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  1. 6 hours ago, Nalyua said:

    Under 500 Views like Infinis suggested is not really that hard to do, it just requires time to hatch the egg late.

    What type of views are we talking about, overall or unique views? I never really paid all that much attention to views, but looking at my dragons, most have 500+ unique views and 2,5-4k+ overall views, only a handful frozen hatchies have less then 1k overall views, I don't think I have any dragons with less then 500 overall views. But most were either hatched regularly or ER'd so I cannot claim, I've exactly been aiming for low views, so maybe that's why I have so few.


    But based on what I see on my scroll, I think that maybe even 1k overall views would be a pretty decent challenge, especially if Pinks would be able to turn as hatchies like Yellows are and would most likely get more views before they grow up - at least that's how I understood they work, please correct me if I'm wrong. 


    Also, wouldn't this mean that by potentially introducing this new view based hatching mechanic for the Pink Sapphires that the AP'd Saphs who turned Pink by abandoning would potentially be able to turn back into Blues if they weren't hatched under the right conditions (that'd actually be kind of fun... at least for me, lol). Or would the Pink effect of abandoning Blues be permanent? 

  2. I support doing pretty much anything with the current Pink Sapphire mechanic... if this dragon is the result of loneliness, trading should do the same as abandoning as it's also separated from its mother, low views also signal the lack of attention, any of these could work... I like the low view solution more as it makes the dragon easier to obtain and is a nice contrast to the Yellow Sapphire mechanic. 

    9 hours ago, Falorni said:

    Gonna remind everyone coming into this thread to read the first few pages before making suggestions considering Infinis commented and made very clear on what additional mechanics she would be comfortable with; these are her creation and while only TJ can truly change the mechanic, we really should at least honor her wishes on it.

    Sorry, I hope I did not suggest anything Infinis does not approve, I did not have the time to read the entire conversation up to here. Can I suggest you summarize or link her opinion in your first post? :)

  3. 4 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:


    No - I even posted the image in this thread. Here it is again:



    Oh, here's the bluish hatchie, I thought I was dreaming it. :P And now I'm confused, are we getting both colors or just the orange one? Personally, I like the blue/green combo a bit more and would like the idea of dragon changing colors. :)


    Congrats to artists on the lovely release and big thanks to everyone involved!

  4. 1 hour ago, Tinibree said:

    The first couple hours are always tough. Its a little worse when everyone's just in one or two biomes and not spread out. I usually don't bother for at least the first hour unless I'm super bored.

    Yeah, I never seem to learn and keep trying. XP I'll be back in a couple of hours and try to nab some of those pretties then.

  5. I'm adding my full support and request for the implementation of any useful features (especially since "search" ability already exists for Fertility BSA, so I imagine implementing at least that one wouldn't be too difficult). It would make breeding a LOT easier for mobile users as the breeding site in its current state is laggy and super clunky to navigate if you have a large number of dragons to choose from. 

  6. So, I just had a refusal despite using fertility on one of the dragons before breeding them - wasn't fertility meant to prevent such things from happening? Fortunately, I can replace the mates, but it's still frustrating...