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  1. 1 hour ago, Tinibree said:

    The first couple hours are always tough. Its a little worse when everyone's just in one or two biomes and not spread out. I usually don't bother for at least the first hour unless I'm super bored.

    Yeah, I never seem to learn and keep trying. XP I'll be back in a couple of hours and try to nab some of those pretties then.

  2. I'm adding my full support and request for the implementation of any useful features (especially since "search" ability already exists for Fertility BSA, so I imagine implementing at least that one wouldn't be too difficult). It would make breeding a LOT easier for mobile users as the breeding site in its current state is laggy and super clunky to navigate if you have a large number of dragons to choose from. 

  3. So, I just had a refusal despite using fertility on one of the dragons before breeding them - wasn't fertility meant to prevent such things from happening? Fortunately, I can replace the mates, but it's still frustrating...

  4. 1 minute ago, Leidarendi said:

    Uggh. 250+ people packed into the coast for both new eggs??  No thanks.  Is like Coney Island over the labor day weekend - pass.  Will trade for these or buy them from the store instead.

    Agreed, hunting for eggs is currently neither fun nor productive and not worth my time. Maybe later things will get better... As much as I'm happy to see new releases such a poor start of the event kind of dampens the mood. ..

  5. 5 hours ago, Whirlaway said:

    I hope these breeds become a little less common overtime... right now all you see on refreshes (especially in Volcano/Alpine/Jungle) are three eggs of the new breeds and that's it. A little bit frustrating, honestly.

    I don't really mind as this gives those who missed the event the chance to catch up to the rest of us. I'm actually relieved they're not annoyingly rare, as I need a bunch more to reach my scroll goal. Hoarding for the win! XD But I'm sure they'll become less common soon as the cave gets back to normal. :)

  6. Late to the party, but I'm loving this release, so many different dragons! I like the look of Lihnseyre dragons best, but the rest are also very cool dragons! Happy birthday DC and thanks to everyone involved! Now onward to collecting these pretties!

  7. 9 minutes ago, Tinibree said:

    I'm on the 'week long event' train like, if you want to push yourself to get all the eggs asap go for it, be the first completion, but we can't all get them that fast. Heck, even when I was watching it closely it was taking more like 20min for most of the eggs. We shouldn't need to be watching a page like a hawk for hours for what's supposed to be a fun event with lots of nice sprites. It shouldn't be so stressful, but it is.