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  1. Forgot to fog my eggs and now I have eggshells... fortunately, I already have replacements, so no real harm done.
  2. And only one Val09 left until I complete my CB collection - I'm having a grand time and can't wait to see the new holiday dragon!
  3. Ehm... no, just please no. I shudder to think TJ could actually take this idea seriously and implement it. While I'd also love to have an alt Sweetling, I'd rather not have them if the price is having dozens of beautiful pink Sweetling lineages, some of which took years of breeding with mates one needed to work hard to get, ruined 'Aegis style' (and you can bet plenty of them would be ruined since I can assume most will wish to have one CB normal and one CB alt Sweet). Either have them alt immediately after hatching or not alt at all, no retroactive adjustments. With Aegises you know you're dependent on others and take a gamble when you decide to make lineages with them, these are the rules and we knew them from the start. But this is not the nature of Sweetling breeding so one can't use the 'nature of the bease/dependant on others when breeding' argument. Pink Sweetlings are pink, not 'maybe alt someday if their owners feel like it'. I understand the wish of having alt Sweets but please take other players into consideration before requesting something with such serious repercussions as implementing such a suggestion would have. There must be better ways.
  4. Yusss, time to hunt my missing CB's (just got my first CB Val09 and Sweetling!). I'm not sure exactly what's going on with the alt Sweets, but does this mean alt Sweet owners can have 4 CB Sweets now (2 blacks and two pinks)?
  5. The eggs are already from Dec 27th so I'm sure the wall will be gone soon. So no worries!
  6. I'm sure it's not, Christmas dragons are very easy to grab (as they should be) and those who deliberately released Garlands most likely thought they were helping by dropping extras to the AP and in some cases they did as there are probably some people who for whatever reason couldn't grab them from the Cave. I do feel that with the new Holiday biome such practice has become completely unnecessary as even those who miss out on the CB's this year can easily get them next time they drop. I also hope TJ won't think that 3 day drops are too long because of it (and the negative backlash to the AP wall) and shorten them.
  7. Wow, people really need to calm down about this AP wall - sure, I was planning on catching the last of the old holidays and this got delayed by the unexpected wall, but it's really not the end of the world here. Like @Shadowdrake said, add low time eggs to the ER sites and they'll hatch and clear from the AP soon - I hope we get to see a wall of Garland hatcies. And also a big thank you to the spriters and TJ for a lovely new dragon!
  8. I'll help out, otherwise this wall isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  9. Have: 2nd gen Yuelbuck x Val09, nicely named parents - https://dragcave.net/lineage/bhkQN Want: 2nd gen Yulebuck x Red Gemshard - AUTO Other nice offers? (no 2017 release, I have an IOU of those already) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  10. My friend has: 2nd gen Yulebuck x Bright Pink - https://dragcave.net/lineage/eL5rf She wants: 2nd gen Yulebuck x Red Gemshard, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/JVaHm Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. Hey guys, I need your help - my friend just picked up this pretty solstice from the AP, it has 5 days 14 hrs left and she doesn't know what color it's going to be. Does the time left until hatching correlate with actual breeding time or does the AP still add some time? Is there any way of figuring out for sure what wing color this Solstice will have or does she actually need to wait to see if she's got the color she wants (she'd like rosy-wings to continue the lineage). Thanks in advance!
  12. Yes, please. I keep pickling up the same messy dragons and it's getting old...
  13. Have: 2nd gen Snow x Gold - lineage Want: bloodswap Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  14. Ok, I'm trying to figure out the Solstice breeding, so I don't muck up my lineages (again :P) - basically, when they're bred during daytime in DC (sunny icon next to the clock) we get blue-winged ones and rosy-winged during nighttime, right?
  15. I wouldn't mind if frozen hatchies wouldn't count toward holiday scroll limits. They are unbreedable sprites and don't really have any 'value' (aside sentimental ones). If CB frozen hatchies wouldn't count toward scroll limit, it wouldn't disadvantage anyone, not even players who don't have any frozen CB's (like me) - if I suddenly wanted a frozen CB hatchie sprite, I could choose to release one of my CB adults, grab a new egg, hatch it and freeze the hatchie and then catch a new egg to raise to adulthood - and voila, I'd have a CB hacthie and all the adults spites too. Obviously I don't intend to do anything like this since I prefer freezing messies, but to each his own. Edited for typoes
  16. Man, the 5-min drop lasted for like 3 sec...
  17. I'm totally excited to hear about the Holiday biome, can't wait to get the holidays I missed. Also happy to see that the scroll limits are left in place, this will make it easier to catch these pretty dragons.
  18. Uhm... my 2 cents on the subject. While I'm among the playerbase that didn't get their favorite SA color, I grew very fond of mine and enjoy the challenge of creating lineages with them. I'm firmly against any suggestions that would enable already grown adults to change their color, because that would mess up a whole score of lineages (it would devastate lines like this) and be more troublesome then not. I'm also against yearly rotations of colors, that would cause way too many problems - in case we'll be getting CB's, some players would have to wait for up to 3 years in order to get their chosen Angel and as for bred eggs, we'd also have to wait for years in order to be able to breed perfect checkers, a downgrade from what we currently have. As for the 'breeding true' idea... also no thanks, this would mean you couldn't do alternating lines any more (which would be a shame, because there are many pretty ones out there). Also no random colors variants on growing up - scroll-fixed colors worked so far, it's very predictable, I know what I'm getting and that's the way I like it. A BSA that would give me the power to influence not yet hatched eggs to be of a wing-color of my choosing is the best option so far. I also wouldn't really care if hatchling got a BSA to control their own wing color, I haven't noticed it'd been stated anywhere that hatchlings can't have a BSA, it's just something that's never been implemented yet... frankly, I don't see what's so gamebreaking about it. Adult or hatchling BSA, I wouldn't care either way, both are good. And the BSA's effect should wear off when abandoning the egg, but not the influenced hatchie (like withe the Pink's BSA)..
  19. I'd love this feature, Storm dragons would be the perfect choice for it too.
  20. I'd be perfectly content with a scroll limit of 2 CB's per scroll if I get the chance of getting old CB Christmas and Valentine dragons. The way it was handled during Halloween was great, with plenty of days to hunt for any type of dragon one could desire and everyone got an equal chance of getting them.
  21. 1x infinity% support! With the current way "Select A Dragon" list works the Groups feature is almost useless to me - I have thousands of dragons on my scroll and picking each one by name (or code, as not all of them are named) is pretty much impossible (or way too time consuming). Dragons being arranged in scroll order would be very helpful - at the very least I'd know what I'm looking at.