). Anything that retroactively changes the way Sweetlings behave (such as BSA that would make adults alt or turn pink) or the aforementioned 'Sweetlings breed true on all scrolls, but only some own CB's' gets a firm NO from me. But since any of the pitched good ideas are unlikely to be implemented, I have no idea how TJ is going to find a solution to make things better - because now I don't believe a single player is happy, alt and non-alt owners alike. Nobody wins this way. And going back to the way things were is... well, kind of lame. Why mess with the system if there were no plans to improve the game anyway? Introducing anything super rare and niche in this type of game is not likely to be met with rounds of applause. Sorry, I hope I didn't come out too harsh, I can only imagine how challenging creating a balanced game must be, but any changes of this sort have never been accepted well (Prize raffle drama, upside-down Mint drama etc.), so I really don't see why these decisions are being made time and time again and have players bickering over them over and over... seems kind of pointless.
  6. While I personally am not bothered by the decision of alt Sweetling owners being able to gets the regular ones too (I own pink Sweetlings and nothing's really changed for me), it will probably be an object of discussion, maybe even resentment, from now on because a small group of players that were given a unique rare sprite because of a glitch way back are now being further 'rewarded' by being given a CB regular one too (I still don't understand if the limits were raised to 4 CB Sweetlings now so they can collect the extra sprites). Again, I don't mind that alt Sweetling owners can have both sprites now (more people that can create pretty lineages is always a win!) and am not trying to attack anyone, but I can see why so many people are upset. BTW, I don't agree to the chosen solution to this issue (as it causes damage to all players - if I understand correctly and alt Sweetlings won't produce alt offspring anymore then their owners won't be able to continue their lineages (that they've been working on for years...) and no new players will be able to get them either) as there were better ways of leveling the playing ground between the two groups of players that would make pretty much everyone happy suggested in this thread. I'm sorry, I wish I could be more positive and accepting... I kind of see that TJ's intent for alt Sweetlings is to be some sort of niche exclusive thing and in that light it succeeds, but the cost for it is pretty high IMO, especially since the breeding mechanic is being changed after all these years, after people have invested so much care and effort into creating whatever they could with resources being given to them.
  7. Thank you for the reply! So, if I get this straight it will be like the upside down Mint situation - some people get special sprites on their scroll, but they only produce regular offspring? Or will alt Sweetlings become unbreedables?
  8. Love the game, the artwork on dragons heads is gorgeous - makes me wish that perhaps they could be made available as potential forum profile photos/avatars. <3 And can't wait for my new eggs to hatch, I love how easy they were to catch!
  9. Forgot to fog my eggs and now I have eggshells... fortunately, I already have replacements, so no real harm done.
  10. And only one Val09 left until I complete my CB collection - I'm having a grand time and can't wait to see the new holiday dragon!
  11. Ehm... no, just please no. I shudder to think TJ could actually take this idea seriously and implement it. While I'd also love to have an alt Sweetling, I'd rather not have them if the price is having dozens of beautiful pink Sweetling lineages, some of which took years of breeding with mates one needed to work hard to get, ruined 'Aegis style' (and you can bet plenty of them would be ruined since I can assume most will wish to have one CB normal and one CB alt Sweet). Either have them alt immediately after hatching or not alt at all, no retroactive adjustments. With Aegises you know you're dependent on others and take a gamble when you decide to make lineages with them, these are the rules and we knew them from the start. But this is not the nature of Sweetling breeding so one can't use the 'nature of the bease/dependant on others when breeding' argument. Pink Sweetlings are pink, not 'maybe alt someday if their owners feel like it'. I understand the wish of having alt Sweets but please take other players into consideration before requesting something with such serious repercussions as implementing such a suggestion would have. There must be better ways.
  12. Yusss, time to hunt my missing CB's (just got my first CB Val09 and Sweetling!). I'm not sure exactly what's going on with the alt Sweets, but does this mean alt Sweet owners can have 4 CB Sweets now (2 blacks and two pinks)?
  13. The eggs are already from Dec 27th so I'm sure the wall will be gone soon. So no worries!
  14. I'm sure it's not, Christmas dragons are very easy to grab (as they should be) and those who deliberately released Garlands most likely thought they were helping by dropping extras to the AP and in some cases they did as there are probably some people who for whatever reason couldn't grab them from the Cave. I do feel that with the new Holiday biome such practice has become completely unnecessary as even those who miss out on the CB's this year can easily get them next time they drop. I also hope TJ won't think that 3 day drops are too long because of it (and the negative backlash to the AP wall) and shorten them.
  15. Wow, people really need to calm down about this AP wall - sure, I was planning on catching the last of the old holidays and this got delayed by the unexpected wall, but it's really not the end of the world here. Like @Shadowdrake said, add low time eggs to the ER sites and they'll hatch and clear from the AP soon - I hope we get to see a wall of Garland hatcies. And also a big thank you to the spriters and TJ for a lovely new dragon!
  16. I'll help out, otherwise this wall isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  17. Have: 2nd gen Yuelbuck x Val09, nicely named parents - https://dragcave.net/lineage/bhkQN Want: 2nd gen Yulebuck x Red Gemshard - AUTO Other nice offers? (no 2017 release, I have an IOU of those already) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. My friend has: 2nd gen Yulebuck x Bright Pink - https://dragcave.net/lineage/eL5rf She wants: 2nd gen Yulebuck x Red Gemshard, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/JVaHm Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. Hey guys, I need your help - my friend just picked up this pretty solstice from the AP, it has 5 days 14 hrs left and she doesn't know what color it's going to be. Does the time left until hatching correlate with actual breeding time or does the AP still add some time? Is there any way of figuring out for sure what wing color this Solstice will have or does she actually need to wait to see if she's got the color she wants (she'd like rosy-wings to continue the lineage). Thanks in advance!
  20. Yes, please. I keep pickling up the same messy dragons and it's getting old...